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With nearly 25 years in the campervan hire business, Pacific Horizon is a company that has earned the trust of countless travelers. They’d like to do the same for you. In this review you’ll discover why Pacific Horizon is a great choice when it comes to campervans for hire in New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the world’s top destinations for outdoor adventures. And no wonder! With majestic Mount Cook and Milford Sound, the unspoiled beaches of Abel Tasman National Park, and an array of indigenous wildlife all awaiting you it’s easy to see the country’s appeal for adventurous travelers.

This popularity means finding a campervan in New Zealand is easy. There are many companies with campervans for hire. What does Pacific Horizon do to stand out from the crowd?

Let’s start with a few of the things they DON’T do: no credit card fees, no charges for extra drivers, no hidden fees, and no charge for road diesel tax. And Pacific Horizon is the only campervan rental company in New Zealand that doesn’t deduct any money from your credit card for excess/bond.

That’s only the beginning. Since Pacific Horizon has been providing campervans for hire in New Zealand for two and a half decades they understand the important role they play in providing you and your family with an incredible travel experience. They take their role seriously. That’s why at Pacific Horizon you’ll get free transportation to and from airports, free linen and towels, free luggage storage, a free bottle of LPG gas, and free 24-hour on-road care.

When it comes to customer service Pacific Horizon is one of the best campervan for hire companies in New Zealand. But what about the actual campervans Pacific Horizon has for hire? What are they like?

Motorhome rental New ZealandPacific Horizon operates a fleet of high-quality vehicles with enough variety to meet just about any travel needs. Hitting the road with that special someone? Travel in comfort and style in the custom-built 2+1 BB (Big Bed) Berth Campervan. Planning to take the whole family on the adventure of a lifetime? Pacific Horizon’s spacious 6 Berth Campervan is perfect. This beautiful vehicle provides enough room to ensure that the whole family has adequate space to enjoy their trip without getting on each other’s nerves.

What are the drawbacks when you choose to hire a campervan from Pacific Horizon? There aren’t many, but when you shop around you’ll notice that Pacific Horizon is not among the cheapest campervan for hire companies in New Zealand.

Are their prices outrageous? Not at all. And when you consider that Pacific Horizon doesn’t hide any additional costs their rates aren’t terribly high. Plus, with Pacific Horizon you’ll get an excellent vehicle and incredible customer service. Is that peace of mind and awesome experience worth a few extra dollars to you?

There are lots of campervans for hire in New Zealand. Pacific Horizon does a lot of things right to stand out from the crowd. Consider booking a campervan with them today. You won’t be disappointed.

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