Campervans in New Zealand

We review 79 providers in 14 cities in New Zealand

Campervan Hire in North and South New Zealand

Below is a list of all campervan rental companies in New Zealand based on a cities. Don't know where these cities are? Just head to the bottom and search using the map.

Hit The Road Rentals knows our New Zealand campervan rental companies! In fact we know them ALL. 

Find listed below the city that you want to hire your campervan from, click it to expand, and take a look at the campervan hire companies that operate from that city. They're all ranked and rated by our editors and past renters. Unfamiliar with New Zealand cities? Just scroll to the map at the bottom and look around. The campervan rental agencies have an Editor's review to tell you a little more about that company so you don't even have to leave our site to find out about them. Want a quote? Simply fill in the booking form and it will show you the best prices for a load of agencies that operate in the area you want to travel. Simple!

Can't see your destination city in the list? Simply scroll down to the map of New Zealand which shows every city we have a motorhome rental company listed in. Or you can search for an agency by name using the search option at the top of this page. The major cities for campervan hire in New Zealand are : Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown but there are loads more to choose from.

New Zealand: the land of picturesque extremes

New Zealand is the land of the long white cloud and the long open road. The country that is home to Middle Earth, made famous by The Lord of the Rings movies is one of the most popular countries in the world for campervan hire. In fact it is almost considered a rite of passage for tourists to hire a campervan in New Zealand.

With so many campervan hire companies in New Zealand to choose from it can almost be a daunting task to work out which one you should go with. Thankfully that’s where Hit The Road can help. Our extensive list of reviews of campervan rental companies in New Zealand is what sets Hit The Road apart from the other site.

We have partnered with the highest-ranking campervan hire companies in New Zealand to make sure you’re always able to find the perfect van for you. With a range of vans, large, small, automatic and manual, you’ll be able to hand-select the one that matches your needs, and tailor your route and journey to make sure you don’t miss out on any of NZ’s natural beauty.

At Hit The Road, we’re here to make your experience a delight. Speak to us for more information on the companies in our directory, or if you have questions about our booking process. Then, get ready to get driving along New Zealand’s remotest national parks, with the simplest transport option available.

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