7 Unbeatable September RV Destinations You Have to Experience

The smartest travelers wait until September. It’s when you can get the best weather, the best prices, and have much fewer traffic jams to deal with. So whether you’ve saved up your vacation days or can take a long weekend, it’s the perfect time to hit the road on an RV adventure. Now get out there and experience it for yourself!

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible road trip with an RV rental. In fact, September is probably the best month of the year to travel. In most of the United States, the weather is finally cooling off from summer while still being warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities like swimming and boating. What’s more, September rates on everything from accommodations to amusement park entry fees are often 2-3 times cheaper than they were just a week or two earlier. So if you’re ready to make the most of the month, then head to these incredible September RV destinations. 

1) San Diego

San Diego Beach

San Diego is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. However, most travelers aren’t aware of the city’s famous “June Gloom.” During early summer, San Diego weather is quite cloudy and chilly for most of the day. The sun may only come out for a couple of hours, if at all! Locals agree that September usually has the best weather of the year. The temperature average 75 degrees per day and there are many great beach RV campgrounds you can rent an overnight spot in. Be sure to check out the incredible camping at Ponta State Beach in Carlsbad. It’s the perfect place to fire up the grill and enjoy the sunset! 

2) Charleston, SC 


Summer temperatures in Charleston are absolutely scorching. As southerners always say, “if the heat doesn't get you, the humidity will.” By the time September rolls around, however, the thermometer starts to take a dip in the right direction. You’ll get daytime temperatures in the mid 80’s and perfect night time temperatures in the 70s. However, best of all, the Atlantic is still warm from the summer months making it a great place to soak up not only the fun of the city but the great beaches nearby. For a truly amazing experience, try renting an RV on Hilton Head Island located just 20 minutes away from the city. 

3) Long Island, New York  

Long Island Beach

It’s hard to believe, you can’t enjoy some fabulous camping and beaches just outside of Manhattan and New York City. Since most people have less time in September to really hit the road, heading down to Long Island makes a whole lot of sense. Along the southern tip of the island, there are so many amazing options to choose from. You can enjoy the trendy Camp Rockaway, the more basic Camp Gateway, or cruise your RV rental a little further south to enjoy the New Jersey coastline RV parks. You’ll be blown away how quickly the dense city disappears as the miles of white sandy beaches unfold in front of you. 

4) Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Loop  

Grand Canyon

The Las Vegas region is one of the most popular summer destinations in America. You have the incredible fun of Vegas mixed with amazing sites like the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. However, during the summer months, these places are jammed packed. Not only do you have to fight traffic, but also exceptionally high seasonal rates everywhere you go. And don’t forget about the heat as local temperatures often soar above 100 degrees. You can make a great 3-day road trip starting from Las Vegas and heading out to the Grand Canyon enjoying the amazing national park with plenty of room for yourself if you’re renting an RV out of Vegas. 

5) The Florida Keys 

Florida Keys

It’s hard to find a time of the year when visiting the Florida Keys isn’t magical. You can begin a road trip from Miami cruising the RV down the Intracoastal until you reach the magnificent archipelago. Unlike other destinations on our list, however, you do need to take a little caution during September. September is in the middle of Florida’s hurricane season and while most of the month is gorgeous, there may be some storms to watch out for. However, it’s a great time to find your secret beach anywhere along with the entire state. And besides, if you’re if in a nice cosy RV, the rain isn’t a worry. Kick back and make a coffee in the kitchenette, laze on the couch and watch some Netflix. Beats camping in a tent.

6) Denver

Colorado Mountains

Denver has consistently ranked as one of America’s top cities for the last decade. The town is the perfect mixture of western charm meets eclectic vibe all set in the stunning backdrop of the Rockies. From Denver, you can savor some truly great RV road trips just outside the big city. Heading out on Highway 40, you can cruise into Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests for its perfect RV camping and activities. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy incredible sunsets, great outdoor activities, and have the comfort of your own RV to call home for the night. 

7) Phoenix/Sedona

 Sedona Arizona

Phoenix is another desert gem that’s simply too hot in the middle of summer. Even in September, temperatures can still be quite high. You may only want to spend a couple of days there and head straight to Sedona. Higher in the mountains, Sedona is significantly cooler than Phoenix and a stunning place to explore. Sedona is an absolute gem for rented RV travel. You can enjoy an amazing night view complete with millions of stars along with the incredible scenic vistas that sweep across the desert. 

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