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Compass Campers is not just known in the US rental market, but also worldwide— Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. They have branched out to 27 locations in the US vicinity, giving them a tough edge when it comes to accessibility and worldwide prominence. This means that you can pick-up the RV in a certain location, then drop it off in another place. There's no need to spend another hour just to bring back the vehicle to your pick-up location because Compass Campers makes everything as convenient as possible. But of course, there are a lot of competitors on the loose. So, here is a glimpse of what the company offers and how it differs from other RVs on the open road. 

To begin with, there are 12 distinct RVs on fleet that ranges from Class A to Class C models. It offers 2- berth to 8-berth models so that even big families can appreciate the RV selection.The Compass Campers models are mostly Class C.  But if you want a more cozy road trip, then you can have the Class A models that offer lots of extra space and large exterior storage.  It also comes with exciting amenities for your entertainment such as radio and TV/ DVD player, as well as comfy living features like slide-out bed and shower. The biggest model, and probably the popular one, is the FS31 Class C Motorhome Slide-out, which can sleep up to eight persons, and highlights the unlimited generator use. For smaller families, you can choose from the Class C category, particularly the C22 and C25S, which are good for couples with 2 children. Baby boosters are also available for rent. As with the the age of the vehicles, some are quite old, while some are newer models. The difference in the vehicles' age, along with unique features, may come as the reason for the varying rates. 

And yes, the shuttle service is free but only at designated airport and hotels. The bottom line— is it worth it? Yes, Compass Campers is quite reputable on its own and even gives special discounts to renters. 

From the Agency

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  • Several depots in USA
  • Widely-renowned rental company
  • No booking fees
  • Special discounts


  • Only designated locations for airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Fluctuating rates depending on the season

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