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Raglan is a funky town with lots of personality. On the west coast of New Zealand, not far from Hamilton and only a few hours south of Auckland, it is most famous for its surfing; hosting three world-class point breaks. The town also has a great reputation for its laid-back vibe and quality range of eateries and art and craft shops. The perfect place for a relaxing pause in your road trip, you can take a surfing lesson, enjoy a round of golf or a spot of fishing, or just lay back and watch the waves roll in from the comfort of your campervan. From here you can head off North towards Auckland and beyond, or stick around and explore the central North Island.

 There is just one campervan company in this small seaside town, but four different campgrounds to choose from if you want to spend some time in the area.

Basic Facts:

Distances and Speed: km/h
 Toll Roads: No
 Drive on which side of road: Left
 Distance to:
 Hamilton – 45.6 kms
Tauranga – 150.2 kms
Auckland – 160 kms
Wellington – 550.9 kms

List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Raglan...

PiwiWiwi 1 locations

4.8  Superb

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