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Last Updated: 8/9/19

Over the years, Driveabout continues to build on its fleet of campers and motorhomes. Now, they provide three add-ons to their rental selection―5 Seater Maxi Family Camper, 5 Seater Motorhome, and Sunliner Motorhome. This means a total of 8 units for hire. Continue reading to know all their vehicles for rent. 

Driveabout Campers is a competitive campervan hire company with over 6 decades of automotive experience. Their target market is budget backpackers or those willing to go on a road trip without any fancy or frills.

About Driveabout Campers 

An extensive experience in the industry along with a charming price beat guarantee relatively give Driveabout Campers an advantage among other smaller campervan businesses. Though offering older models, the campervans are fully serviced and maintained at their own servicing shop. The company is associated with Barefoot Camper Hire, which seems to be a pretty nice campervan company that caters different budgets and groups. Just like their sister company, Driveabout also has multiple depots to give you choices for pick-up and drop-off. But since this is also a small business, it focuses on personalized service, not with any fancy light shows. 


Driveabout Campers provides you with an affordable range of campervans that are quite old yet still reliable on open roads. There are manual vehicles that could go as old as 1998-2004 models. The latest campervans on fleet are mostly 2007-2008 Mitsubishi Express and 2006 Toyota Winnebago. A charm given to travellers aside from the competitive rates is the various selection of vehicles that ranges from 2-berth Standard Camper to 5-seater motorhome. And before we forget, all campervans come with unlimited kms, free airport pickup and return service at Gold coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne provided your rental is over 5 days, and camping essentials like linens, towels, blankets and more. Another bonus is that they offer a free extra driver, in fact, they encourage it. This is a smart move as it reduces fatigue on the main driver. Many other companies like to sting you for an extra driver so it's nice that they are actually giving something for free.


Standard Camper

Let's begin with the 2-berth Standard Camper. This one is much cheaper because it is operated by older vehicles, usually 1999 - 2005 models. These are manual campervans with fancy and frills, except for standard amenities including a double bed, esky, and a portable gas cooker. AC is provided in the driver's cab only so this might be a problem for picky travellers.

Standard Camper 2007/2008

If you want a newer model, then the Standard Camper 2007/2008 might attract you. Built on a customized Mitsubishi express long wheel-base unit, the camper now comes with upgraded features such as roof racks, power inverter, and heating/ AC in driver's cab. Plus, this 5-speed manual offers more storage space, including internal luggage nets.  

3 Seater Maxi Camper

The 3-seater Maxi Camper is great for couples with one kid because this campervan can add one baby seat. The campervan model ranges from 1998 - 2004 and comes with a higher fuel tank capacity. There are storage areas under the benches, which is great if you're travelling with more camping stuff. 

Maxi Van Plus

If you want more space, there's the Maxi Van Plus or the 2006 Winnebago Motorhome with a roomier interior and comfy amenities. The Maxi Van Plus can sleep 3 adults or 2 adults and one child in a booster seat. This vehicle is quite smaller compared to the Winnebago, so it's easier to maneuver. 

2006 Winnebago Motorhome 

The Winnebago is the priciest among all 2/3 berth campervans as it is well-fitted with facilities like shower & toilet, 3-burner gas stove, and microwave. However, this is a manual unit so you need to do the shifting of gears all throughout your trip. Baby or booster seats can be fitted inside. 

5 Seater Maxi Camper Family

This recent camper offers renters two options―either a manual or an automatic camper. The 5 Seater Maxi Camper Family is customized for families on a budget. It's unlike most standard campers―it is styled with an upper and lower bed and an entire rear for the kitchen space. There are two child restraints―one in between the driver and passenger's seat and one from the two forward-facing seats at the rear. 

5 Seater Motorhome

Ranging from 1998 - 2003, this 5-seater motorhome is the perfect fit for small families. The cabin seats up to 3 people while the rear is designed for up to 2. There are also 2 rear child seat anchor points, making it suitable for children. But, do take note that there are only 2 double beds, hence sleeping only 4. This motorhome is quite a catch as it provides some extra comforts such as LCD/ DVD player, fridge, cigarette lighter (for recharging batteries), and a wind-out awning.

Sunliner Motorhome

To complete the Driveabout Campers, the Sunliner Motorhome gives utmost comfort for a family of four. This 4-seater Sunliner Motorhome is quite the same as the 2006 Winnebago Motorhome, except that this one is an automatic unit. The vehicle gushes with all comforts of home, including a kitchen, comfy beds, toilet, shower, TV/ DVD, and air conditioning.


Just like most companies, a bond is required on all campervans and motorhomes at the time of collection. And for Driveabout Campers, their standard liablity/ bond amounts to $2,500. The insurance options are the same for drivers 21 to 24 years old and those 25 years and over. But by paying $17 per day (option 1), the bond and excess is reduced to $900 each but does not include glass & tyre protection. But if you pay $33 per day (option 2), the bond required will now be at $200 and excess is reduced to $0 plus the inclusion of glass & tyre in the coverage. But take note that the maximum charge even if you opt for option 2 is still $1400. 


Overall, Driveabout Campers is not really standing out from the crowd in the budget campervan range. As a smaller company, you need to offer something really amazing to be the choice of the bottom end majors. Offering roadside assistance and a choice of manual or automatic cars really aren't going to get you to the top. Feedback on Driveabout Campers is also mixed. But at the end of the day, they are aiming at the cheap campervan hire market. Plus, they've got a lot of campervans and motorhome to offer. 


Driveabout Campers is a decent budget campervan but it's not really that favorable in terms of reputation. Still, they can be a lucky shot if you want to save heaps of money on a campervan hire. 

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  • Cheap
  • Free airport pickup and return service
  • More than 6 decades in the industry


  • Nothing special about the vehicles
  • Mixed feedback
  • Older models on fleet


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Harry.A - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 8 years ago

Lucky for you davo. Our experience was an average camper with a battery that didn’t work, Darryl telling us to call the racq and we hadn’t left the carpark where we were picking it up! One headlight wasn’t working, the inside of the van was falling to pieces and when we returned the van early (and didn’t ask for refunds) we were treated as an inconvenience. You get what you pay for.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
Davo.M - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 8 years ago

I travel australia taking surfing shoots for mags. i hire from many companies but i found these guys on the gold coast ( by accident and i mean accident i nailed a guy with my board and we got talking and the camper came up. blew me away!!!!!!! they were cheaper than everyone else and they had everything in the camper. but the best thing we did the whole deal with the owners ” not a machine” check em out you wont be dissapointed

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value