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Campervan North America focuses on small, late models campervans that are fuel efficient and priced at mid-ranged. This environmentally responsible rental has four branches across the USA.

About Campervan North America

A proud member of 1% For The Planet, an international organization with members that recognize the link between business and environment through contributing at least one percent of their sales to eco-friendly causes, Campervan North America gives a whole lot of rental experience to each renter. The company is unlike most commercialized rentals; hence, they offer a selection of late models with low miles at an average of 20 miles per gallon for a low-impact camping. Compared to large motorhomes, the company focuses on smaller yet solid campervans. The rates are not necessarily cheap even if these are cinch-sized models because these are built on powerful and premium chassis like Mercedes and Freightliner Sprinter diesel. In addition, they have four branches across USA― Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, and Bozeman


Renters have 5 options on hand, ranging from the 2 berth Edelweiss to the 4 berth Bunkhouse. The campervans are simply painted in white rather with some wild colors. The reason for that is that the company wants to integrate an unassuming campervan hire with no heavy painting that may conceal the real status of the vehicle. Though the vehicles are older models, they are easy-to-drive and fuel-efficient. These small campervans surprisingly feature amenities like that of a big motorhome such as large refrigerator, equipped kitchen, spacious bed dimensions and private bathroom. Not just that, there's a fascinating assortment of campervan extras to make your road trip even more fun. Each campervan also comes with 125 free miles per day, and few units allow your furry pets to tag along during your trip, at a minimal fee. But even if you bring your pets or not, they charge you for a setup/ cleaning fee. 



The Edelweiss is a simple and small campervan for two. With its immaculately white exterior, you got to expect that the inside is also well-maintained and clean. And yes, this unassuming rig is a modest conversion built on a Nissan NV 200 with crisp and clean interior and ample storage areas. The forced-air fan as well as the screened windows nicely provide a cross-ventilation, which is much needed at night. 


A beautifully converted Mercedes or Freightliner Sprinter van, the long wheelbase Clahauler is a nice 5 berth that sleeps two adults and three children. This diesel-based campervan is a perfect treat, not just for families but also for groups of friends. Just make sure all of you are not overly tall because you might hurt your head! The Clanhauler provides a unique bathroom with a marine toilet and shower and a full kitchen with sink, stove/heater and refrigerator. 

Treasure Chaser

The Treasure Chaser is the one for taller travellers. With a 136" high roof dimension, the campervan allows you to comfortably watch the perfect sunrise or find the best stargazing spot. Further travel in style and ease with the great viewing windows and furnished amenities such as marine stove top/heater, refrigerator, kitchen sink with hot water, storage cabinet and inverter. This converted Ram Promaster only sleeps two. 


Another 2 berth campervan is the Two4theRoad Campervan, a custom-built Mercedes or Freightliner Sprinter. Depending on the brand, these campervans are identical except for the painted logos. At the back area is the rear convertible dinette with a fold-away table to easily transforms the place into a full bedroom at night. The bathroom with toilet and shower, together with the kitchen galley, is positioned at the back of the front seat, This fuel-efficient diesel campervan can get over 20 mpg.


Another converted Ram Promaster, the Bunkhouse is the answer for those looking for extra room and caters up to four people. The campervan seating 5 and sleeping 4 has ample storage but no water. It is a simple yet sleek unit that gets you in gear for an exciting adventure and gets you ready for a relaxing sleeping session. Aside from the permanent bunk beds at the back, the front sofa becomes a double bed for two.


Verify with the company first as to the insurance requirements though you must take into account that aside from the insurance, Campervan North America requires a fully refundable $750 security deposit at the time of booking. 


Just a piece of advice― the campervans are suitable for couples or smaller families, with a maximum of 2 adults and 3 children. Despite the few negative reviews about difficulty in booking and unresponsive staff, Campervan North America still lets you travel in comfort through their cinch and fuel-efficient vans. These smaller and older vans may not be suitable for bigger groups, but these are definitely attractive for couples and starting families. And having 4 branches in the USA is a plus factor.


Campervan North America specializes in a collection of cinch-sized campervans that are relatively older but economical. If you are in a mid-ranged budget, then a unit from them could be good, plus you can indirectly help the environment through your rental. 

From the Agency

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  • Several locations across USA
  • Easy-to-drive campervans
  • Fuel efficient
  • Some pet-friendly units


  • Not suitable for bigger groups
  • Late models
  • Difficult booking and unresponsive staff


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