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Real Value Campervans – What’s So Special

The special thing about Real Value Campervans is that they are an aggregator of the best quality vehicles they can source from a 3rd party. i.e. another campervan company. This way, they don’t carry the costs of owning the vehicles and can get a great wholesale price for sub-hiring from another company on a large scale. This is massively beneficial to you the campervan renter, as you get highly discounted prices on quality vehicles owned by a reputable campervan hire company. Real Value campervans entered into agreements with campervan rental companies to sub least their vehicles. They then don’t mark up the vehicle to the full discount given to them and, voila, you have a discount on the vehicle passed on to you. Real Value is still winning by making a margin on the wholesale price given to them, and you are winning because they don’t put on the full margin that they could.

It only makes good business sense on behalf of Real Value Campervans to source the best quality vehicles they can so that you will be blown away by a Real Value rental. Real Value has a special relationship with the booking engine run on this site, so you are probably not going to find them anywhere else, and that’s a benefit to you now that you have found us. It is through the strength of this booking engine that Real Value can get the traffic it needs to be able to get the discounts it does.

They have depots all over the country but will depend on which campervan hire company they have a deal with the city of your choosing to know where that depot will be. Naturally, all this will be identified during the booking process and you will be given all the details you need so that you can have a great campervan hire experience.

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Real Value Campervans definitely offer some of the best prices for campervans in their market segment and should be considered a “must” when getting quotes.

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, Australia
2 Review

"Arrange alternative insurance before renting your campervan"

  • Reviewed 4 days ago

The Apollo office in Darwin was a bit disorganised, they had run out of fuel and they were running late. This made us late leaving Darwin and we had to reshuffle our itinerary as a consequence.
We were dismayed to find that the standard insurance offered no cover at all - but we would still have had to pay a $5000 bond. The next level of insurance covered tires and windscreen only. The next level of insurance covered the body of the vehicle but not the undercarriage or top of the vehicle. As rollovers are the major risk with high clearance campers, we wanted to cover all parts of the vehicle so we had to take out the top insurance which was an exorbitant $700 for 10 days. I could insure my car for a year for that much! After paying the extra for insurance we then had to sign a contract which said we were not covered in the event of a rollover - which was what we had taken out the insurance for! We would also have been liable for any time the vehicle was unavailable for rental.
I would recommend researching alternate insurance options before your holiday, as once you are at the rental facility they have you over a barrel.
The vehicle was good. A little cramped for storage which meant our bags had to be left on the bench seats, and the folding chairs and table on the floor. This meant a reshuffle every time we needed to get something our of a cupboard or drawer, but this was a minor inconvenience.
The vehicle was versatile and got us almost everywhere we wanted to go. The convenience of a camper was excellent.

4Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
, Australia
2 Review

"Beware the insurance rip off - research other options before you go"

  • Reviewed 1 week ago

The camper allowed us to get almost everywhere we wanted to go and being able to stop and eat anywhere was very convenient. The vehicle performed well and was well equipped. There was very little storage space aside from space for cooking gear and food, so we were constantly shuffling bags around so we could open the drawers and cupboards, which was a minor inconvenience.
A couple of down sides - Apollo campers in Darwin were running very late and our departure was quite delayed causing us to miss out on some activities on our first day. The camper wasn't even filled with fuel or water, which we had to do ourselves.
Our biggest disappointment was the outrageously expensive insurance which was not clearly explained on the website and we ended up paying over $700 for insurance for ten days. After we had paid we found out that rollovers (the biggest risk for high clearance campers) were not even covered! We feel this exorbitant insurance is an absolute rip off designed to sting customers when they are at their most vulnerable and have little time to explore other options.

4Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 3Value
, Singapore
1 Review

"Everything was great"

  • Reviewed 2 months ago

We had a great time in our 4wd campervan we rented out of Darwin. The staff at the depot were nice for both pick up and drop off, there were no mechanical problems with the campervan and everything inside was totally OK. We had no complaints about Real Value Campervans and would hire from them again in the future

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Germany
1 Review

"Off Road Camper trip throug the Kimberley"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

The basis car, a Toyota Hilux, was perfect for the job. A couple of amendments to the camper body would make the vehicle perfect. Aircondition that only works with 240 V is of no use in the bush. The battery did not keep the fridge cold long enough. Why not mount a solar panel on the roof? And why is there a sink and a water tank inside the camper body when the cooking is done outside?
However we had a great trip an the guys at pick up and drop off points were friendly.

5Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 3Value
, New Zealand
2 Review

"it was cheapa campa"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

I rented through Real Value as it was the cheapest on offer that fit my requirements. It was a Cheapa Campa motorhome that was in good condition and we had a good time. Staff were friendly and motorhome worked. Happy

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review

"great people looked after us"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

after a rocky start with the water pump breaking before we left town I was a little worried. The phone help line was answered quickly but their suggestions of changing some fuses didnt' fix it so back to the depot we went. Took a couple of hours to fix. Total delay 3 hours from discovery to drive away so happy with the short turnaround and refunded a 1/2 day for the trouble.
I liked the free stuff table in the office that they fill with useful stuff other renters leave behind.
Used the link to the instructional video they emailed me when it came to emptying the toilet cassette. Very helpful. was worried i was going to be wearing part of that toilet cassette but it was pretty easy. Felt like a master by the 3rd time I did it.
Return was easy too. Checked it in in a few mins, they did the walk around like any car rental return, we signed stuff, they signed stuff and off we went.
On the down side, apart from the water pump that could have been a real problem had we been 3 hours out of town already, was that the cushions were a bit worn, one drawer kept flying open (so I taped it shut), 1 window leaked a bit and was a real problem if the angle was such that it caused the water to rush off the roof on that side.
Note to future renters - take the little blue sachets of toilet stuff. I didn't put one in the toilet on day 1 and it started to stink up. After emptying the first time I put a blue sachet in after each emptying and it didn't stink again the whole trip. Get as many of those things as you can. Oh yeah, had a 6 berth motorhome.

5Service 4Mechanical 5Interior 5Value