10 Best Beaches in the US that You Should Consider Visiting on Your Next RV Adventure

Start your RV engine running and visit these top beaches mentioned in this article. The sky is the limit when you own an RV and the beaches are your best-loved companions. Start your engine rolling now!!!

Visiting beaches around the world has often been a favorite pastime of mine; however, the US seashores seem to have a special place in my heart.

Recently, my RV adventure took me to some of the top coast spots that America has to boast. I am happy to recommend some of these awesome coastlines to you and hope that someday you too will just throw caution to the wind and head on out into the sunset to visit these wonderful beaches mentioned in this article. 

Beachwalker Park in Kiawah Island, South Carolina 

Beachwalker Park is found in the Kiawah Island, South Carolina and is a most sought after beach destination by the public. It holds a special place in my mind mainly because it is the only public beach area in the entire Kiawah Island. Situated between the Atlantic and Bohicket River, it boasts an array of splendid looking pine trees that tend to sway gently in the breeze, interestingly looking covered oak trees, palmettos, and pines trees as well. If you like you can go kayaking on the high sea or ride a bike around in the area to see various places in the beach park. In addition, if birds interest you then make sure to visit Captain Sam’s Inlet where you can spot a variety of exotic birds. Therefore, make Beachwalker Park your next RV destination. 

Caladesi Island State Park in Clearwater, Florida 

Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island State Park holds special interest to visitors that frequent Clearwater, Florida mainly because of the outdoor activities they find there such as touring the area on foot and playing outdoor games like volleyball as well as soccer. It is also a place where you can gather a little history of what the Florida West Coast area resembled before development took over. Enjoy the view of palmetto and pine forests while you are at Caladesi. You may also want to stretch your legs a bit, so go ahead and cover the 3 miles of the pristine shoreline that makes up the Gulf of Mexico. Your RV rental to Caladesi Island State Park will be a most memorable one and you will have lots to share with the folks when you get back home. 

Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Coast Guard Beach

To reach Coast Guard Beach, I had to get there on a rented bicycle since there are no parking spaces on the compound for me to park my vehicle. There is a parking lot on site but it’s reserved for staff members and disabled persons. If you like though, you can book a ride on the shuttle bus that takes off from the Salt Pond Visitor’s Center. Frolic in the beautiful looking pristine sand or let down your hair and get your feet wet and enjoy an invigorating swim in the cool water found at the beach. The sand is an inviting lure for people who love the outdoors and you as well as the entire family can enjoy activities such as volleyball, soccer, and kite flying while you are there. 

Coronado Beach in San Diego, Carolina 

Coronado Beach is a famous getaway for tourists and locals who reside in the Carolina region. This beach happens to show a sparkling sunlight effect that dazzles the minds of visitors visiting it. The reason why the beach sparkles in the sun rays is due to the small proportions of mineral mica found in the sand. Hence, people gave it the nickname “Silver Stand”. Take a short car drive or ferry trip to San Diego Bay where you will find the Hotel Coronado, which was seen in the motion picture Some Like It Hot stared by Marylyn Monroe. Enjoy a sunny fun-filled time at the Coronado Beach where you will have plenty of memories to look back on. 

Hapuna Beach State Park in Big Island, Hawaii 

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach is a good looking venue to visit when you decide to take your RV rental to the road. The conditions for swimming are just right and the pristine white sand makes it an even more ideal getaway spot for the entire family. Being the largest beach in the state of Hawaii that boasts incredible looking white sand, it also comes up as a top spot where tourists and locals can enjoy a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This beach consists of lifeguards who are well-trained and able to assist you if you should get into difficulties in the water. Other plusses Hapuna comes up with are the scrumptious and mouthwatering food dishes found on sale by vendors in the area, showers bathe and restrooms to use when nature calls. 

Coopers Beach in South Hampton, New York 

Coopers Beach

As a visitor to Coopers Beach in New York, you will be asked to pay a parking fee; still, the visit is worth your time, effort and money as well. Being a very lovely white sand beach destination, it gained the distinction of being the first “Gold Coast” found in the entire US. Fanciful and lovely looking shore mansions can be spotted in the area and you will have enough architecture to see and keep you busy while you are there. Plenty of fresh air for the entire family to breathe, breathtaking looking pristine sand to relax or play in and enough water to swim in all day if you like, this is Coopers Beach where you can expect to find a suitable get-away from home.

Ocracoke Lifeguard Beach in Outer Banks, North Carolina 

Ocracoke Lifeguard Beach is the perfect destination for your next road trip. The beach has a history to it dating back to the time when pirates used to raid sea vessels plying the high seas and additionally was once the home of one of the most feared pirates known as Black Beard. At this beach location, you can take hikes or scout the area for seashells if you like. The great-looking pristine sand is just what the doctor orders for building your imaginary sandcastles, relaxing in, taking sunbaths and playing outdoor games such as volleyball as well as soccer. 

Duke Kahanamoku Beach in Oahu, Hawaii 

Duke Kahanamoku Beach

Duke Kahanamoku is a public access beach where there are lots of fun and surfing. It was named after the state’s surf-hero and has its location at the Waikiki Beach’s West end. Unlike the Waikiki beach, there are fewer crowds there and if you want a place to relax in peace, chances are you will be able to find a nice quiet spot to do so. If the open sea is a bit too intimidating for you to swim in then take advantage of the lagoon provided on the premises where all the family can enjoy swimming in. When you visit this beach-spot, make sure to bring along your phone so you can come away with as many selfies as you wish. 

Grayton Beach State Park in Florida 

The state of Florida has some of the most spectacular beaches found in the US and no doubt Grayton Beach is one of them. Situated on the Northwestern side of Florida’s Gulf Coast, this beach has one of the best looking white sand areas you will ever find anywhere else in the world. The tantalizing water shines with an emerald-green looking glow and once you are there you will feel the alluring pull to dive into it and bask into its energizing power. There is a 4-mile hiking trail that you might want to cover and another trail that leads through the coastline just in case you feel like doing some walking and exploring. 

Kailua Beach Park in Oahu, Florida 

Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Park takes the cake when it comes to the best beaches found in the US. Today, it is still ranked as number one in the country and is a place where beach lovers can go and spend a relaxing as well as stimulating time away from home. It has soft sand and clear water where you can enjoy swimming. Being only 30 miles away from Honolulu, you can park your RV at a parking lot reserved for such vehicles and take public transport to the location, or who knows, you might just be able to park your live-in vehicle on the beach premises for free. Included on the list of advantage items that Kailua has to offer are picnic areas with tables, lifeguards, showers and barbeque grills to feed you and the entire family when it comes to eating time. 

Therefore, put the above mentioned US beaches on your RV travel bucket list and hit the road running. You will enjoy yourself as you tour the beach scene in the country and you will have plenty of memories to keep you going for a lifetime.

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