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Last Updated: 8/3/19

Tui Campers is a high-end yet cost-friendly rental service that is part of the Tui Brand that offers fantastic older luxury vehicles at reasonable prices. Tui Brand also is the parent company of Tui Sleepervans, Budget Campers, and Freedom Campers.

About Tui Campers

Tui has been in business since 1983 and its parent company, Tui Brands, was incorporated in 1982. The company is related to a wide network of other brands under the Tui umbrella. Your money for Tui Campers will go to a large conglomerate company that is family-owned and operated and still retained by the original owners. Tui is rooted in New Zealand with main depots in Auckland and Christchurch, and has several pick up and/or drop off in places like Queenstown, Picton, Wellington, Greymouth, Dunedin. Unlike other Tui entities, the Tui Campers specializes in late models, mostly luxury units, at cheaper rates. So you could consider Tui Campers as the flagship brand with the better, more expensive and larger campervans and motorhomes.

For a secure and convenient road trip along the scenic NZ roads, be sure to check ahead all the freedom camping rules and regulations per NZ district. 


The fleet consists of five different styles of campervans and motorhomes, with the average age of about three to five years. Though the units are older, but not that much older, all these vehicles have gone through and been updated so that many of them are no older than four years of age. Plus, the company will let you know the exact year of your model upfront so that if you’re not happy about getting an older vehicle, they can help arrange for a newer model. The fleet is well maintained and cared for, so you will most likely get a “like new” campervan or motorhome, and a little more than you paid for in terms of fleet reliability and enjoyability. Many of the deluxe fleet models have included accessories, such as DVD players and televisions. On all models, tourism radio is included for free, which is not found in their sister companies’ models. There are also plenty of accessories for hire that includes portable chairs and tables, snow chains, car, and booster seats, solar showers, awnings, portable cots for toddlers, coolers, power inverters, GPS, boogie boards, high chairs, and portable DVD players.


Deluxe Sleepervan

For simple yet memorable glamping, rent out this 2 berth Deluxe Sleepervan. This appears to be the ultimate choice for couples or individuals who do not need a bit of extra space but rather more on luxury features. It's very clear that the unit has limited internal height but a tour inside the vehicle will let you appreciate the practical layout fitted in the main cabin. This Toyota Voxy is not just compact but also very easy to drive with a CVT Automatic transmission. Parking in standard spaces is a piece of cake.

Trail Finder 2/3

The Trail Finder is a Hi-Top 2/3 berth campervan in 2008 & 2010 models. Because of its compact dimension and creative design, this unit is one of the most sought-after campervans on the fleet. Two to three people can travel in comfort as the main cabin is equipped with a comfy double bed and a good-sized single as well as an extra vertical space in the front lounge. Also, thanks to the hi-top for an extended internal height that creates a more airy and spacious ambiance. Each kitchen drawer saves you money and space as all are furnished with cutlery, crockery, towels, linens and more. Enjoy freedom camping with this certified self-contained unit in automatic transmission.

4+1 Trail Finder

This 4+1 Toyota Hiace ranges from 2008-2010 models, which is a great alternative for families looking for economical campervan hire. Best for 2 adults and two kids, the vehicle is equipped with two rear forward facing seats as well as lap/diagonal seat belts. If you're travelling with your kiddos, don't worry because the child seat restraints can be easily fitted. The adults can opt for the big double bed while the kids can sleep at the spacious loft bed. This campervan is a 4 speed automatic in diesel with power steering and power ABS brakes for a smooth driving.

Trail Seeker

The Trail Seeker are 2 berth deluxe campervans, ranging from 2008+ models. This unit is generously designed for 2 people, with a spacious double bed and luxury features like bathroom and kitchen with stove, fridge, microwave, utensils, cookware, and crockery. Linens and towels are also provided. As a manual transmission with power steering, this diesel vehicle is comfortable to drive without spending too much. 

Trail Adventurer 2+1

As the latest addition to the Tui fleet, this campervan is quite interesting. It is built on a powerful Ford Transit, featuring all-new safety features and mod cons. Because of its built, interior design, and amenities, it's like you're driving an expensive apartment on wheels. Sleeping up to 3 people, this modern unit offers has a permanent cab-over bed and a convertible rear dinette. So, if you're travelling with a child up to 10 yrs. old, this newest campervan is a catch.

Tui Bush Camper 2 & 4 berths

If you're on a honeymoon or just looking for an adventurous holiday, then the compact Tui Bush Camper 2 berth is the one for you and your partner. This particular motorhome is ideal for those travellers with a heart for adventure. Never miss some outdoor fun like trekking, camping off the beaten tracks, biking and a lot more with this roomier and reliable 2009 Toyota HiLux. The extra fuel capacity means longer trip for active-seeking couples. And whether you want to eat inside with nice ventilation or catch some fresh air while eating your fave cuisine, the choice is yours because you are provided with a rear awning as well as a pop-top roof for extra space and cooler ambiance.

Trail Explorer

Travelling with a big group could be tough but with the 6 berth Trail Explorer, comfort and luxury are all in one setting. Yes, this pretty luxurious motorhome is also built upon an older Ford Transit model and provides options, either a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The fully equipped kitchen and full shower and toilet provide utmost convenience to everyone on-board. Aside from the normal sleeping places at the back and at the cab-over, the dinette also converts into a snug double bed. 


The standard excess depends on the rented unit. These are as follows: 

NZ $4000 (NZ $5000 for drivers under 25) for Deluxe Sleepervan, Trailfinder's 2/3 and 4+1, and 4WD Bushcampers. 

NZ $6000 (NZ $7000 for drivers under 25) for Trail Seeker, Trail Explorer, and Trail Adventurer. 

These excess amounts can be reduced accordingly if you pay an additional rate per day. 

For Deluxe Sleepervan, Trailfinder's 2/3 and 4+1, and 4WD Bushcampers, you can pay NZ$25/day (NZ$30/ day for drivers under 25) to reduce the amount to NZ $1800 with max of 50 days and a credit card imprint. Or, you add NZ$45/day (NZ$50/ day for drivers under 25) to reduce the amount to NZ $0 with max of 50 days and a credit card imprint.

For Trail Seeker, Trail Explorer, and Trail Adventurer, you can pay NZ$35/day (NZ$40/ day for drivers under 25) to reduce the amount to NZ $2500 with max of 50 days and a credit card imprint. Or, you add NZ$60/day (NZ$65/ day for drivers under 25) to reduce the amount to NZ $0 with max of 50 days and a credit card imprint.

If you avail of the second, pricier reduction option, you will be covered for one windscreen replacement, multiple windscreen chip repairs as well as two tyre replacements. Not only that, this already includes GPS, camping tables and chairs, snow chains, and more. 


Tui started with an extremely solid reputation of providing excellent older vehicles that have been retired from their luxury rental fleet. However, their top-notch customer service has been tested over the years. Time and again, Tui is now struggling in getting high marks from its customers. Still, they try to be honest about what they will and will not repair in the event of an accident, especially with the insurance coverage. There are also certain instances of existing damages that were billed erroneously to the renter. In case you rent from them, it is very important to thoroughly review all of your service agreements and insurance papers. Few customers walk away quite pleased with their holiday while most are completely disappointed. 


Basically, if you rent with Tui, you will get an older vehicle that is beautifully maintained (hopefully) and comes with all the luxury in its field. This company does care about its customers but their reputation says otherwise. 

From the Agency

No word from this agency yet. Come back and see if they checked in soon.


  • Luxury vehicles at reasonable price
  • More than 3 decades of rental expertise
  • Multiple depots


  • Older models on offer
  • Several complaints about existing damages that were billed erroneously to the renter
  • Not-so-good reputation


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M. Greenwell - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review


  • Reviewed 3 years ago

GO ELSEWHERE. We were rented a vehicle with faulty safety glass that exploded all over me, throughout the camper and all over our luggage after the slightest, soft touch by two fingers. Tui Campers then had the audacity to charge us a $150 'admin fee' saying we caused the damage and were lying about what happened. If the damage was my fault I would have taken responsibility and paid the charge without a problem. No trust in the customer, not very kiwi

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
R. Smith - avatar not loaded
, Canada
1 Review

"Tui Freedom Camper Poorly Prepared"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Our camper was given to us with a full tank of gray water! It took us a few days to figure out why our paper towels we stored in the sink were always wet. Our front tires were pretty near bald. We drove back to Chch to have them put new ones on which they reluctantly did ( a whole day lost ). We were charged for propane ($36.00 NZ) even though we did not use propane. Our camper used butane cans, two of the four were empty. Replaced them for $6.00. Next trip to NZ rental car and a tent. The camp grounds are outstanding with showers and full working kitchens. Save yourself some $$$.

4Service 2Mechanical 1Interior 2Value
B. Arrowsmith - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"TUI Ford transit camper 4 weeks 1/2 2019"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Ford transit camper. OK.
Slapdash preparation
Wrong toilet cassette- urine in shower!
Entertainment system not installed, wrong controllers, dead batteries.
No manuals and help leaflet referred to other different van.
Other interior niggles.

2Service 4Mechanical 1Interior 2Value
V. PHILIPPART - avatar not loaded
, France
1 Review

"Pas de clés pour le réservoir d'essence ? Débrouillez vous !"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Nous avons loué un Bush campervan pour 4 personnes. L'agence a oublié de nous fournir la clé pour ouvrir le réservoir d'essence (différente de la clé de démarrage). Nous nous sommes rendus comptes du problème après avoir parcouru 400 km. Nous avons contacté l'agence qui nous ne nous a pas donné d'autre option que de contacter l'assistance routière "AA", nous sommes surpris mais nous contactons AA tout de même. AA ne pouvait rien faire pour nous. Ils ne gèrent pas ce genre de problème. Nous avons rappelé l'agence TUI qui ne nous a pas proposé d'autre solution, autrement dit, il nous ont laissés dans notre galère. Finalement nous avons dû acheter une pince dans un magasin pour démonter le tuyau du réservoir et faire le plein directement dedans jusqu'à la fin des vacances. A l'arrivée nous n'avons eu aucune compensation financière malgré notre réclamation. En insistant, l'employée nous a carrément ignorée en regardant son ordinateur. Dans un second temps, ils ont menacés de nous faire payer pour une couture décousue sur 5 centimètres (le véhicule datait de 2005). D'ailleurs l'état général du véhicule était assez mauvais et il est plutôt conçu pour 2 personnes que pour 4 (mais ça on s'en doutait en le réservant). Très mauvaise expérience, A FUIR !

1Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 2Value
M. Russell - avatar not loaded
, Australia
2 Review

"Take a gamble, you might win, but the house normally wins"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Quick review of our experience with freedom/tui/budget campers in Auckland, it's worth thinking about it before booking.
The short version is you might end up with a working van, or you might not. If you think putting the holiday budget on black and seeing how it goes then they are the van for you. If spending a week in a clunky hothouse with broken aircon on wheels, reliant on filling up an esky/chilly bin/cheap bucket every few hours with ice to keep your food cold as the fridge doesn't work isn't for you then probably look else where. They didn't think it was too much of an issue to be in a glass room with virtually no ventilation during a heat wave and very begrudgingly gave use 1.5 days refund rather than the two we asked for to take it to a comparable model and the costs due to ruined food, ice and eating out costs. Any issues are your problem if they can't fix them due to short working hours and not offering a 7-day service, yep being asked to stay around in Auckland for another 3 days to have it fixed wasn't an option..... so in summary, if you like to take a gamble hire from here, you might get lucky, but if you aren't a gambler go elsewhere.

2Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
C. Rod - avatar not loaded
, Switzerland
1 Review

"Maybe the worse agency in NZ"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

The van we had was old ok but so dirty, and for such an expensive price!
The seats are so disgusting that they are sticky and smelly. We had to covered them with blankets.
We can’t even close the windows as the lockers are broken. We don’t feel safe any time we have to leave the van.
We are traveling with a baby, and As the baby sit fits only in one place in the front, I am sitting next to it, on the motor under the seat, and this one becomes really really hot after 1 hour drive (and it’s not confortable at all. I am not fat but I can barely sit with my entire bottom).
The locket of the side door is also broken and makes a lot of noise.
The plug for the electricity works once every 2 times.
Some drawers are broken and we can’t close them anymore: they open at every curve.
We couldn’t close the upper window properly so when it rained everything was wet inside.
The headrest of the rear seat wasn’t there and a metallic hook was getting out.
We are used to travel with campervans and we are not posh people, but we never had such a bad experience so far.
Last but not least, I wrote a complain but got an answer only 2 days before the end of the rental. When we gave back the van, Molly, the manager, was so rude and agressive to us! It is just amazing to know that TUi agency are represented by such an unfriendly person. The visit card for the agency is just so bad. She told us the problems we had were only cosmetics And gave us as a compensation : half a day rental!(88.50NZ$ out of more than 4000NZ$ rental price.)
Furthermore, we realized that we paid 30$ per day more than what was written on the rental website. This was more expensive than a self contained and newer van.
We will definitely never recommend this company again and as much as we can,we’ll let other potential users know about our experience with TUI agency NZ.
We took pictures of everything just to let people know what COSMETICS mean for a TUI agency manager.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
C. Holland - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Horrible experience"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

I strongly advise not to rent a camper with this company. The campers are really old. The service team is only available during working hours. You have to wait hours before the pick up the phone if you have a question or a problem. The old cars are not in a good shape and many campers have small or bigger issues. They do not advise you properly about the insurrance policies. If you have any form of damage, they work together with the garage and increase prices. The bond and insurrance prices are really high. In short, don't make the same mistake as we did! They do not exist to give you an awesome camper experience, but instead work to get as much money as they can from you. Horrible!!!

1Service 1Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
N. Sinnott - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Exceeded our expectations"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Tui exceeded the expectations of myself and my 3 friends on our 2-week road trip through the South Island. Their staff were friendly and helpful whenever we spoke, the camper was spacious and comfortable for all 4 of us, and the engine did not falter once, even in the steep, wintry mountain passes we took it through. We were quite worried after reading all the reviews on the internet (after booking, whoops), but everything went perfectly. Will definitely use Tui again.

5Service 4Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
C. U. - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Smooth travel? NOT with TUI Campervans"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

Frankly, if you want to have a smooth trip in New Zealand I definitely do NOT recommend Tui Campers... We had a variety of problems of all kind:
- The motor-home we booked was not ready when we arrived: they had lost the key of the outside lockers, and the had not even realised about it... Some of those lockers give access to the inside of the vehicle... Firstly, they tried to convince us to leave it as it is, then they agreed to order new lockers and change all of them. Unfortunately that meant that we had to stick around Auckland util the lockers arrive as they did not have a replacement for the vehicle that we could take instead, and they had to lock all of them until it was fixed, so we could not use any of the space available for storage (big problem for us as we were 5 adults inside the vehicle for more than 3 weeks... We waited for 3 days, 4 days... the lockers did not come ever and we had to head south, not giving us any solution we had to stick without storage for the whole rental...
- The warm water was not working and we had to go to the mechanic (garage) after few days... There we met more people that rented with TUI and ended up in the garage (3 different families) and told us a variety of anecdotes about their experience with TUI... Among them an electrical problem that a family had with the engine ignition... It ruined their holidays and on top of that when the mechanic was changing the terminal of the battery, they realised that the new terminal were reused and in bad state and they had to request their change again... On our case, we lost a day on ly in the mechanic, plus all the inconveniences of being almost a week without warm water.
- Using the bed clothes they provided we got NITS and when we notified them they tried to scramble from the blame! Outrageous! That was a massive inconvenience for the 3 ladies with long hair travelling with us...
- After we came back from the trip and telling us that everything was fine in the vehicle, we start to see unauthorized charges from the TUI campervans in our credit card... not only that, when we ask them about it hoping that it was a confusion they try to argue that there were damages in the car that we did and that we need to pay for... unbelievable really...

BTW, they have not compensated us for oir inconveniences when agreed before leaving to be compensated!

1Service 2Mechanical 3Interior 1Value