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Freedom Campers is a rental company offering 2-4 berth campervans and motorhomes on a budget. They are a child company of Tui Brands. Tui Brands also has holdings with Backpacker Sleepervans, Budget Campers, and Tui Campers.


With depots in Auckland and Christchurch, Freedom has been in business since 1983 under Tui Brands. If you are concerned about where your money goes when you choose Freedom Campers, your money will be going to a 2nd tier company of Tui, which is a family owned business still retained by the original owners. Yes, your money will be going to a huge company, but they are still New Zealand based and put their money right back into their community.


The company has a less than stellar reputation regarding its vehicles. While they promise a reliable ride, many people state they fail to deliver this more than other companies of their level. More often than others in their price range, their equipment is among some of the lowest rated by renters.

However, their service is friendly and perfectly acceptable for the amount you’re paying for your trip. Essentially, Freedom Campers is meant to be a bare-bones camping experience, but they will take care of you if anything goes wrong. They offer AA 24-hour roadside emergency service with their rentals. Essentially, the equipment you will get is hit-or-miss, so make sure that they run down every piece of equipment with you before departure (they are actually very good about doing this for the most part).

For the most part, people are typically pleased with the service more so than the rental itself, and those who rent 2000 year models or later seem to have few difficulties with service nor with equipment. Anything earlier than that seems to run into its fair share of issues, which will be indicated below.


The fleet is a diverse and extensive amount of older vehicles that seem to be second string to the second string. They offer a great deal of room for the price, but seem to have problems with the equipment more often than sister company, Budget Campers.

The fleet consists of six different models:

  • Path Finder: 2/3 berth campervan, 1999 models (reportedly encounters equipment problems related to age).
  • Path Finder Hi-Top: 3+2 campervan, 2003 models (very rarely encounter mechanical and equipment problems with this one).
  • Path Seeker: 2 berth deluxe, 2000 and 2001 models (very rarely encounter mechanical and equipment problems with this one).
  • Path Escape: 4 berth, 2000 and 2001 models (very rarely encounter mechanical and equipment problems with this one).
  • Path Explorer: 5 berth, 2000 and 2001 models (very rarely encounter mechanical and equipment problems with this one).
  • 4WD Bushcamper: 2/3 berth, 1996 models (encounters problems due to rough treatment from previous renters and age-related issues).

The older models tend to encounter more problems than normally found with their sister companies, who run even older models.


Extras include Wi-Fi for hire at NZ $130 to NZ $150 for up to 2GB upload/download data. Other accessories are for hire as well, at daily rates and flat fees (such as snow chains, tables, chairs, and others).

As far as included extras, cutlery, dishware, and refrigerators are included, as well as blankets, pillowcases, microwaves, and fly screens.


This company should likely be avoided unless your budget is super tight. Just go in with very low expectations and the desire to travel super cheaply, expecting that the equipment is not up to par. It is not recommended if your holiday is an extended one. You will get good service from the company, however, and for some, the service is more important than the equipment. For the most part, go for the upgraded models to avoid potential problems with your trip. They seem to be better choices overall.

From the Agency

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  • Reliable
  • 2-5 berth and 4wd available


  • Confusing who you actually rent from
  • Terms and conditions are a must read


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, Australia
2 Review

"Take a gamble, you might win, but the house normally wins"

  • Reviewed 6 months ago

Quick review of our experience with freedom/tui/budget campers in Auckland, it's worth thinking about it before booking.
The short version is you might end up with a working van, or you might not. If you think putting the holiday budget on black and seeing how it goes then they are the van for you. If spending a week in a clunky hothouse with broken aircon on wheels, reliant on filling up an esky/chilly bin/cheap bucket every few hours with ice to keep your food cold as the fridge doesn't work isn't for you then probably look else where. They didn't think it was too much of an issue to be in a glass room with virtually no ventilation during a heat wave and very begrudgingly gave use 1.5 days refund rather than the two we asked for to take it to a comparable model and the costs due to ruined food, ice and eating out costs. Any issues are your problem if they can't fix them due to short working hours and not offering a 7-day service, yep being asked to stay around in Auckland for another 3 days to have it fixed wasn't an option..... so in summary, if you like to take a gamble hire from here, you might get lucky, but if you aren't a gambler go elsewhere.

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