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Comet Campervans Australia subleases their fleet of 2- 5 berth vehicles from another campervan hire company. There are a number of rental companies that do this and generally it is beneficial for the end user. 

What Comet Campervans Tells Us

There are lots of instances when the cost to hire from one of the subleasing companies is cheaper than hiring from the original supplier itself. And Comet seems to be following this model quite successfully. Comet Campervans have a sparse website, however, will often turn up as a search result when you put in a search for a camper using a campervan hire booking engine. You will usually get all the information you need if you dive deeper into the search result when it comes up. Seeing as Comet don’t actually run their own campers, it makes sense not to have a website that has to give out too much information about 3rd parties campers. You will, of course, be told who is physically supplying the campervan once you make a booking.


Comet Campervans is aimed more at the budget and comfort market. Their vehicles are relatively older with some modern units. The smallest vehicle on set is based on the ubiquitous Mitsubishi van with all the standard comforts, in which case you want to base whether to hire on price as there are plenty of companies with this kind of model. 

After that, you are into the models that are slightly larger – the 3 berth and 5 berths, these move to Toyota as a base vehicle. They are pretty stock standard kind of campers. You will find these designs and this quality in most of the larger campervan hire companies in Australia. So really, provided that the number of passengers in the camper fits the model you are looking at, you are really only comparing on price. This is where Comet Campervans will really come into its own as a distinct campervan hire company with unique business model as they are regularly cheaper than the owner of the campervans itself. Have a close look at what the competitors to Comet Campervans are offering for the same price before making a decision as most of the time the actual vehicle models are identical.  And due to not having a listing of who is actually supplying the vehicles, it is a bit hard to tell you the age of the fleet, but if you click on the “compare prices” down below, then the vehicle age should be listed in Comet Campervans hire results. As to how many vehicles they have in their fleet, and therefore their likely availability is anybody’s guess. But for travellers out there wanting to bring their four-legged pets, we'll give you a hint- they can consider it!


Budgie Van

To begin the Comet Campervan fleet, there's the Budgie Van that sleeps 2. This one is suitable for backpackers on tight budget with a great sense of adventure. Fascinatingly painted with flashy and colorful exterior, the campervan is a breath of excitement among the boring, white vehicles on the road. Having a gaudy artwork may seem to be a charm, the interior is quite basic but still comfortable enough to enjoy the open roads. It comes with a large double bed, a sink, 20 litres cooler, cook top, radio, CD player, and even a positioning for one child restraint. That's pretty unique considering it's just a standard campervan, and of course, very cheap. However, do expect for some visible wear and tear because this is a more than 5 years old Mitsubishi Express campervan. 

Chub 2 Berth

A modern Mitsubishi unit, the Chub is another 2-berth campervan that will turn heads along your road trip. It only differs for a couple of dollars, but already brings some comfy additions like microwave and fly-screens. The headroom isn't an issue for this model because of its larger interior height compared to the previous campervan. And since this manual model is actually newer, it's very easy to drive around with less glitches. 

Budget 2/3 Berth

Travelling with a kid? The Budget 2/3 berth is for you as it sleeps up to 3 passengers without limiting the space. Designed with a bigger vehicle dimension, it features one double bed (convertible into dinette) at the rear and one single bed in the hi-top roof. Instead of having a cooler, it comes with a fridge for fantastic food and drinks storage. But of course, these units are relatively older so anticipate for some worn around the edges. 

SHMR 2/3 Berth 

There's not much difference with this one compared to the Budget 2/ 3 berth except the inclusion of a microwave. It doesn't even come with ABS / Power Brakes and is just a year or two younger than the previous. But if you are meticulous with driving a more modern unit, then this could be an option, but not a great one.  

Kuga 2/3 Berth

The priciest and the latest among the 2/3 berth campervans is this 2008- 2012 unit, which is also a Toyota Hiace. Sleeps up to 3 passengers, the unit provides all essentials and unique upgrades like a two-way fridge and a sink with electrical water pump. The dinette, just like the other vehicles, is convertible into a spacious double bed, and the remaining passenger can sleep in the bed located in the hi-top roof. And just like that, there are no more exciting extras added. 

Hi5 Campervan

Completing the Comet Campervans fleet is the Hi5 Camper catering up to 5 people with its 2 double beds. Wondering where will the last passenger sleep at night considering the given bed space? Well, it's actually ideal for couples with 3 children or only 4 adults and not 5. With 2 anchor points for baby seats or up to three booster seats, you will enjoy a more convenient and secure holiday on wheels. The campervan also features all basic facilities, but no added frills at all. 


A bond of $2, 500 is required upon vehicle pickup through a credit card pre-authorization, which is good on your part. You can avail of the all-in insurance package that reduces the excess and bond to NIL and reimburses you up to $2500.00 for vehicle damage costs. Aside from that, it includes the Protection Plus that features two tyres and one front windscreen damage. This one and only reduction option is at $25 per day only.


Comet Campervan isn't really soaring high in terms of positive reviews but is still a good option if you’re on a tight budget. You can definitely get a more competitive rate from them compared to the owners supplying the vehicles, which makes them quite appealing. They also provide the same campervan and the same inclusions, so the only thing that sets them apart from the owner is the price (not to mention the established popularity of the suppliers). 


Give these guys a look if you want to save a couple of dollars. They have decent quality campervans for hire at a lower rate. You can often get a price that is less that you would get from the original supplier if you went direct. If you value the price among other factors, go for it and see the campervan for yourself. 

From the Agency

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  • Pretty good quality campervans with prices often lower than the actual campervan hire company
  • National depots
  • Owned by a bigger company than itself


  • Not sure which company will actually supply the campervan until later in the booking process
  • Older campervans
  • Small company in itself


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"Review of my comet-campervans hire"

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

I figured for the price we paid we would have a decent vehicle. It got us from point a to b (so I can't complain too much) but my family hated going to sleep at night as our beds were horribly uncomfortable. Sucks for 2 weeks on the road. Also the third seat in the front was really the underneath of a console with a seatbelt. Hard. As. Rock. Good for a child with a booster seat, not for an 11 year old at all. Again, mechanically sound but it was run down for the price we paid. And we paid for it in comfort.

4Service 4Mechanical 2Interior 2Value