Not All #VanLife Travels Last a Year! Rent an RV and Enjoy This Two-Week Arizona Itinerary

If you’re ready to hit the road but can’t spend an entire year traveling about the 50 states, why not rent an RV and plan for a phenomenal two-week adventure in Arizona? Although two weeks is simply not enough time to enjoy the state for all that it is worth, you can enjoy plenty during these 14-days, creating many special memories and making it easy to plan your next RV road trip.

Diverse landscapes, picturesque communities and neighborhoods, desserts, big cities, and the greatest things in nature exist in Arizona, the 14th largest U.S. state with a population of 5.5 million residents. Most travelers head to the Grand Canyon during an Arizona excursion, and while you’ll certainly value time spent at one of the nation’s largest and most popular landmarks, the state offers so much more to those who’re set on adventure and fun.

The beautiful Monument Valley

Arizona is a large state, so prepare for plenty of driving to reach your destinations. That’s okay because the scenery from point A to point B makes you forget how long you’ve been in the RV. You’ll want to make many stops to snap photographs of the scenery that brings so many to the state, and of course for those unexpected sights that leave you speechless.

Three Days in Tucson

Spend three days in Tucson, where you can hike the foothills of the Santa Clarita Mountains, visit amazing museums, see wildlife at national parks, and end the day splurging at an upscale restaurant. 

On day one, explore the Santa Clarita Mountains. The Sabino Canyon is a special landmark at the foothills of the mountain. Your second day in Tucson should be spent enjoying shopping, museums, art galleries, and the many landmarks found within the city. Stop by the Arizona-Sonora Museum, the Pima Air & Space Museum, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, and the Tucson Mall.

Spend your third Tucson day exploring the amazing national parks in Tucson. The Ventana Canyon Walking Trail is a fun day in the sun, but the real adventure comes when you arrive at the Saguaro National Park. 

It’s a Grand Canyon Thing

The Grand Canyon

No Arizona road trip is complete without time at the Grand Canyon. Sure, you could easily spend the entire two-weeks of your vacay at the Canyon, but since you’re limited for time, cut things short and plan two days in the park. Start your trip on Route 66, because everyone needs their kicks. Route 66 has endless miles of glorious scenery, and the Grand Canyon Caverns to explore and enjoy before arrival at the South Rim. The Grand Canyon is nearly 300 miles long, so you’ll need to plan several road trips if you ever want to enjoy it all. For this trip, leave the RV behind, and hike 8 miles to the Supai Indian Reservation, enjoying a guided tour and camping. See the magnificent blue-green water at Havusau Creek, and check out the various waterfalls found within the reservation. At the break of dawn, begin the trek to Hermit Trail, with camera ready. 

Phoenix, Baby

After all the outdoor adventure, it’s time to enjoy a little bit of the city. There’s no better place in the state for city fun. Phoenix has a lot to offer; plan to spend three days in the city. While in Phoenix, visit the Heard Museum, housing one of the nation’s most respected Native American artifacts collections. Spend time at the Desert Botanical Garden around sunset for unsurpassed beauty. Wrigley Mansion is a worthwhile addition on your agenda. Here, guests can divulge in hand-crafted doors and artifacts. Ensure you catch a glimpse of Camelback Mountain, and if there’s enough time left in the day, hike around the foothills to explore the scenery. On your final day in Phoenix, take a drive in your RV around the city, basking in the lands and enjoying the quaint relaxation that still seems a bit surreal. 

Why is the Forest so Scared?

Spanning 230 miles, The Petrified Forest is frozen in Triassic times and your visit is sure to land plenty of fossils and other amazing discoveries as you hike, explore more than 300 plant species, and encounter wildlife ranging from deer to bobcats to coyotes and more. There are also over 200 species of birds found within the Petrified Forest. While enjoying these amazing explorations is fulfilling, don’t miss stops at the Rainbow Forest and The Painted Desert Visitor’s Center for added fun. Buttes, rounded hills, and cliffs surround spectacular rock formations made of clay, sandstone, and other deposits and minerals. 

Petrified Forest

Page, Lake Powell, & Tuba City, Too

Travel to Page, Arizona, and Lake Powell, with a stop in Tuba City to explore the small town with dinosaur tracks in sediment. Visit the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area, the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and of course, spend tie on Lake Power enjoying the beauty and relaxation of the waters.

It’s so Hard to Say Goodbye to Arizona

End your two-week Arizona RV itinerary heading north from Page, stopping at the Antelope Canyon before arrival at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The Navajo National Monument is worth visiting after a guided Jeep tour of the cliff dwellings and the valley. A horseback ride through the park is also a wonderful way to spend part of your day.

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