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Autosleepers Campervan Hire is a family run company with depots in 6 cities (see the map below). They have 2 to 6 berth campervans and motorhomes with a real strength in the 4 berth category and an unusual little camper perfect for a couple that travels light or the solo road tripper.

What Autosleepers Tell Us

This small, family-operated campervan rental business operating out of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Cairns have been in business since 1997, offering both campervan and motorhome models for hire, ranging from 2 to 6 berths. What we like most about Autosleepers is their large selection of 4 berth campervans and motorhomes that can suit just about every style of travel. 


Autosleepers have 6 models to choose from, but the point of emphasis for the company is their easy-to-drive campervans. These vehicles differ in style and base vehicle used― there's a small Suzuki camper, a high-top Ford eurocamper, a luxury Mercedes/VW motorhome and more. They claim to provide excellently stocked vehicles with cutlery, crockery, linen and other amenities depending on the model hired. But one thing's for sure, Autosleepers allows small, well behaved dogs inside their vehicles! 

The Mini Camper

This is an unusual little camper that is not likely featured in most companies. They are extremely small and basic. It's a ‘bare minimum’ model as a (thankfully air-conditioned) Suzuki with a 1.6-litre engine, which means it has excellent fuel economy at 8 litres per 100 km. This tiny campervan sleeps an absolute maximum of two people, but due to its size (the bed is only 190 by 150 centimetres, or 74 by 59 inches) it’s probably best suited for solo travellers — under 6’0” preferable! Although Autosleepers claim it has “innovative storage space”, realistically, you’ll have a hard time in this camper if you’re not travelling light. It features five-speed manual transmission, and has a gas stove and ice box (you’ll need to keep an eye out if you’re taking spoilable food), plus a solar-heated portable shower and a CD player. However, there’s no inside light, which might prove a pain and also doesn't have a 2nd "house" battery to use 12V items with. The bedding is included and that is what you will store under the bench seats, rather than your own bags. Of course, that depends on just how light you are travelling in the first place. 

There are absolutely no bells or whistles on this model. It is for those that just want to have a place to leave their bags whilst they get one with doing other things that tourists do. It does have an awning and some chairs that facilitate sitting outside the vehicle but there are few home comforts inside that make you want to hang out in there. If you are a “doer” and don’t care how you get from point A to B but rather more interested in what you ‘do’ outside the campervan, then this might suit you, but if you are unfortunate to have rainy days most of the time or you just want to spend some relaxing time in the camper, then this is probably not the one.

Hi-Top 4 Berth Campervan

After the Mini Camper, Autosleepers get back into the regular campervan rental market with a Hi-Top model for up to 4 people that is fairly stock standard. However they do supply chairs and an awning included as well as bedding.The Toyota Hiace-based Hi-Top has seat belts for four and can sleep up to four people— this is the less common configuration for the model, with up to two fold-out double beds, one above the other (be warned that this leaves all sleepers with less head space). It has five-speed manual/auto transmission; air conditioning and heating, as well as a solar-heated portable shower and inside lighting, make this an all-season model. Thankfully, it features a fridge, sink and gas stove, along with a microwave. It comes with bedding and linen included for 2 people only but also has anchor points for a baby seat if you need one. 

Adventurer 4 Berth Motorhome

The 4-berth motorhome, a Toyota Hilux, sleeps the same and is much more spacious than the Hi-Top — very much recommended if you can afford to treat yourself to more space. Automatic transmission is available, with air conditioning to boot. Anyone considering a longer trip with multiple people should take this model as the bare minimum because of its storage capacity; it’s unfortunate but true that any Hi-Top campervan can really only accommodate a week or so’s packing for more than two. It features a gas stove, large fridge and a hot-water system, and the double beds are separated (one above the cab ands one at the rear) to give sleepers a little more privacy. In the daytime configuration, it’s large enough with lounge and dining space for four. It also has baby and booster seat anchoring points, so for families, this is the first model to consider in ascending order of size. 

A 4 person camper that is quite nice but also a fairly standard market fair. Both these models would be worth a look at when comparing prices with other companies. Pretty much every company will off the 2 person model, so if Autosleepers have that campervan at a great price, then snap it up as they are all basically the same.

Fiat Cruiser 4 Berth Motorhome

Fiat motorhome rental Australia

The Fiat Cruiser model is again something different from Autosleepers. Has seatbelts for 5 people, but only 2 double beds so it is listed as a 4 berth and rightly so. If you want to have a 5th pitching a tent each night to share some bills, then let it rip! This is a little bit of luxury with almost all the bells and whistles – auto transmission, air con in the rear, house battery, hot water, microwave, full-size fridge, toilet, and shower. It really is a nice motorhome and well worth the look if you are in the luxury market.

Four Berth Eurocamper

The latest addition to the 4-berth category, this Eurocamper is suitable for travellers in dire need of a smooth, economical ride all around Australia. This easy-to-drive hitop is capable of travelling from Melbourne to Sydney, and halfway back again with just one single tank of diesel. Even if it comes with a manual gearbox, it is a comfortable camper ideal for long distance driving. Hence, it may be tagged as the most economical campervan on fleet. 

Six Berth Motorhome

They also offer a 6 berth if you are travelling large and that model is also quite advanced. However, there is nothing there that isn’t offered by other campervan and motorhome hire companies. Seeing as they only do bookings direct it might be worth getting a quote from them on this model if you are in the market for a 6 berth motorhome.


The insurance liability depends on the type of vehicle rented. At no additional rate per day, the excess is at $3, 300 for motorhomes while $2, 750 for campervans. Limit the bond/ liability to $1, 650 (motorhome) and $1, 250 (campervan) by paying $22/day. If you want to have a stress-free road trip, then take the ultimate package at $33/ day and reduce the bond to $330 and plus some nice inclusions such as camping table and chairs, satellite navigation and baby or booster seats. Just like most companies, the windscreen, tyre, roof and under-carriage damage are not included in the insurance coverage. 


Autosleepers may just be a small company that is not the cheapest player in town, but expect for fully-booked vehicles, especially on peak seasons. Even if the company targets a particular campervan/ motorhome category, which is the 4-berth classification,it still suits almost all segments of the market. They give several options for 3-4 people but the Mini Camper is by far the most unusual in the lineup and may just well be their success story. 


Overall, Autosleepers is very strong in the 4 berth area, so if you are 3-4 peeps definitely look them up and the 6 berth based on the Fiat Ducato is modern luxury. But if you are looking for any of the other segments they may well be worth going to fill in the quote form and getting a price from. 

From the Agency

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  • Good range of campervans
  • Good depot locations
  • Pet-friendly


  • Not a huge company, expect to book out often
  • Won't be the cheapest player in town
  • Only targets the 4 berth campervan category


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H. Simonsen - avatar not loaded
, Denmark
1 Review

"Just don’t"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

To start with we had to clean the car, because if wasn’t done. The finish was as excepted in an older car, and that is OK, but you would think that all the things that needs maintenance would be fixed . They were not. We had to get the car to the Company to get it fixed and they gave a cheap and lousy car as substitute and did not give a discount as their contract says. At least we got our car back the next day. They drove theough a tollroad which we have avoided and the charge the cost on my creditcard. After that I wrote several times, but they never replied. That is down right poor service. What a shitty company. We can’t recommend it at all.

1Service 3Mechanical 2Interior 2Value
Robert - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Renters beware"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

This company should be avoided, poor vehicle, poorly maintained, cabin has been patched up as the door frame was coming away, cracked windscreen, broken awning, apethetic agent in Adelaide and best of all I had to threaten legal action to recover a bond of $3,300 from my bank account.
Avoid this company

1Service 2Mechanical 1Interior 2Value
Sirdad - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Almost 2 weeks on Capricorn Coast"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We hired the Fiat Ducati Cruiser, it may have been a luxury van in its day but sadly no more. The whole van shudders at 100kmh making the ride very uncomfortable, the furnishings are very worn and tired, the refrigerator dripped water the whole time and was rusted inside, many of the cupboards latches were broken, the side door kept jamming, the curtains are threadbare and do not block out the light, the aircon sounded like a concrete mixer, the TV/DVD did not work, there was no water tap connection and the hose was too short for most caravan parks, and lastly the internal locking system did not work so we were not secure when we slept. Other than that we enjoyed the locations we stayed at and the van got us from A to B.

4Service 4Mechanical 2Interior 3Value
I. Hawes - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Bond scam beware"

  • Reviewed

Good motorhome but beware they hold your bond for up to a month for no reason. There is no way to reduce the bond amount either.. I guess it's ok if you can afford $3300 to sit around for that long.. thay fail to tell you that at time of rental.. they say it will be returned in a couple of days.. that's BS don't believe it!

1Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 3Value