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Looking for RVs in Denver? We review 26 local rv hire agencies.

List of Denver RV Rental Companies

Below you will find the most up-to-date list of RV rental companies based in Denver, Colorado. If you don't know a brand or location you want to rent from, then scroll down to the map at the bottom and choose that way.

Denver Colorado is an amazing place to rent an RV for a road trip adventure

About Denver and RV Rental

Denver is the '4th outpost' of what is considered the 'Golden Triangle' of RV rental in the US. The main triangle is Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, but Denver is a city of choice of those who want to see more than just a desert landscape whilst staying near the west coast. As the capital of Colorado, Denver boasts of fascinating historical structures and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal location for road trips. 

Situated a full mile above sea level, Denver Colorado is a fabulous city if you’re planning a motorhome vacation in the Western United States. Denver is a hotbed of excursions and outdoor activity perfectly suited for a family on an RV tour. There are a large amount of motorhome rental agencies in the city itself and several park and encampments for you to stay at in your motorhome.  The ease of motorhome travel in Denver makes it a perfect stop for any RV vacation. A quick trip to the Internet will have you able to book in advance, see pictures of different motorhome options, and get fully equipped before you even step foot in the city itself.

Best RV Rental Season in Denver

Home to a number of scenic attractions, the best season to go RVing in Denver is when the foliage is changing and the temperature is still mild. Come fall season, particularly September and October, the city becomes a coveted RV destination among vacationers wanting to experience a hint of summer while welcoming fall. These months are also the perfect time for RVers/ foodies because of the abundant food markets and outdoor festivals. Another best time to visit the city is during April and May, where the snow starts to melt and the attractions come into play.

Must-visit spots when you rent an RV in Denver

Rving in Denver is a popular treat for those wanting to escape the bustling city life. Often dubbed as the High Mile City, you will not be disappointed with the array of overlooking and awe-inspiring destinations, from the famed Rocky Mountain National Park to the historical Ft. Collings. If you're looking for a calmer and less crowded place during Independence Day on the 4th of July or Thanksgiving in November, you may want to visit Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods RV Resort, Glenwood Spring or Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. You can explore other beautiful campgrounds and RV parks including Prospect RV Park, Dakota Ridge RV Park, Clear Creek RV Park, and Loveland RV Resort, 

Must-try Food in Denver

Aside from offering all the views you need―rivers, cliffs, lakes, ridges, and trails, waiting to be explored―don't dare miss some of Denver's most popular food. Munch in some potato-wrapped oysters, sugar steak, lobster mac and cheese, and jumbo prawns. Then, cap off the menu with Little Man Ice Cream's salted oreo ice cream or Noah French’s chocolate ball.

Mountain Sports And Towns

Denver is situated in the Rocky Mountains.  This means there are some great driving routes to get to several fantastic winter sport mountains, all within a short drive of the city.  Just two hours west of Denver is Vail, the largest ski mountain in North America, open year-round. Winter or summer, you’ll have no problem finding several motorhome parks to stay as long as you like. During the winter you’ll need to book in advance as many of these locations fill up fast. Once settled, you can rent ski or snowboard equipment in the winter or go hiking and exploring in the summer. The town of Vail is equally lovely. You can spend the day visiting shops and restaurants if you want to take a break from the mountains.

Three and half hours south of Denver is Aspen. This ski town is high-end and home to many famous chefs, designers, and more.  During the winter the skiing is every bit as good as Vail and in the summertime there are fantastic activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and zip lines. Even though Aspen is considered a glamorous destination there is no shortage of RV parks. If you hired your motor home in Denver you can easily coordinate taking it out to Aspen before you hit the road.

National Parks And Monuments

Denver is located almost in the exact center of Colorado and in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. To the west of Denver are several national parks, all of them easily accessible from the city and perfect for anyone looking to enjoy an RV vacation in Colorado. The Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Bent’s Old Fort, Curencanti, Crested Butte, Great Sand Dunes Preserve, and the Colorado National Monument are all within a 2 – 6 hour drive from the city. The roads wind beautifully through the mountains giving RV riders as much to see along the way as there is when you get to your destination.

Denver Proper

If you hired your RV in Denver and hit the mountains but have to come back to the city, don’t fret.  There’s plenty to do.  The Denver Art Museum and Zoo are great day trips for the whole family. Denver is also a musical city with lots of bars and clubs to explore if you’re looking for a bit of nightlife.

 Anyway you cut it Denver is a great city for a motorhome vacation whether you are starting out in the city itself or arriving from another destination. You’ll find no shortage of amenities and activities to make your RV trip even more enjoyable than expected.

List Of All The Best RV Rental Companies In Denver...

Around The Park RV 2 locations

5.0  Superb  1

Hightened Path RV Rental 2 locations

5.0  Superb  1

Kúkú Campers 1 locations

4.8  Superb

VanGo Durango 1 locations

4.8  Superb

Adventure West RV 1 locations

4.6  Superb

B&B RV Inc. 1 locations

4.5  Superb

Britz Motorhomes USA 7 locations

4.3  Excellent

Native Campervans 4 locations

4.3  Excellent

Overland Discovery 1 locations

4.3  Excellent

Durango RV Rentals 1 locations

4.3  Excellent

TIMBR Basecamps 1 locations

4.2  Excellent

Star RV USA 7 locations

4.0  Excellent

Rocky Mountain Campervans 2 locations

4.0  Excellent

Lazydays RV 2 locations

4.0  Excellent

All Stars RV 1 locations

4.0  Excellent

Mile High RV Rentals 1 locations

4.0  Excellent

Compass Campers USA 27 locations

3.9  Good

Campervan North America 4 locations

3.8  Good

Colorado’s Ride The West RV Rentals 1 locations

3.8  Good

Apollo RV Rentals USA 7 locations

3.3  OK  5

Road Bear RV 7 locations

3.0  OK  6

El Monte RV 27 locations

2.7  OK  9

Cruise America RV Rentals 120 locations

2.2  OK  13

Escape Campervans USA 12 locations

1.9  Poor  4

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals 29 locations

1.6  Poor  4

Boulder Campervans 1 locations


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