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The Pod Campervan Rentals is a small, family owned campervan hire company based on the South Island of New Zealand but providing national pick up and return and offers only one style of 2 berth budget campervan.

What The Pod Campervan Rentals Tells Us

If you're looking for a decent and affordable campervan hire for two, this small family-owned business based on the South Island can help you. The Pod Campervan Rentals is a budget campervan rental with depots in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. The company pride themselves as one of the best value campervan hires in NZ, and a lot of positive feedback could back them up. Being a small entity, they can focus on providing quality and friendlier service to their customers like allowing you to drive between the North and South Islands with free pick up and drop off at any of their locations.


The company has a quite unique branding with the campervan mainly being painted black and a huge company logo styled on the exteriors. Most of the vans are automatic, though you can request if you prefer those with manual transmissions. All Pod campervans uses petrol. Even if there's a fitted cassette toilet inside the main cabin, the campers do not come with the self-containment sticker for freedom camping. While these units are technically for couples or two people, you can sneak in an extra passenger because there are three front seats in the vans. And if you plan to travel with an additional traveller, you can rent out a sleeping tent but be sure to bring your own sleeping bag and mattress. 


The Pod campervan rentals company - The Pod Van

These black-painted Pod campervans are simple and easily sleeps up to two people only in the queen-sized bed. Since the aim of the company is to provide a quality rental on a budget, do not expect for any frills installed within the campervan units. All are standard yet very useful facilities that include a kitchen with sink, pump faucet, utensils, pots and pans. Though no fridge, there's a chilly bin or cooler box provided for your left-over. Ice can easily be bought at service stations and campgrounds. Because of the restricted layout, a cassette toilet with free chemicals can only be provided instead of a full bathroom. The fan heater is very convenient, however, it requires to be plugged-in a powered camp site. 


As a renter, you have to choose one of their three insurance options: All care no responsibility at $20 per day for an excess of NZ$0, Fence Sitter at $15 per day for an excess NZ$2000 and You break it you fix it at no extra daily charge for an excess of NZ$3000. Only the first option covers damage to tire, windscreen, window, underbody, overhead as well as single vehicle accidents. 


Without a question, Pod campervans are great little vans that can handle well on windy roads and even on unsealed tracks. Though the front sits are a bit uncomfortable on long journeys, these are in good condition with all standard accessories. And even if these aren't brand new models and these aren't as big and fast as some, the facilities on-board are very useful and convenient and the vans are sure and steady that save you a couple of dollars in gas and camping fees. So for travellers wouldn't mind travelling in a small yet compact van like Pods, enjoy a campervan hire from this family-based business that can assure you of a friendlier and more personalized service.


For a couple travelling on a budget, Pod Campervan Rentals is a great option. These petite but reliable vans drive really well but you've got to keep in mind that these are few of the cheaper campervans that have space and height restrictions. 

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  • Family run with friendlier service
  • Multiple depots
  • Positive reputation


  • One campervan style
  • Small company with limited stock
  • Cassette toilet only


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