Why Partner With HitTheRoad Rentals?

  • Management of online reputation is a paramount marketing factor in the internet age. Independent review sites such as HitTheRoad Rentals have significantly more influence over customer purchasing decisions than testimonials on your own site - no matter how many you have.
  • HitTheRoad has an ever increasing influence in the campervan and RV review market. Just type in to Google your rental agency name alongside the word "review" and you will see us there in the top 3 results.
  • Whilst there are other sites that like to review EVERYTHING, HitTheRoad only reviews campervan/RV Agencies. Pretty much anyone looking for information about your rental agency is going to find our listing. Wouldn't you like to have some influence on what they see?
  • Sign up and management of your listing is FREE.
  • HitTheRoad Rentals aims to be the most useful resource in the world for RV, Motorhome and Campervan adventures. We provide a platform for agencies to be promoted as well as a chance for users to have a voice. Ultimately we aim to avail anyone in the world who wants to hire a campervan with an Agency who can provide the right one for them.

Benefits of Managing Your Listing

Claim your Agency's listing on HitTheRoad Rentals an take control of your image and reputation online.

What's included...

  • It's FREE!
  • Get notified by email when someone leaves a review or comment about your Agency on our site
  • Right of reply to any review or comment about your Agency
  • Write a description about who you are and what you offer 
  • Manage and update  images of your products
  • Manage and update the facilities available in your vehicles
  • Influence the Editor's review
  • Update location addresses if they change
  • Peace of mind knowing that you are aware of what is being said about you on the world's premier RV/Motorhome/Campervan review site 
  • Send happy renters to your listing to leave you a 5 star review, increasing your score and reputation

NOTE: All applications for Agency listing management are vetted, checked and verified before control is given. Upon claiming your listing you will be held in "pending" state until we are certain only the right people are applying to manage the listing