Pacific Northwest Road Trip: An RV Enthusiast Dream

Take your RV through the redwood forests on the road trip in the Pacific North West

The Northwest is a simply gorgeous part of the country. We will show you some of the top spots you must take the RV to on your road trip.

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas of the USA. From the sloping Sierra Nevada to the thick forests and even its rolling plains, it is a truly unique experience. We will show you where to go in the Pacific Northwest with your RV so that you can experience the wonder of nature in this gorgeous area. This short guide will take us from San Francisco and into Seattle for an unbeatable two week journey.

San Francisco

An RV might struggle to get down this San Francisco street

Consistently rated as one of the most popular cities in the USA, before you head out into the great outdoors you have to spend a few days experiencing its pleasures. From Haight-Ashbury to Chinatown to Fishermen’s Wharf, there is so much good food and fun that you will be tempted to not leave. But you must remember what awaits, the unrivalled beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

San Francisco to Six Rivers

The Pacific North West is a great place for an RV road trip

There is plenty of great places to stop with your RV along the way if this 360 mile journey seems too long for you. Instead of taking the Interstate, be sure to travel CA-299 which cuts through Mendocino National Park. If you have the time, then be sure to take a couple days to explore around here, rental RV's are very popular, but if not head straight to Six Rivers.

A million acres of wilderness, camping and fishing, Six Rivers is one of the largest parks in the America. It is teeming with natural activity from endemic plans to migratory birds. This is a park that you truly need to spend some time to scale across. There are four different areas for RV Camping so you will have plenty of options for where you choose to set up shop for a few days.

Six Rivers to Portland

Portland is a great pit stop for your RV road trip

Get ready for another 360 miles as you make your way between national forest and back into the city. Again if you have time, then be sure to stop along the way at one of the great national parks. Umpqua National Forest is a very popular park in the summer. Another great option is to take the coastal Highway 101 up into Portland.

Here you can enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the most diverse cities in America. Known for its coffee houses, great food, love of nature and unique culture, Portland is the ideal city for the outdoor explorer ready to come into town for a few days.

Portland to Mt. Hood

Portland with Mt.Hood in the background

At 60 Miles, this should barely be considered a drive, but you can’t go through Oregon without going to the most famous park in the state. Mt. Hood is the true definition of Oregon outdoor wilderness. A beautiful mountain surrounded by forest, rivers, and streams, it is an ideal place to take a rafting voyage.

Mt. Hood National Park is massive and actually encompasses several mountains and a huge variety of RV campsites so definitely take at least a few days to explore some of your different options. It is also a place for all seasons, because even in rain or snow, the place is simply incredible.

Mt Hood to Olympic National Park

Try taking the RV to Olympic National Park

As you drive this beautiful stretch from Northern Oregon into Wyoming, you will pass through some great places like Gifford National Forrest, Tacoma, and Olympia. All of these are worthwhile places to stop through along the way to check out some local scenery or take another dip into town.

Olympic National Park, however, lives up to its name. Protecting over 70 miles of Washington coastline, it is the perfect combination of beach, mountain, rivers and forest. It truly has something for everybody. If you are bold enough, you can even put on a wet suit and try a dip in some of the ever chilly waters. There are three great campsite options, but you definitely need to consider Sol Duc Hot Springs. There is no better place to relax and relieve the tired muscles of some serious road tripping that is better than here!

Finishing up: Olympic National Park to Seattle

Finish your RV rental road trip in Seattle

At just 111 Miles, the final stretch into Seattle will feel like a total breeze. The perfect way to end a tour of the Northwest. The three best cities of the region are San Francisco, Portland and Seattle and you will have gone through the best national parks in the area as well. You will have a blast comparing the similarities among the three cities and contrasting how they are different.

Seattle is also ideally situated to continue your road trip across the Northwest. Just a few hours away is Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Park, and from here you can actually do a loop back down towards San Francisco and hit some of the places you might have missed along the way. Or you can head east and check out some of the beautiful places in Idaho. You have so many options, the most difficult thing you are going to have to do is choose which one to do!

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