This One Tip Could Save Your Campervan Road Trip Holiday From Disaster

Booking your campervan hire sydney early is a must

Who considers booking the campervan as a priority when planning a road-trip holiday - basically nobody, right? But this one tip could save you hundreds in campervan hire costs and totally save your holiday plans

Planning on having a road-trip adventure of a lifetime? 

Finally going to cross that amazing holiday to New Zealand or Australia off your bucket list?

Well this might come as a shocking piece of news but ....

book your campervan first - before flights, before hotels, before special tours.


Does that seem backward? Does that seem over-dramatic? 

No way.

If you're planning on having the road trip of a lifetime and doing it in a kitchen-and-bed-included-everywhere-we-go kinda way, 

then you gotta lock in the campervan you want first and all else comes after. 


Because the campervan or motorhome you want from the company you want for the price you want is actually VERY HARD TO GET.

A Specific Campervan is What You are Hiring

Britz campervan hire selection of vehicles

So now you want to know why I'm being so dramatic about this.

It's not just because we do campervan bookings and think it's the best way to see a country and meet the people, 

it's not just that we want visitors to our country to have a great time and tell their friends about it, 

it's because Campervans DO book out! Early! 

And then you're left having to rent from a company you don't want to, 

for a price you never expected to pay when you investigated the cost 3 months ago 

and getting a model that doesn't quite fit your style and needs.

You are not just booking any old rental car here, you are booking a specific vehicle. Literally the license plate is reserved for you. 

There are only a handful of that size camper in the fleet and in your city on the day you need to collect it - 

the rest are out on the road 

or just not the right style. 

This is not car rental where you just get an upgrade if the one you booked isn't available at pick up. 

If you booked a 2 berth hi-top campervan then getting 'upgraded' to a 6 berth motorhome is not what you want. 

Being "downgraded" to a low-top-roof is not what you want either. 

Being side-graded to a 4x4 is not what you want because you never wanted to sleep in a roof-tent in the first place - or you would have ordered the campervan with the roof tent already.

So you see upgrades, downgrades and side-grades are no good to a customer who has decided on a motorhome for very specific reasons.

So, when you book a motorhome the operators have to know they have a SPECIFIC vehicle available to give you and that it WILL be in the depot on the day and be available for WHOLE DURATION of road-trip. 

Someone else wanting to book your motorhome starting just 1 day before you arrive back, means their whole 3 week rental can't happen as there isn't a vehicle that fits their need available until after you get back.

Wait a minute! Do you mean that if the next renter could move their travel dates by just 1 day, they'd be able to get the motorhome they want for the whole 3 weeks? 


Well why didn't you say so? 

Well, they've already booked their homeward flight before they booked their motorhome. 

Of course the price of the flight the next day is exactly the same so they could have chosen a different date when they where booking that flight and not noticed a bit of difference in price, 

but because they can't pick up the campervan one day later or one day earlier from what they originally planned they are going to have to stick to those date and now they can't get the motorhome they want from the company they want for the dates they want - 

all because they've booked their flights already.

So, when it comes to booking your campervan there IS urgency. 

There IS limited stock

There IS a time limit before the campervan you want sells out.

1700 Campervans and You Still Can't Get One?

Apollo 4x4 campervan with roof tent might not be your style

Even the largest campervan hire companies book out. 

Sure they have 1700 vehicles, but that is across 8 models, 

and they are currently spread across 9 cities 

and of the 8 models there is only 1 model you want. 

But guess what? With their massive marketing machines behind them, you and everyone else has heard of this company and they are all looking at getting their campervan from them. 

Boom! Booked out!

So when it comes to booking your motorhome, it pays to check dates either side of the original ones you planned to go for - a number of other options may open up for you.

And when it comes to booking flights, do it after you have locked in your campervan hire dates, there are hundreds of plane seats every day.

Booking cars to travel with before or after? There are hundreds of cars available every day, an no one really minds an upgrade from compact to full size or even luxury.

But you can't upgrade a campervan, because an upgrade might be a downgrade so book your campervan FIRST.

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