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Last Updated: 7/30/19

The latest addition to Classic Campers' fleet is another 2 berth unit. But this isn't your typical vintage camper―it's brighter, bigger, and better.

1979 Westfalia Berlin 

With its spacious interior, this recent add-on to the fleet is quite a catch. This manual campervan provides sleeping areas for up to 4 persons. Inside the unit is a nice kitchen with sink, portable tabletop, gas cookers, compressor fridge, and storage areas. Also, there's a chemical toilet option for added comfort. And of course, its extra-bright facade is such a scene-stealer.

Continue reading to know more about Classic Campers and its fleet. 

From the company name itself, Classic Campers specializes in vintage campervan hires, including VW Kombi, Vanagon to T4 Transporter and some custom units.

About Classic Campers

This small husband and wife company in Stillwater,  Auckland provide campervan rentals for those looking for a vintage kind of road trip. They have an extensive selection of classic vehicles in the Volkswagon range. In Addition to the Auckland main branch, they have staff in Christchurch, Wellington, and Queenstown. And to make your trip to whatever NZ city more convenient, be sure to check this NZ free camping tool ahead of time to get an idea of specific freedom camping rules and regulations. 


The Classic Campers rental fleet is a combination of mostly old campers with some modern options. These units are mostly 4 berths with manual transmission so you need to take into the shifting of gears all throughout the trip. There are also automatic units but are only limited. Do not expect for a fast, fancy car with extravagant features because these campervans could take a little time and a dose of patience. 


Westfalia Split Window

Featuring a 1.8l 4 speed manual gearshift and split window, the 1966 Westfalia is a 4 berth with 5 seat belts. To accommodate everyone on-board, sleeping places provided are the full width double bed and two singles. The kitchen is equipped with 2 burner gas stove, sink unit and 75l compressor fridge/ freezer. The removable table can be used for alfresco dining. And with the gas heating, say goodbye to cold nights. 

Kombi – Westfalia

The Kombi Westfalia comes in two hues— the green (1969) and the red (1972). Both campervans are 5 berths with lower double bed and small upper bed. The pop-top roof not only gives extra sleeping place but also give ventilation and light. There are 3 seats upfront; hence, this unit is a non-walk-through. Get out in the car to access the living room/ bedroom. Store your clothes and other stuff inside the wardrobe. 

Auto Kombi – Sopru Custom

This bright Kombi is little miss sunshine with its 2.0l auto gearshift and vibrant features. Appointed with two double beds, the camper provides a 2 burner gas stove and grill that swings out for easier cooking and 60l 3-way fridge/freezer for your drinks and food. If you want to stick with shifting gears, there's another Kombi camper,  a 1973 model with a 1.8l 4-speed manual gearshift.

Kombi – Custom Devon

This Kombi Custom Devon comes in two colors: 1973 and 1975 in orange and 1975 in blue. The cool blue is a 2.0l 4-speed manual gearshift with certified self-containment blue sticker while the beaming orange is a 1.8l 4-speed manual gearshift with hot and cold pressure, external shower extension, and grey water tank. All are 4 berths campers, with a lower bed from the convertible bench and the upper bed in the pop-top roof. 

Westfalia Tintop

This could be your dream mint green machine featuring a 1.8l 4-speed manual gearshift. A 2 berth camper with 5 seat belts, the unit is a breath of fresh air. It is equipped with 1 double bed, kitchen with 2 burner gas stove, sink, fridge/ freezer and more. 

Kombination Kombi

These 1972 Kombi/Microbus models are 2.2 litre air-cooled with front and rear sway bars for improved handling. Uniquely, these campervans can be configured in multiple ways: the base vans seats 3 but can add up to 9 seats for extra seating. The top vintage rack fits well with your luggage. Aside from the camping kit, cooker, and compressor fridge, you can avail of the optional tent. Because of its versatility, these campers have been used commercially, including Mitch James Music Tour Van, Ben and Jerrys Promo Van, Spark Mobile Wireless Hotspot Van, Auckland Council Show your love by voting Van, Haumoana Youth Group Van, and Paddock Racing Van.

T25 Auto Vanagon – Devon Camping Conversion

Good family option, the T25 Vanagon – Devon Camping Conversion is an automatic unit featuring a medium double and full-width double bed. The kitchen comes with a sink and running water. The spacious removable table seats all 4 passengers, plus this unit is equipped with 2 burner stove and grill and 45l compressor fridge/ icebox. You have an option to add a concealed chemical toilet for added convenience. 

T25 Vanagon – Sheldon Hi Top

For couples or starting families up to 4 looking for a large body and extended headroom, the T25 Vanagon – Hi Top is a great option. The spacious interior tailors swivel front seat, two double beds, an equipped kitchen and chemical toilet. If you're only travelling in two, the upper bed can be converted into an extra storage room. 

T25 Vanagon – Westfalia Pop Top

Another vivid camper is this spacious and powerful T25 Vanagon – Westfalia Pop Top. With the 2.3l 4-speed manual gearshift and Audi 5 cylinder, this unit is can give you smoother and reliable ride complete with sleeping areas for 4 people, nice kitchen, and entertainment features. Also, this one certified a self-contained vehicle. 

VW T4 Transporter

For a luxury Euro style campervan hire, this type of camper offers two options:  the T4 Transporter (4/ 5 berth) and the T4 Reimo Transporter (4 berth). Both units highlight their 2.5l 5-speed manual gearshift and powerful turbo diesel that could give you a fancier ride without breaking the bank. Also, these spacious campers provide two double beds, ample storage and upgraded amenities like microwave, 50l fridge/ freezer and CD player with radio.

VW T4 Winnebago Auto

This VW T4 Winnebago is the option for those looking for a vintage car with a touch of modern vibes. Tailored with a 2.5l petrol, 1996, auto gearshift, this modern VW sleeps 4 to 5 people with its double beds. Aside from the interior bathroom with shower, toilet and central heating, the unit provides hot and cold pressure water mixer, including an external shower extension. For outdoor fun, you'll have the large built-in awning.

VW T5 Glampervan – Auto

Want to try glamping? These 2.5 Tdi auto campers allow you to travel in style and comfort. With two options, you can choose the right model based on your preferences. Both are technically 2 berths that differ on the pop-top sleeping capacity, either 2- 3 or 3- 4 people. The vehicles are furnished with solar-powered 12v led lights, portable tabletop gas cookers, portable chest fridge, portable water tank, and optional annex.

Mazda Bongo Pop Top

For Mazda enthusiasts, you get two options: the Mazda Bongo Pop Top- Manual and the Mazda Bongo 4WD Pop Top – Auto. Both Mazda models feature turbo-diesel power & economy and sleep 2 to 4 people with its double bed up and folded seat double below.

Toyota Townace

A 2 berth unit in 2.0l 5 speed manual gearshift, this 1996 Toyota Townace is a classic camper with standard features such as a full-width double bed, portable gas stover, cooler, and running water/ sink. But to make your trip more comfortable, you get to use the outdoor table, camping chairs and rear canopy option. 


All Classic campers have a comprehensive insurance cover. The renter is responsible for the standard excess of NZ$5000, which also includes damage to windscreen, tyre, overhead, underbody as well as towing and recovery costs. This is a great thing as so many companies don't cover these things and leave that only in the fine print. What does this mean really? Well if you crash the vehicle you are up for the cost of the first NZ$5000 but at least the windscreen, tyres towing etc are included in those costs - others will add the cost of towing, tyres, windscreen ON TOP of the $5000 damage to the vehicle. So, overall, the Classic-Campers policy is fairer to the renter.

To reduce the standard excess, you can avail one of the two insurance options: Safe at $25.00/ day for a maximum excess of $1400 and $2250 for drivers <25) or the Super Safe at $40.00/ day for an excess of $250 and $1200 if <25. Both reduction options are limited to a maximum of 50 days but already includes free windscreen cover. The security bond can be paid through credit card.


Classic Campers runs a range of older vehicles, particularly vintage cars, which may be finicky for those used to all the conveniences of modern vehicles. Good thing, the reputation of the company is quite reliable, and you can get a hold of a unique campervan experience with their extensive array of vintage vehicles. Accordingly, before renting a classic car like that of Kombis and Vanagon, you need to be very familiar with, if not in love with this kind of campers. Just go in eyes open and don't forget to read the fine print carefully. Remember, these cars need a little bit of patience and a dose of respect. So, take it slow and experience a real, classic NZ adventure. 


Classic Campers targets a specific market and only those looking for a laid-back road trip with an unassuming vintage unit will appreciate their selection of classic yet mechanically reliable campers. Kudos to them for sheer amount of choice they offer in the classic car niche.

From the Agency

We specialise in Classic Retro VW Kombi camper van hire and modern camper rental (also known as VW T2 Microbus, Bulli, Vanagon VW T25, VW T4 , VW T5 Transporter or Combi hire). We would love to help you have an awesome adventure in NZ! We are based in Auckland, but also operate out of Christhchurch, Queenstown and Wellington. Our classic vans all have upgraded motors and keep up with most traffic and hills well, The vans are well serviced, and overall very reliable (despite above ill informed editor comment) with less than 1 in 300 days hired presenting a breakdown, eg starter motor fail or cable break, we also include most likely needed spares to enable as quick as possible resolution, and vans are all covered by 24*7 AA road service assistance if needed. Check out full range and details on


  • Laid-back road trip
  • Competitive rates with inclusion of cooking and sleeping kits
  • Large selection of vintage units
  • Decent extras included in the insurance excess


  • Older vehicles, not for picky travellers
  • Could be tricky to maneuver
  • A little smaller that modern campervan design


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S. Trafalgar - avatar not loaded
, Sweden
1 Review

"Classic camper review"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

We rented a VW Winnebago fit-out an window from Bevan at Classic Campers on Dec 18. The camper was clean and we never had any problems with the engine or other technical things. It was comfortable to sleep in and we got to borrow linnens as well. Also, Bevan went really far in helping us to getting a refund on a clamping fee which we wrongfully received while traveling. Thank you Bevan and would highly recommend Classic Campers!

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
S. Hebert - avatar not loaded
, United States
1 Review

"A truly remarkable experience!"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

What can we say about Classic Campers in Auckland? Well to start, Bevan is superb! Very responsive to emails and helping plan our 2 week excursion in NZ, as well as helping our friends plan a 4 day trip to join us on the Northern Island in a van of their own. We began our dialogue with Bevan in July of 2018, for a rental that took place in Feb-March of this year. We asked many questions and always received down to earth answers.
After several email exchanges and questions, Bevan suggested that we rent van # 5, Cool Blue. She just had a newly overhauled engine and would be a great van for our two week excursion for the North and South Islands. Bevan suggested that we take the ferry and leave the van down south in Christchurch when we were finished with her. It saved us a ton of time and cash actually, another reason to go with a knowledgeable and honest small company.
We stayed in many different type campgrounds during the two weeks and had zero problems with Cool Blue. She ran like a top and never skipped a beat. Camping was so easy and everything worked as advertised. Everywhere we went, people flocked to her to ask questions or simply just take pictures!
For those that want to rent a truly classic camper, one that is 40+ years old with all the mileage and age to show for it, this company is for you. We highly recommend contacting Bevan and Classic Campers. We loved the rental so much that we finally pulled the plug and purchased our own 1978 Westfalia!
Thanks again Bevan for an incredible and very unique experience!

Steve and Mellie

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
I. Scott - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Great road to to Northlands and Bay of Islands"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We hired a split window Kombi from Bevan at Classic Campers Nov 18. Van was immaculate and never missed a beat. Comfortable to sleep in. Took some getting used to driving it but great fun to drive and turned plenty of heads on our trip. Thank you Bevan and would highyl recommend Classic Campers to any Kombi enthusiast

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value