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Last Updated: 9/28/19 

Pure Motorhomes is a campervan hire company handled by a booking engine with depots, in both Auckland and Christchurch. With a decent selection of vehicles available, Pure has options for travelers with varying needs and budgets.

About Pure Motorhomes New Zealand

Pure Motorhomes is a rental company that is operated by Motorhome Republic, one of the largest behind-the-scenes campervan rental companies in New Zealand. As one of Motorhome Republic partner companies, renting a unit from Pure Motorhomes means enjoying a discounted 'wholesale' price on the campervan rental. Also, any of Pure’s campervans for hire in New Zealand include unlimited kilometers and free transportation to and from the airport. But since the company is run by a booking engine, you will not be getting a vehicle that is branded with Pure Motorhomes down the side, rather another brand that actually owns and operates the campervans around New Zealand. Since freedom camping is associated with your campervan hire, it's best to know the freedom camping rules ahead. Remember, each district has its own camping guidelines you need to follow. 


If you've decided to look for a rental unit from Pure Motorhomes, you will have a nice array of choices, from compact 2 berth campervans to luxury 6 and 7 berth motorhomes. The fleet is a mix of older and some new models, either automatic and manual transmission. Some of these units feature the self-containment sticker, some do not but are fully-equipped with the essentials and even some extras. At present, there are 5 units under Pure Motorhomes. However, since they are a booking engine, they also offer other units from some of the top motorhome/ campervan rentals in NZ, including Mad Campers, Mighty Campers, Kiwi Campers, Escaper Campervans, and more.


2 Berth Dart

The Pure Motorhomes Dart is a cute little 2 berth sleeper that’s a good fit for travelers on a budget, who would love to explore the panoramic NZ sights in simplicity. This older VW T5 or similar does not come with any bells and whistles but provides you with standard amenities like fridge, gas-grill, and running water. It does not feature a bathroom or shower but comes with a porta-potty. 

2 Berth Euro S/T

This 2009 or older Volkswagen Crafter is a beautiful self-contained motorhome for couples who want to experience New Zealand in a classical way. A pleasure to drive with the comforts of home, this vintage-style unit is a crowd attraction despite its simple white exterior. The internal access from the driver's seat to the living room is designed for the comfort of 2 people who want added convenience and space.

Deluxe 2/3 Berth ST

If you want another posh option, you can have the LDV V80 2/3 Berth ST, a 2017/2018 unit with automatic transmission. This is one of the newer units on offer and since the unit is automatic, it’s a breeze to drive even on the open and narrow roads. The large double bed makes resting more comfortable after a busy day of exploration.

4 Berth Cruise

This 2016-2017 Fiat Ducato is for those who do not mind spending extra dollars for added comfort and wouldn't mind shifting gear all throughout the holiday. A manual motorhome, the vehicle can make your trip more entertaining with its complete TV/ DVD/CD set with iPod / USB connection and MP3 / MP4 playback.

4 Berth Ranger

The Ranger gives you two options: an automatic or manual transmission. The flexibility of this motorhome does not end there as you can also choose your preferred bed style at the back, either you want two singles or one king bed. Also, this 2016 Fiat Ducato T448 has upgraded amenities that include a bigger fridge, added batteries, and solar panels. 

6 Berth Mercedes Benz

If you’d like to explore New Zealand in comfort and luxury, Pure Motorhomes has a selection of 2010 -2011 Mercedes-Benz 6 Berth Deluxe campervans for hire. Each of these vehicles features roomy bathroom facilities, well-provisioned kitchens, and a turbo charged V6 engine to ensure that no terrain in New Zealand is too tough to navigate. These vehicles will comfortably accommodate groups of six or provide smaller groups with plenty of space and luxury.

7 Berth Mitsubishi Canter

Finally, they have a larger motorhome that caters, of course, larger groups up to 7 people. This relatively older but self-contained Mitsubishi Canter is downright big; hence, it provides bigger amenities and more space inside. There are two double beds and one massive king bed for your sleeping places. However, because of its extended and expanded dimension, parking in normal spaces would be a problem. 


The bond or insurance excess depends on the rented unit and driver age, but the amount ranges from NZD $4000.00 to NZD $6000.00. This is taken out through an imprint of your credit card. As the excess may vary, the insurance options also differ. Some units allow you to add NZD $15.00 per day to limit the excess of NZD $4000.00 to NZD $1250.00 only (Pure Silver Insurance Cover) or NZD $30.00 per day to limit the excess of NZD $4000.00 to NIL (Pure Silver Insurance Cover). Other motorhomes may allow you to pay NZD $30.00 per day to reduce your liability of NZD $6000.00 into NZD $2000.00 (Pure Silver Insurance Cover) or NZD $60.00 per day to limit the excess of NZD $6000.00 to NIL (Pure Silver Insurance Cover). 


Pure Motorhomes is one of the many companies that got a deal with the renowned Motorhome Republic. The best thing about Motorhome Republic is that they give competitive prices for a well-known brand, although they are in the position to mark-up the product, just like any wholesale/retail business model. With that, all partner businesses like Pure Motorhomes becomes a good option for those in limited budget. Offering a fleet of diverse motorhomes, from couples to starting families into bigger groups, Pure Motorhomes continues to be a nice alternative. 


A good selection of campervans for hire at decent rates is what you’ll find at Pure. Though they don’t really stand out from the crowded campervan for hire industry in New Zealand because they are run by a booking engine, they’re still a good choice and worth considering if you run out of options (or if you're on a budget!)

From the Agency

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  • Nice selection of campervans
  • Competitive rates
  • Multiple depots


  • Decent across the board, but nothing about Pure really stands out
  • Under a bigger fish with no distinct reputation
  • Some older models


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