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Native Campervans is a local campervan rental company based in Denver. Their fleet is composed of compact, customized vans good for the lightweight traveller.

What Native Campervans Tells Us

Looking for a simple yet significant stay in Colorado is made easy by Native Campervans. This local company knows the ins and outs of the western state, giving you an awesome holiday on the open roads. They focus on offering seamless transactions from the booking stage to returning of the vehicles, and their almost flawless customer reviews can attest to that. Native Campervans  is not your usual, huge rental vehicles. These are not like RVs that take so much area on the road or not like cars that have very limited space. These are compact campervans that are fairly priced, with options to bring your fur babies during your trip! And, these campervans are allowed to travel throughout the USA and Canada. 


The fleet of campervans has two options— the Biggie and the Smalls. Both campervans are automatic transmission and can only sleep up to two persons, dismissing chances for large groups to get a hold of their campervan hire. These vans range from 2011- 2016, with the Biggie as the most recent option. The interior of each campervan is maximize to the highest level without making it look cramped at all. Plus, the well-fitted layout also comes with a nice, little kitchen packed with essential cooking and dining facilities. Cooking in the van is made super fun and easy with the added 2 propane canisters and cooler. 



The Smalls, of course, is smaller when it comes to vehicle dimension. This 2011- 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan may be operated by an older model but it still runs reliably and efficiently. It also offers an ample space for your kitchen and bedroom. The living room features a foldaway table that helps transform the spacious double bed at night. For extra comfort, you are supplied with sleeping essentials such as blanket, pillows and sheets. The blinds also fulfill a more private campervan hire. 


The Biggie, which is run Ram by a ProMaster 136” High Roof, leaves a lot of space for two. There's an extra stow space for your luggage and a very roomy sleeping area. Yes, it looks very big on the inside, but you can still park it in regular spots. Some unique inclusions for the Biggie that aren't part of the Smalls are camping table & chairs, french press, pantry cabinet, trash can and more storage areas. Also, there are certain step-up features such as the stainless steel propane stove, fixed queen foam mattress and Rumpl Super Fleece blanket.


There are four options with regards to insurance. First, you provide proof of basic statutory for 3rd party and property damage. Second, you pay $14.95/day to have SLI (Supplemental Liability) Third, you pay $11/day for the (CDW) Collision Damage Waiver. Fourth and the last, the full coverage by paying $25.95/day for both SLI and CDW. Just a heads up, the SLI is offered not by the company, but by their partner insurance so they can't control the specifications of the coverage.


The company may just feature a very limited fleet, but they have captured a lot of travellers with their excellent customer service. The team is known for going the extra mile just to make the rental more stoked and satisfying. They might even give you a small discount! The campervans, however, are just great for couples or travellers in two.


The bottom line is that Native Campervans is definitely something to consider if you want an adventurous yet comfortable stay on wheels.  But take note, only for two people, plus your fur baby! Well, the Small can seat 5, but you certainly would want to stretch out during nighttime, right? 

From the Agency

We are the newest and best RV rental company in the area.


  • Great for couples or travellers in two
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Spacious interiors


  • Limited selection, 2-berth campervans only
  • Just one depot in USA


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