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Campground Facilities in Australia

By Hugh McInnes Waves crashing on smooth sand, palm branches waving in the wind, crocodiles sunning themselves on rocks, kangaroos caring for joeys in their pouches, koala bears perching in trees, surfers and sunbathers making the most of the sunshine and warmth, shoppers schlepping their purchases through the fashion-savvy streets of
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4WD Camper Hire Australia

Often when thinking of travelling in Australia, tourists think of the vast open planes of the outback, sometimes they think of the lush tropical rainforests and rivers of Northern Queensland and other times it’s the rugged beauty and grandeur of The Kimberly in Western Australia. In most of these cases
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Things to do around Perth

Perth is the worlds most remote capital city – it’s nearest neighbor is Adelaide (the capital of South Australia) is 2500km away. With a population of around 1.8 million people there are plenty of things provided for in town, but also within a short drive in most directions you can
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Campervan hire in Perth

I just read an article by a website ranting on about how there are 8 campervan hire companies in Perth, all close to transport, train stations, blah,blah. Are you kidding? There are 28 campervan hire companies in Perth! What a joke. Any site that tells you there are less than
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