How Much Is It To Hire A Campervan In Sydney?

So you're wondering: how much is it to hire a campervan in Sydney?

Well here's the simple answer; from $30 per day to $1,000 per day 

- and everything in between.

But I know you're looking for something a bit more granular than that, so there's a better breakdown below in this article

But really, the best way to find out how much it costs to hire a campervan in Sydney, at the time of year you want to go, is to just to fill in the booking form on the home page ( )and look at all the search results that come up. 

There'll be around 18 companies supplying over 100 different options displayed there and you don't even have to supply an email address to get them. Boom! Research done! Email yourself the quotes you want to keep and use them to book when you've come to a final decision.

Seriously, there's a campervan or motorhome available in Sydney that will suit your budget and style whether you need an affordable minivan or an exotic luxury motorhome. HitTheRoad has got you covered. The vehicles available range from 2 berth to 6 berth and if you want something extraordinary, there are various four-wheel-drive campervans to suit your style too.

There are around 18 brands of Sydney Campervan hire catering for every travel budget need.

How Much Will It Cost?

Let's look at some of the styles with their timing and pricing:

Basic 2 berth High Top camper: Hiring this camper in Sydney for a week during July will cost you at least $47 per day, but during the peak period of summer in January will be more like $94 per day

4 Berth Options: There are two categories; with and without onboard toilet and shower. You'll have to pay from $135 per day for four berth campervans with bathroom facilities, while those without start from $62 per day during July. For summer January you should expect $184 per day for toilet/show and as low as $62 still for campervans without.

6 Berth Motorhomes: All six-berth motorhomes feature onboard bathroom facilities. The cost for renting out in Sydney ranges between $172 and $335 per day for a week. This range fits for both July and summer. It really depends on how far in advance you want to book. The earlier you book the cheaper it is.

Prices: The prices for various campervan rentals in Sydney are listed in AU$. There are no hidden fees with our pricing system, therefore, from the initial stages, you exactly understand what to expect. What can still change is the level of insurance you want to take, but there is a stack of different options on that, too many to list in this article, suffice to say each van comes with very basic insurance. You can choose to upgrade the insurance with the exact rental company if you want or you can go with 3rd party rentals like which tend to have much better coverage at better prices.


What's the best time to hire a campervan?

New South Wales experiences a mild climate throughout the year. Therefore, any time is perfect for a road trip. The busiest times of the year include between October and April, Spring and Autumn. Business hits the peak during Easter, Christmas, and January.

What are some of the notable campervan rental brands in Sydney?

There are various top campervan rental companies with operational branches in Sydney. These brands include Britz, Apollo, Maui, Hippie Campers, Let's Go Motorhomes, and more.

Is a campervan in Sydney with a bathroom facility available?

Yes, you can rent a campervan with a toilet and shower. The six berth motorhomes feature bathroom facilities. Also, there are specific models of 4 and 2 berth vehicles with a bathroom and shower. Keep in mind that some 4 and 2 berth vehicles don't have bathroom facilities. It depends on your needs and budget.

What's the cost of hiring a campervan in Sydney?

The cost of hiring a campervan in Sydney depends on the type of vehicle and season. For example, hiring A 2 berth camper in January would cost $55, while renting the exact car in August will cost $35. For a six-berth motorhome, renting it in January will cost $255 and $205 in August. Also, most providers increase the rental period to 10 days during peak seasons like Christmas.

What's the time frame for collecting and dropping off a Campervan?

It takes up to 1 hour to put together the paperwork and surveying the vehicle. The dropping off time is 3:30 p.m; for some providers. Also, some of them may charge a drop-off fee during public holidays.

Do I need to acquire any license to hire a campervan from Sydney?

No. A full unrestricted driving license enables you to drive a campervan in all Australian states and territories. Therefore you can hire and drive your campervan in New South Wales. However, some providers like Apollo require you to have a full license over two years old. Also, international drivers must provide an International Driving Permit.

Are there one-way campervan rentals outside Sydney?

Yes. You can collect your vehicle in Sydney and drop it off at a different branch of the same brand. However, you may be charged some one-way rental fee.

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