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Campervan Hire Insurance in Australia: Explained and Exposed

Based on the comments we get from past users, insurance seems to be a big item that people get concerned about. And we often have people that are wanting to hire a campervan for the first time emailing us to get some clarity on what they are getting themselves into. Since it’s such a complicated subject and we want you to be prepared for your trip of a lifetime, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide about campervan and motorhome insurance for Australia and New Zealand.
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Not All #VanLife Travels Last a Year! Rent an RV and Enjoy This Two-Week Arizona Itinerary

If you’re ready to hit the road but can’t spend an entire year traveling about the 50 states, why not rent an RV and plan for a phenomenal two-week adventure in Arizona? Although two weeks is simply not enough time to enjoy the state for all that it is worth, you can enjoy plenty during these 14-days, creating many special memories and making it easy to plan your next RV road trip.
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What Are the Best Phone Plans for Travelers in Australia

Over 8 million international tourists visit Australia every year. The country has something to offer to each and every one of them. Surfing, sunbathing, hiking, diving, wildlife watching, cruising, sightseeing – we can list the available activities for hours. Australia is suitable for all kinds of tourism, and, of course, it would be perfect for a road trip in a rented campervan.
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10 Top Interesting Places to Visit in Morocco for Nature’s Lovers

Bordered by 3,500 kilometers of coastline and crossed by various mountain ranges, Morocco is characterized by an incredible diversity of people and landscapes. Tucked caddy-cornered between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa, Morocco is cut by the various fingers of the Atlas Mountains and lone range of Rif Mountains in the north. These characteristics give Morocco an aerial fingerprint unlike any other in Africa.
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