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Apollo RV Rentals (USA) is part of the world wide Apollo group founded in 1985 in Australia. Apollo has grown to become one of the largest leisure vehicle operators in the world, with 7 branches across the USA.

About Apollo Motorhomes

Being in the rental industry for more than 3 decades is definitely an achievement for the company, and a lure for the renters. Most travellers would choose a company with extensive expertise in the business, so Apollo motorhomes are something to consider for your RV rentals. However, Apollo Camper RV USA may be a different case as there is a mix perception when it comes to its reputation. Though the substantial experience is a charm, numerous negative feedback is a downer. Still, the vehicles on fleet are serious attraction, especially because of the newer model at competitive rates. 


There are 6 options from the Apollo Motorhomes range— US Tourer, Pioneer, Sunrise Escape, Eclipse, Elite Traveller and US Wanderer. These models are newer and are all about comfort and style on the open roads. Each vehicle vary in terms of sleeping capacity, interior features as well as add-ons. The RVs are claimed to be well-maintained and fitted out for a nice holiday. Couples and small families can enjoy the selection of 3 to 6-berth models that already feature a full kitchen, convenient bathroom, and comfy sleeping areas. Aside from the inclusions, there are certain perks that may add attraction to their fleet— free one way fee, free miles, and extra value pack. 


US Tourer

To begin with, if you want an equipped vehicle with lots of space at an affordable rate, then the Apollo US Tourer is a nice pick. The RV is great for budget couples, but can also cater up to three. This 3 berth unit includes a full kitchen and bathroom as well as patio awning for outdoor relaxation. Aside from the rear lounge that acts as dinette/ living quarters during daytime and sleeping area for two at night, you can smoothly spin around the swivel front seats and drink coffee while on break. The extra passenger can retire at the driving seats. 


The 5 berth Pioneer is perfect for 4 adults and 1 child. This fully-equipped RV is packed with family features like furnished kitchen, large sleeping areas, and convertible dinette. The comfortable dining area at the front becomes an extra sleeping place. The back portion is allocated for a cornered double bed and a full bathroom. This may not give you a fully private  bedroom but this is can give you more than enough comfort while on the road, especially with the kitchen equipped with sink, microwave and refrigerator.

Sunrise Escape

An RV that suits everyone— from couples to families up to 5, the Sunrise. This motorhome features a slide-out on the dinette, which also becomes a single bed. The internal walk-through access brings convenience to tired drivers. At the center is the full bathroom and the back area is solely for the queen-sized bed for two. This one also comes with a side awning for outdoor dining. Only one side of the vehicle provides huge windows.

Eclipse Camper

This 28'- 31' unit tailors those travelling with their children. It pleasantly shelters two adults and three children with extra space for strolling inside the cabin. Because of the extended length, the facilities are well designed, starting with the dinette and couch on one lane, then a private bedroom at the back area. This 5 berth RV also shows off its huge windows that offer spectacular road views all throughout your trip. 

US Wanderer

Well, there's no better way to cruise the open roads together with the whole family through this 6 berth motorhome. The unit is ideal for four adults and two children, with sleeping places at the rear queen bed, cab-over double, and single dinette and sofa sleeper. The private bedroom at the back is definitely a comforting treat, plus there are several storage cabinets for your clothes and other stuff. At 30- 33', the RV is definitely extended but still easy to drive. 

Elite Traveller

Last, but not the least, there's the 5 berth Elite Traveller, which is the only Class A Winnebago of the Apollo RV range. The unit brings a rather unique and comfier driving experience with better and bigger road views.  At 31', this elegantly designed motorhome radiates luxury hints in all aspects— from cooking and kitchen facilities to cozy sleeping areas. 


The public liability insurance is part of the rental rate and a standard liability of $1,500. The bond of $1,500, together with an administration fee of $30, will be credited at the time of rental. You may avail of the Supplemental Liability Insurance at $14.00/ night so that the protection for 3rd party damage is up to US$1 million or opt for the Value Pack Add at $105.00 per night so that the liability will be reduced to zero responsibility, plus 1 windscreen and 2 tyres coverage, unlimited miles and a lot more.


With 7 depots across the USA and more than 3 decades of rental expertise, Apollo RV Rentals still struggles to create a good reputation. Yes, they offer newer and nicer fleet of motorhomes but it appears that they couldn't keep up with all the hype, especially that other Apollo branches like NZ and Aus, are way better in terms of customer service and vehicle maintenance. Further, there have been several issues about hidden charges that were not mentioned upfront, causing more disappointed renters.


Apollo motorhomes, as a whole, are reliable. However, the difference starts with the customer service. Though they have several branches and offer recent RVs, the reputation of Apollo RV Rentals (USA) is a factor to consider. 

From the Agency

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  • 7 depots across the USA
  • More than 3 decades of rental expertise
  • Newer vehicles


  • Struggling reputation
  • Unfriendly customer service
  • Some hidden charges which were not mentioned upfront


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L. Connelly - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Staff great upon arrival - then it all changes when you try to return!"

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

I've been meaning to write a review for a while - but we used Apollo rentals in Denver, USA for our September 2018 holiday to hire a motorhome. The staff were super friendly when we first arrived, carrying our bags for us and so on as they showed us the rental and saw us off on our trip.

Everything went pear-shaped the moment we arrived back however - we greeted the staff with a smile and they didn't even say hi, they ignored us and started looking for damage to the campervan (of which there was none!). They spotted a tiny mark on the windscreen (which had been there all along before we'd collected, as the screen had been covered in squashed flies when we picked it up so we had assumed it was another!) and they said we had done it - they had obviously been trained and briefed on what to pick up on each camper, as they honed STRAIGHT in within seconds. Of the 4 groups of people returning back campers at the same time as us, every. single. one. had been told something was wrong and they owed money. The staff were rude to the point of downright offensive and it really put a huge downer on the end of our trip. I would not recommend purely for their customer service, but the RV itself was fine!

Also - make sure you print bedding, as the very expensive package we had to buy from Apollo was just a thin blanket and single cushion, it was freezing most nights.

1Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 3Value
J. lizambard - avatar not loaded
, Hong Kong
1 Review

"Good RV, hidden costs everywhere upon return, total crooks"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Hidden fees and lies all along, beware of what you are going for if you decide to rent anything with these crooks, or be prepared to pay much more than you expected. Amazed that this company is still operating and has not been closed by a law suit already, as it should be.

Some details in our case:
- RV rented online before the trip, to go to burning man. In the rental agreement, it was mentioned that an extra cost of US$1,500 was applying to all vehicles going to burning man. Expensive but no choice, BM is an extreme environment.
- We wanted to return the RV on Sept 2nd, but because it is labor day, agency was closed, we had no other choice but to return it on the 4th, and pay accordingly. This was clearly stated online, and 2nd could not be selected as a return date
- Upon arrival to the agency, we discovered that we were not allowed to use the awning the RV is equipped with (and the awning was blocked for that purpose on the RV), because it was "company policy" for all RVs (burning man or not). Needless to say, this was never mentioned online.
- When renting , we were told that we had to return the car spotless or would incur severe penalties. The BM extra fee $1,500 did not include cleaning, just going to BM. We then agreed that we would clean the car, the agent became somehow threatening, telling us that only a professional cleaning company could get the car impeccable post burning man, we would not be able to clean it ourselves, etc...Given that we were driving back on Sunday, we started to worry that we would not find a pro cleaner open that day. The agency proposed a solution, called "hasslefree return" package, where you can return the car dirty, for a whooping US$1,200 extra!! We were outraged but had not much more choice left so had to go with it, because otherwise we would have to pay the cleaning fees + penalties if we didn't select this option now.
- While renting, we were told that finally the agency was open on 2nd, so could return that day, but no compensation for the extra 2 days possible, since we selected return on 4th at the time we did the booking online (reminder: when we booked online, returning on Sept 2nd was not possible, the agency was supposed to be closed...)
- When returning the car on the 2nd, the lady who received it told us it was dirty so we had to pay an extra US$300!!! Then she realised that we had this "hasslefree return" package so she agreed that we did not have to pay the $300. At that point we understood that we should have paid only $300 and not $1,200 (!!!) for the cleaning, so start arguing about it, and how misleaded, or even clearly lied upon, we had been when renting the car. The agent turned extremely rude, yelling at us that there were other benefits included in the hassle free package, such as a "windshield insurance (...??!!!) and the free usage of the generator of the car. That's when we also realized that the use of the generator integrated in the car (which is needed for air conditioning and other things such as charging battery for fridge, water pump etc..., so basically everything you need to use inside the rv) was at an extra fee, by the hour ! Lucky us we did not have to pay for that thanks to our "hassle free return" remarkable $1,500 package!
- We though still had to pay for every mile we drove, since miles were not included in the rental, which we ignored as well, adding another $300...
- We ended up the conversation with the manager (did not want to talk to the super rude agent and got a "goodwill gesture" down of $150
- ALL other customers in the agency were also yelling and fighting against all the hidden and extra fees, was incredible
MORALITY: Avoid these crooks at all cost, or it will cost you. Greatly...

1Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 1Value
Y. Zaat - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Allright until checkout"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

Decent rv but they’ll try to screw you over at checkout. Not recommending Apollo.

2Service 3Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
Barney - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Happy Holidays till you get back"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We have just recently rented an RV from the Denver branch for a period of 12 days. The vehicle was overall OK except that we believe that we were mislead regarding what was actually needed. The vehicle had a generator, which we thought was part of the package. When we picked up the vehicle we were told that we would probably need the generator and that this would cost us 300 dollars for the period that we were renting the vehicle. During our whole trip the generator was not required. We would just like to make you aware, that you should you be extra careful if asked about the use of a generator as this will cost you extra money which is a waste. On returning the vehicle there was a small scratch the size of a nickel on the windscreen. In fact it was so small you would need a magnifying glass to see it. We were still charged 75 dollars for having an accident and are now waiting for the insurance to see what the actual cost is going to be. Again, please be careful as these people will try every which way they can to extradite as much money from you as they can. When we started arguing about the fact that our awning was taped up and that at every turn the fridge door opened, we were kindly asked to leave their office. Our overall view of Apollo RV, was be careful and do your home work. We certainly will never rent from them again and they still have my 1500 dollars until the insurance claim is sorted. We are certain that the windscreen will not be fixed and this will be passed onto the next customer.

3Service 4Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
Matt.S - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Everything was smooth"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

Everything with Apollo went exactly as I wanted and expected. I would use them again

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value