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Iconic Motorhome is a family company in New Zealand that focuses in giving a luxury stay on wheels through their nearly new motorhomes and excellent customer service. Their vehicles are particularly designed for high-end motorhome hire and not for an economical rental, and assures a quality road trip since 2006.

What Iconic Motorhome Tell Us

Iconic Motorhome is quite pricey compared to other rental companies in New Zealand, but guarantees a very comfortable and deluxe road trip. All their Swift motorhomes originated in the United Kingdom and are built specifically to combat the extreme weather conditions of New Zealand, whether you are travelling during the scorching summer heat or during the severe winter freeze.

Each motorhome features all modern hotel essentials— linens, duvets, towels, toilet, shower, TV, DVD player, kitchen equipment, gas cooker, crockery & cutlery, fridge and cleaning stuffs, making your road trip to be literally like a luxury hotel on wheels.


Since Iconic Motorhomes is not your typical budget-friendly New Zealand motorhome rental, you can hope for one of a kind road experience. Let's begin with their top of the range vehicles from the United Kingdom, which are all listed as self-contained.  Iconic motorhomes are ideal for travellers wanting a lavish stay on the road as you will indulge yourself with luxury treats such as hotel quality dining facilities and superior bedding essentials.

With their diverse fleet, there's something for every traveller. For peeps travelling in pairs, you can either choose the Sundance or the Rio Black Edition 2017. A maximum of 4 persons can be accommodated by their Bolero Black Edition and Kon-Tiki Black Edition. And if you are travelling in six, then the ultimate and only choice is the Escape. Just recently, Iconic unveiled a new member in their fleet: Gr8 Escape 2017— a 5-berth motorhome which is available from February 2017. Most Iconic motorhomes are nearly new, so it's a perfect match for those who are a bit finicky when it comes to vehicle endurance.       


2 Berths - Sundance and Rio Black Edition 2017 

Iconic Motorhome starts off with their 2-berth motorhomes— Sundance and Rio Black Edition 2017, which feature all the basic camping essentials with some certain advancements like large hanging wardrobe, TV & DVD player and spacious lounge with side couches.

Sundance is operated by a 2012 manual transmission Fiat Ducato, making it the oldest vehicle on their fleet. Despite being older than other vehicles, this particular motorhome is carefully maintained and is way cheaper than the Rio Black Edition 2017, which is a step-up 2-berth motorhome. The Rio Black Edition 2017 operated by Fiat Multijet model, is best for couples looking for a small yet luxury vehicle. However, Sundance is a great choice for those in tighter budget, but still wanting a fulfilling road experience.

4 Berths - Bolero Black Edition and Kon-Tiki Black Edition

Further, the 4-berth motorhomes are Bolero Black Edition and Kon-Tiki Black Edition, both run by a Fiat Ducato vehicle. These motorhomes seat up to 4 passengers, but is also perfect for couples wanting a roomy lounge. The Bolero Black Edition is a multi-award winning motorhome in the 7 metre category, with lovely design features such as permanent double rear bed built at low level, two side couches, freestanding dining table, generous interior storage and privacy blinds. On the other hand, the Kon-Tiki Black Edition is the company's 'top of the range' motorhome, having almost the same features with the Bolero Black Edition but with definite improvements—Triptronic 180bhp automatic gearbox and higher length at 8.06m. So, if you're travelling with some picky giants, might as well choose this motorhome for a more suitable trip.

6 Berth - Escape & Gr8 Escape 2017

Lastly, the motorhome ideal for family adventures—Escape. Escape can accommodate a family of up to 6 people and still leaves a spacious interior. Aside from the permanent made up beds, the motorhome also provides a table for a comfortable dining, which can be towed away for more space or be used as an additional bed. You also don't have to worry if you're travelling with your kids as the motorhome features baby and booster seats, and large bunk storage for your travel essentials. And before we forget, Iconic Motorhome just revealed a new addition to their fleet—Gr8 Escape 2017, which is an improved version of Escape. The 5-berth motorhome takes pride with its panoramic sunroof, bigger fridge, swivel front seats, thermostatically controlled central heating and the L-shaped kitchen area.


For all Iconic motorhomes, the insurance excess is at $5000.00, but you have an option to reduce the liability by paying additional amount per day. Paying $45.00 per day will reduce the liability to $2750.00 while paying $60.00 per day will trim down the excess to $500.00.


Iconic Motorhome is known to provide excellent road trips through their deluxe fleet that comes with a pricey rate. Based on customer reviews for the past years, the company has continuously maintained a 9-10rating, proving their worth in the rental industry in New Zealand. Most clients also expressed how good the customer service was, from the initial inquiry to the return of the vehicle. Despite of the almost flawless reputation, there were slight insurance related shortcomings that were raised by previous clients, but were properly addressed by the team.


It's not a question that Iconic Motorhome is more expensive than other rental companies in New Zealand, but all the positive feedback we hear from travellers suggests that the price was sure worth the money.

From the Agency

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  • Over the years, the company has upheld an almost perfect customer satisfaction rate
  • Luxury living on the road
  • Updated models on their fleet
  • Excellent customer service by the management


  • Pricier than other rental companies.
  • The expensive rate would be fitting if airport pickup/drop-off service was included


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Ann - avatar not loaded
, Singapore
2 Review

"Don’t ever book them"

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

Never ever book from them. Shitty company with bad company practise ! Read their T&C carefully as they they don’t offer any refund regardless of your situation. Give covid 19 lockdown see their response as we booked our trip and the vehicle a year ago paying our deposit :

If you wish to take your booking moving forwards, then its available.
We are not returning money for deposits which are non-refundable. If your insurance company is not offering a refund, they are the ones who you should be contacting in an aggressive manner.

We shall be looking to clients who have bookings to open a conversation with dates, once borders are open to their country, I’m sure that each country will have differing restrictions for some time.
If we still have the vehicle you wished to book originally then we will move forwards with that hire.
If you wish to never set foot in our motorhome, that is your prerogative.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value

  • Brand Manager

    Hi Anne, We have already responded on numerous other platform's that you have attempted to troll us on.
    We have offered you a selection of a different date at a time that is convenient to you, It has been industry standard that this what all operators are doing.
    We have managed to deal with in excess of 60+ bookings this could potentially affect and you are the only one who has made such an issue, You stated that you never wanted to set foot in the motorhome and would be re-booking with an alternative company in your previous email.
    If you have such an exception with non-refundable deposits as per our terms and conditions which are industry standard, We do suggest clients take travel insurance incase these events happen.
    You maintained an aggressive stance from the initial email, and would have been happy with nothing less than exactly what you wanted.
    We apoligise you have taken such exception, We have done our best through this and through out the previous 15 years of business and are happy to reschedule a date for your travel when it is possible to do so.

Ann - avatar not loaded
, Singapore
2 Review

"unhappy customer"

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

We were planning our NZ holidays and heard so much about Iconic Motorhome that we decided to go ahead and book it 1 year in advance for May 2020. Fast forward coming to a year later and with the pandemic situation we were informed by Iconic Motorhome that they do not offer any refund on our deposits nor allow changing of dates . Despite us appealing several times advising them that it is beyond our control over government policies including NZ authorities to shut down the doors they remained steadfast in their decision. All I can say is there is a lack of service and flexibility from this company and I will never go back to them again. Stay away if you do not want to be disappointed!

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 2Value

  • Brand Manager

    Hi Anne,

    Please read the above response, This is completely inaccurate.
    At your initial email before the boarder's of both countries had been closed you wanted to cancel, At the initial contact there was no indication that there would be any closures.
    As the situation developed, We offered ALL clients the ability to change dates up to 3 months after boarders at both countries opened which has become industry standard.
    This was offered to you, and you decided you would like to re-book with an alternative company, If you would like to re-book your dates as per what all clients have been offered we are happy to do so, If you wish to go elsewhere this is entirely your right.