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Abuzzy Motorhomes specialises in luxury campervan and motorhome hire for 2 to 5 people. It operates both in New Zealand and the UK.


The company’s history is a young one, starting back in 2009, delivering reliable motorhomes and campervans for rent. They have offices in both the UK and New Zealand . In New Zealand they've depots in Auckland and Christchurch. If you’re concerned about where your money is being spent, it’s going to a large but independent corporation not owned by a conglomerate.


The fleet consists of mainly motorhomes, with only the 2 berth being considered a campervan. The average fleet age is 2008-2012 range which is getting on a bit so you can expect some wear and tear. When rental vehicles are this old it is always best to inspect your designated rental thoroughly prior to taking it about to avoid any misunderstandings when you return it. For the majority of rentals, the fleet has decent quality beds and accessories that many say are of good quality and worth the expense.

AB 2 Berth Deluxe

We do love the layout of this campervan - and fully self contained! Fully self contained means more free camping options as you roam around New Zealand. It means that the campervan has to have a fresh water tank, a grey water tank to catch the used fresh water and a black water tank (toilet). In this case the campervan comes with a portable toilet and is not built in to the design like in a motorhome. The layout is quite unique and the annexe that can be added on to the back can give up to 35% more space. When its on you can extend the bed and still have room to have the lounge and table out inside the camper.  The rear kitchenette also has a fresh approach with an extendable table giving much more bench space than most rear-kitchenette setups, add to this a fridge running of a separate house battery and a TV/DVD combo and you've got a lot of value packed into this little camper. With models being from 200-2005 this campervan is going to have some miles on the clock and you should expect some wear and tear on the interior, but in general, Abuzzy puts great effort in trying to keep their campervans clean and tidy and this campervan design is something to crow about.

This is the smallest camper in the Abuzzy range and is suited to those looking to travel on a budget - especially seeing as the certified Self Contained status gives access to more free camping.

AB 2 Berth Grand

This 2 berth motorhome is the smallest in the motorhome range that Abuzzy offers. Like everything else it is a certified self contained vehicle, unlocking more places to stay across New Zealand. You can expect to mtorohome to be from between 2008-2012 which is definitely getting old in the world of motorhome rental so you can expect some wear and tear inside the vehicle and a lot of KMs on the clock. It's based on the european Fiat model and is a diesel with a 6 gear manual transmission. The bed is permanently set up above the drivers cabin with swivel seats underneath that can turn from driving mode to facing internally for general chit chat. The dinette is just behind the driver and in theory can be turned in to a bed too, but it you rent this motorhome as a 2 berth, you won't be getting any bedding for that. There's a decent sized fridge a freezer and a very decent 100L water tank. The only thing to note would be the listed 9-10ltr fuel usage per 100km - I am a bit skeptical that a motorhome this size is that fuel efficient so will need to test that out on the next drive.

AB 2 Berth Ultimate

If you don't like to climb a ladder to get in to bed, then this style motorhome is more for you. This version has the double bed set up permanently at the rear of the camper on the same level as everything else - whilst this means there is a little less living space to totter around in, it does also mean you can just flop in to it at the end of the day, or any other time of the day too :-) You'll want to make sure you have been using your toilet chemicals that stop the smell (a MUST have for motorhomes) as the bed is right next to the toilet. This is quite a standard layout for european styled motorhomes. Most other things with this motorhome are the same as the Grand model - vehicle age, bed size, fridge size, water tanks, double glazed windows and the purported fuel efficiency. 

AB 4 Berth Grand

The Abuzzy 4 berth grand is remarkably similar to the 2 berth - you might almost say they are the same vehicle. Ah who are kidding, they ARE the same vehicle. There is a Ford version available in the listings but the system will be that there is a some Ford and some Fiat in the range - you'll get one or the other. If you rent a 2 berth you will get the motorhome with bedding and eating set up for 2, if you rent a 4 berth you'll get the same model with 4 sets of linen and cutlery etc. There is nothing new about this, all the major motorhome rental companies do it. In this case the main bed is above the drivers cabin, permanently set up and requires a ladder to get. The secondary bed is the dinette folded out to make a slightly smaller bed. As a caveat, things change all the time with motorhome rental companies so I am not going to swear that this is how will be for all time but as a rule you could expect the 2 berth and the 4 berth to be the same.


Abuzzy offer airport pickup from Auckland and Christchurch airports and will also drop you back there after your rental. However, they also have a somewhat abrasive rule that if you have arrived at the airport on a flight that is 4 hours or more long, then you MUST stay in a hotel in town overnight, you can't take out the motorhome. So basically these leaves internal flights and flights from east coast Australia in the catchment. If you're coming from anywhere else, they won't give you the vehicle that day. 

On the flip side, they offer a free stay in their beach house for renters of their motorhomes, but its 40 minutes out of Auckland, so I guess you have to rent a car from someone other than Abuzzy to get there and then come back the next day to pick up your motorhome. Does anyone else see the irony of this offer?

Tourism radio is also an available option which is a great little thing provided in New Zealand that will take your GPS readings and tell you about the surrounding area - this service is being rebranded as Skoot.


Up front customer service - they will do as you wish within reason, and they strive to make your traveling experience comfortable, like a home away.

The company does get quite a bit of praise for having their rentals in great shape, so it would seem that issues are rare ones. You won’t be going into a crapshoot on the service you get, nor the quality of the motorhome you’ll get.

There are always detractors for every company though, and the biggest issue for Abuzzy is how they handle repair issues. The fact is, you as the renter will need to read your contract and insurance terms carefully before signing, and check the campervan or motorhome carefully to make sure that there are no repairs required prior to renting it. Otherwise, you run the risk of being blamed for the damage and may get stuck with the bill. Take some time before leaving the depot, look the campervan over for scratches and dents, check the contents of cupboards and start the engine. Be prepared to say there is something wrong (if there is something) BEFORE you leave the depot.

Ultimately, if you don’t find any problems, you’ll likely find their customer service to be outstanding and their fleet to be comfortable and reliable. If you do need to have repairs done or find damage, you may have some difficulty with communicating with the company. They are not often praised for returning phone calls in a timely manner when it comes to repairs and damage issues.


Motorhome or campervans at a good price, with accessories included.

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, Australia
1 Review

"Very poor motorhome"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

The motorhome we received were very old and the inside looked tired. The wheel alignment and balancing was all over the place, with the wheels jaggering when pulling away. The main bed's mattress were so old and used that we rolled ro the middle all the time. Do not waste any of your money getting one of these motorhomes. They are all like that as I could see their whole fleet at their Auckland and Christchurch depots.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, New Zealand
1 Review


  • Reviewed 9 months ago

The advert had pictures of a modern, nice and spacious campervan but we got the campervan from hell. Dirty, old and small. Spiderweb in the ceiling and something brown smeared on the walls in the toilet. Neither motorhome republic (who we booked the vehicle through) or Abuzzy could help us or give us a refund or a deduction of days. Horrible campervan, horrible service! We will never use Abuzzy again!

1Service 3Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Terrible - avoid"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

The guy who showed us around the van in Christchurch was lovely and very helpful. HOWEVER.... Our van broke down after the first day and we had to get towed to a local garage... where we stayed for 24 hours until they could find another van. The replacement was dirty, with loads of things not working. They have refused to continue corresponding with us and I would not recommend at all. Spend a few extra dollars and get something better, their company is a rip off and the quality of their vans is shocking.

4Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Not Good"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

The word luxury should not be used with Abuzzy. The motorhome was old and falling to pieces literally. We had to tape the drawers and doors shut. Avoid this company like the plague. It is awful.

3Service 3Mechanical 1Interior 2Value