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Budget Campers is an extremely low-budget that offers 2-4 berth sleepervans and motorhomes. They are a child company of Tui Brands. Tui Brands holds several other rental companies — including Backpacker Sleepervans, Freedom Campers, and Tui Campers.


Budget Campers has been in business for over 20 years as a child company of Tui Brands. They are family owned, so if you’re concerned about where your money is going, know that you’re spending it on a huge company, but one that has been built from the ground up and still retained by the original owners.


The company’s reputation is decent, but not without some flaws. When looking at the general consensus of the company, it seems that the major problem is that some renters come in with extremely high expectations — such as getting much more out of a vehicle than they are paying. Of course, this will always lead to disappointment. Ultimately, if the renters go in knowing they will be getting low-budget accommodations, they wind up quite satisfied with their rental.

In other words, the company’s reputation rests on providing functional vehicles to get you the basics during your trip. Nothing fancy or overdone. They provide clean campervans and motorhomes that are cheap for their size, with daily rentals starting as low as NZ $25 per day at the time of writing for extended holidays during the off-season and as high as NZ $105 for peak season short holidays (which is quite affordable compared to most rental companies).


The fleet is enormous because of the size of Budget’s parent company and branches from where they acquire vehicles. This is great for those who may need a replacement should a serious issue arise. The fleet is separated into three categories:

  • The Budget Finder: 2 and 3 berth campervans, models are from 1993-1996.
  • The Budget Seeker: 2 berth campervans, 1999 models.
  • The Budget Escape: 4 berth motorhome, 1998 models.

As you can see, these are not brand new vehicles by any stretch of the imagination, but they are kept clean and well-maintained. Many people, upon seeing the fleet, are uncertain at first whether or not it will break down. However, the fleet is so well serviced, few people report any problems during their trip. The biggest worry is making sure the accessories don’t break down, such as the fridge — but if it does, the service behind it is friendly and gets it fixed or replaced quickly if you’re willing to bring it back to the depot. Most of the time, however, everything in your vehicle has been checked and re-checked before sending it out to you, so you can rest assured that the majority of foreseeable problems have been handled prior to your pick up.


All of the extra accessories are for hire, but their basics do include a fridge and fly screens. Remember, these are basic rental vehicles, so you may want to spend a little extra on the “for hire” items if you want to be more comfortable during your holiday. Accessories that are available for flat fees and daily rental fees are tables, chairs, BBQ, DVD players, high chairs, portable baby pens (cots), solar showers, snow chains, boogie boards, awnings, coolers, power inverters, child and booster seats, GPS, and tourism radios. It seems that some of the accessories available are more diverse than even their sister competitors.


In terms of vehicles, you will get what you pay for, but if you keep your expectations realistic, you won’t have much in the way of discomfort. In terms of service, you will get more than you pay for, as the company is upfront with communication and willing to help you with friendly customer service.

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