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CamperCo is a discreet yet recognised campervan and motorhome rental company in New Zealand. They cater for 2 to 6 people and are positioned in the budget to mid-range market. Their focus on just supplying for the south island has proved to be and advantage as they are one of only a few companies that have depots in 4 cities of that island.

What CamperCo Tell Us

As a locally-owned campervan company in New Zealand, CamperCo features well-designed campervans for a comfortable trip, at your own pace and in your own way.  The company takes pride, not only with their quality campervans and service, but also their affordable rates that are difficult to beat. One thing that keeps them apart from other campervan rentals is their limited advertising because that's where their company is all about. Minimal marketing, but quality rates and services.

All their vehicles are designed specifically for a comfortable holiday trip in the country, especially in South Island with depots in Picton, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown. Along with the standard campervan features, CamperCo also provides local airport and ferry transfers to their customers.


CamperCo has four types of vehicles being used for their campervans. They are Toyota Estima, Toyota Hiace Hitop, Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit. All these vehicles are 2 to 3-berth campervans, except the Toyota Estima that could only sleep up to 2 persons.

Some of their campervans may be a bit older and have higher mileage, but these are all well-maintained. Standard features such as bedding, linen, pillows, cooking equipment, kitchen utensils, iPod stereo, tarpaulins, maps and guide booklets, are included in all vehicles. You can also enjoy a relaxing retreat outside your campervan as CamperCo also offers free usage of their picnic blankets, table and chairs. Tent can be added, but subject to availability.


The campervans of CamperCo can accommodate 2 to 3 persons only. If you're travelling as a couple on a budget, then the best choice for a road trip is the Toyota Estima. The vehicle is equipped with the basic necessities, but has additional features like the 2 burner gas cooker, solar light, water container and even comes with a 12v power inverter to turn the cigarette lighter socket in to a 240v outlet. However, there is a drawback in that as there is only the single engine battery to run these things off so don’t charge too many things off the battery or you won’t be able to start the camper in the morning!

For a group of 2 to 3 persons, you can choose Toyota Hiace Hitop, Fiat Ducato or Ford Transit, which are all ‘certified self contained’, giving you access to many more free campsites than the rest of the vehicles on offer. All these vehicles also have additional features such as electric 240V input, fridge, large water reservoir, sink with tap and drainage, under-bed and overhead storage.

The Hightop can sleep 2 or 3 but if you are sleeping 3, you need to let the company know in advance. Further, the Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit are the campervans ideal for 3 persons. The vehicles' unique inclusions are the queen sized bed plus single bunk bed, gas hob, shower / toilet, roof mounted solar and seated indoor eating area. These campervans feature full sized mirror and spacious indoor space. Thus, these vehicles could be a great option for travellers wanting a panoramic view.



The daily rate already includes the insurance coverage, but you may have to pay the insurance excess depending your age: $3000 excess for drivers under 21 or those with full license for less than 12 months, $2500 excess for 21 to 25 and $2000 excess for over 25.

Drivers have the choice to reduce the insurance excess by paying an additional amount on your daily rate. The extra amount added will also vary on your age. For drivers over 25, additional rate at $25 per day and capped at $400 maximum. Drivers aged 21 to 25 need to pay $30 per day, capped at $450 maximum. Paying the additional amount per day means that if there will be an insurance claim, drivers will no longer be liable to pay the insurance excess. However, the insurance coverage is strict and specific with certain conditions and if any of their conditions are not met, they will not shoulder the insurance coverage and repair costs of all parties liable and damaged. And to complete any claim, CamperCo will hold the liability against the card of the primary hirer.


CamperCo is well-recognized as a campervan rental with no outrageous ads, branding and extra fees. Since the company is owned by local travelers themselves, it is inevitable that they offer cheap yet quality services.


For an effortless and memorable holiday in New Zealand, CamperCo can be one of the top picks.

All-in-one package with no added extras

Interesting additional features

One of their vehicles is a certified self contained

Limited specializations and focuses more on rentals in  South Island, Picton, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown only.

Slightly old versions being used

From the Agency

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  • 4 depots in South Island
  • All-in-one package with no added extras
  • Interesting additional features
  • Most of their vehicles is a certified self contained


  • No North Island depot option
  • Slightly old versions being used


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