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Tulip Campers is family-owned since 1998 and offers budget-friendly campervans. They have depots in Tauranga near Auckland and at Christchurch Airport. Their vehicles range from Luxury Campers, Mid-range Campers, and Economy Campers that cater for 2 to for berths.

About Tulip Campers

Tulip Campers offer free bed and breakfast or free first rental day for rentals greater than sixteen days. They offer free pickup from Auckland Airport however their depot is a bit of a drive from there. Complimentary travel guide and touring maps may also be provided by the company that can help you make good use of their unlimited mileage.


The fleet of Tulip Campers is classified into Luxury Campers, Mid-range Campers, and Economy or Budget Campers. They have one vehicle for Luxury Campers, one for Mid-range Campers, and three for Budget Campers. The vehicles can sleep two to four persons depending on the model you choose. All vehicles have cooking utensils, pillows, blankets, and other basic things you will be needing when camping. Electricity is also present at 12V/240V in each vehicle. Freshwater, wastewater, toilet, sink, fridge, gas stove, wardrobe, and heating can be found in all the vehicles. So no matter what vehicle you choose, you know that your basic needs and comforts are already met.


If you’re seeking luxury, Tulip Campers has a 2 Berth Elite Luxury Toyota ZX. It’s automatic and consumes 8.5L/100km. The internal height of this vehicle is 2.06m with a bed size of 1.73 X 2.10m and a bed capacity of two persons. It also includes a shower so freshening up won’t be a problem. Reheating your food will be made easier by the microwave that comes with the vehicle. A reversing camera can also be found so you don’t have to strain your neck when backing and comfort is likewise secured with its air conditioning system.

2 Berth Elite Mid-Range Ford Transit is also available for those with a lesser budget. Its transmission is 6-Speed Manual and consumes 9L/100km. The internal height is 1.90m with a bed size of 1.80 X 2.00m and a bed capacity of two persons. Likewise it has a shower and microwave. You’ll also be kept cool with its air condition.

If you’re a bit on a tight budget, Tulip Campers has three budget campers for you. The 2 Berth Elite Budget Ford Transit is a 5-Speed Manual and consumes 9.5L/100km. Its internal height, bed size, and bed capacity is similar to the mid-range camper. Other similar features to the mid-range is the shower, microwave, and air conditioning system. You’ll get similar features for a lower price.

2 Berth Grand Economy is a Toyota Custom with automatic transmission and consumes 10.5L/100km. Its internal height is 1.90m with a bed size of 1.60 x 2.20 m and a bed capacity of four persons. Shower and microwave can’t be found in this vehicle although the air condition is still present.

2 Berth Economy is perfect for those who wish to only breathe in fresh natural air. This vehicle is a Toyota HiAce 5-Speed Manual that consumes 10L/100km. Its internal height is 1.96m with a bed size of 1.60 X 2.00m and a bed capacity of three persons. You’ll get to feel the great outdoors as this vehicle doesn’t have a shower, microwave, and air conditioning system.


Tulip Campers has two insurance options. They have one that is compulsory. You have to pay NZ$16.00 per day but it reduces your excess to NZ$1200 if you’re 25 years old and NZ$2500 if you’re 21 to 24 years old. A rental of over 50 days will increase the price to NZ$8000. Credit card imprint is enough as proof.

The first option is NZ$26.00 per day and reduces the excess to NZ$750 for drivers over 25 years old and NZ$1500 for drivers 21 to 24 years old. With this option windscreen and tyre damage are insured without excess. Credit card imprint is likewise accepted. If you’re planning to have a rental of more than 50 days, the price will be NZ$1300 per hire.

The second option is NZ$32.00 per day and reduces the excess to NZ$500 for drivers over 25 years old and NZ$1000 for drivers 21 to 24 years old. Windscreen and tyre damage are likewise insured without excess. Credit card imprint is also accepted and the rpice for a rental of more than 50 days is NZ$1600 per hire.

The bond will not be charged just as long as you return the vehicle in good condition as stated in their terms.


Tulip Campers received a number of reviews and the ratings mostly range from 8 to a perfect 10 out of 10. Most of the travelers gave nice comments regarding the services of the company. The customers really appreciated the welcome and bed and breakfast of Tulip Campers. Likewise, the attention and tips given by the company to their customers are really noted. Their campers also received good comments. Some travelers like the comfortable and adequate space of the campers. You can’t really find some negative comments about Tulip Campers. 


Overall this company offers a good range of vehicles that can cover most budgets. Their limited depot locations can be a challenge particularly seeing as their main branch is quite some way out of Auckland but their promise of airport pickup and delivery definitrly improves the attractiveness. 

From the Agency

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  • Offers wide range of vehicles that can cater to your budget.
  • They have a pickup service in Auckland Airport which is very convenient for travelers with or without many luggage.
  • Received many good reviews from customers regarding the services they offer.


  • Others think the campers are just a bit basic, a little old fashion with bad outdoor seats.
  • Campers can only be driven on sealed or well-maintained roads.


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