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Editors Review

Aotea campervans is a small, family owned campervan rental company that centers itself in Christchurch, New Zealand. They have a limited selection of campervans and cater to budget-range, 2-berth clientele. Their campers tend to be older models and this keeps the price down. The company only allows you to choose between two campervans; Mazda E 2000 2 Berth and Mazda E 2000 2(+1) berth campervans. So if you are looking for a company with a huge selection to choose from, Aotea is not one of them.

Fleet - Old Vehicles But Still In Good Shape

Aotea Campervan vehicles aren’t new. Most of their campervans are more than 10 years old but are well maintained. However you can expect to get some wear and tear on the interiors. While Aotea campervan try its best to maintain its vehicles, many years of people sitting on the cushions and opening the cupboard will inevitably make the vehicles uncomfortable to use. If you don’t mind exploring New Zealand with an old maintained vehicle, Aotea is a great company to go for, but if you are looking for the latest comfort from new campervans with a better luxury, this company might not be an option for you.   

Let’s take a look at their campervans

Mazda E 2000 2(+1) Berth Premium Solar Campervan A

This is a very handy to drive “2005” model campervan. It sleeps 2 adults and 1 child, features a full internal bedroom with a double bed measuring 1.52m X 1.90m plus an overhead single bed. It’s the most expensive campervan offered by the company and you will be paying extra fees for the overhead single bed since it’s the only noticeable difference between the two campervans. The Mazda E 2000 2(+1) campervan comes with amenities such as 12v refrigerator, 2 ring gas cooker, fly screen, sinks with pressurized hot and cold water, and a solar panel for charging the refrigerator when the vehicle is not running.

Mazda E 2000 2 Berth Premium Solar Campervan B

The Mazda E 200 2 berth campervan is the second hire option offered by this company. It is the cheapest model from the company and the only noticeable difference is that it lacks an extra bed unlike the Mazda E 2000 2(+1) campervan that has an overhead single bed measuring 1.90m X 1.13m. Generally this campervan is quite spacious and can be used by a couple that wants to travel without a child. All amenities found in the Mazda E 2000 2(+1) are also included and you won’t be getting more extras’ with this campervan.


As small as the company is, it has actually prooved itself as a reputable campervan hire company offering great services in New Zealand. As we went through some customers reviews, we didn’t notice any critical reviews and this is quite good for a small company like this. Most clients said that the vehicles were in good conditions, all electronics were working and fully equipped with everything.


Generally, Aotea Campervan rentals is a good company offering competant vehicles aimed at a budgeted cost. With few exceptions, the vehicles haven’t been modified, but still the company offers a great level of flexibility that is quite good for moderate-budget couples.

From the Agency

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  • Cheap campervans
  • Good location in Christchurch
  • Family owned


  • Lack choice - few models
  • Old campers


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