Upstate New York and Montreal: The Perfect Summer Trip

Starting from NYC, you’ll explore the best of the Northeast, making your way into Canada and through to the stunning Lake Taureau Region of Quebec before winding back down in the US.

Summer is here! Now is the perfect time to bust out of your routine and discover some new places. Great road trips give you a little taste of everything. You should discover cool cities, relax in wide open spaces, and have plenty of time to take the backroads and find your own secret gems. This road trip itinerary does exactly that. Start from NYC, then go northeast and wander around Canada and through Quebec before going back to the US. If you’re ready for a true escape then check out this amazing RV rental itinerary customized just for you! 

Day 1: NYC 


There’s no better place to kick off an adventure than New York City. Whether you’re traveling from England or Germany or live in the Big Apple, it’s such an amazing place to enjoy. Before you hit the road, take a little time to check out the sights. You can even take a mini road trip in your RV to enjoy camping in Long Island or across the bay in New Jersey. 

Day 2: New York - Albany 

Fall on the Taconic State Parkway

New York’s capital of Albany is the perfect first-day drive. It’s a great opportunity to really get familiar with your RV and enjoy a great stretch of road. You also have so many great options on how you get there. You can zip up along I-87 or enjoy the relaxing Taconic State Parkway. Albany is a nice contrast to NYC and the small city is packed with different charms and a distinct vibe you’ll be sure to enjoy. 

Day 3: Albany - High Peaks Wilderness 

Between NYC and Albany, you’ve definitely had an extended taste of city life. Now it’s time for something completely different. The rolling hills and forests of upstate New York will start to surround you as you move from the Interstate and onto Highway 28N—perhaps one of the most beautiful roads in the state!  High Peak Wilderness is part of the famed Adirondack Mountains and you’ll have plenty of great options for camping. If you enjoy hiking, waterfalls, and the freshest mountain air then check out the Coldbrook Campsite

Day 4: High Peaks Wilderness - Montreal 


Once again, you’ll have the option of picking back up with the Interstate for a straight shot into Canada or enjoying the scenic route along Highway 38. Whichever you choose, make sure you have the passports ready at the Canadian border! By evening, you’ll arrive in the gorgeous city of Montreal. Montreal is only 370 miles from New York City but has a completely different, European feel. 

This famously Francophone city has so many things for visitors to enjoy. Be sure to check out the stunning Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal, the eclectic downtown, and some of the other great sites. You’ll also enjoy the excellent RV parks Montreal has to offer so you can a comfortable and affordable night in your camper. 

Day 5: Montréal - Saint Michel des Saints

It’s time to head into the famous Lake Taureau region of Quebec. On this stretch of road, you’ll travel across the Lake Tareau Dam and have plenty of opportunities to stop off and enjoy the beaches and secret spots in the valley below. Then you can find an amazing campsite to savor a night under the stars on the peaceful banks of Lake Taureau. 

Day 6: Saint Michel des Saints 

Saint Michel des Saints

Quebec is a lumberjack country and you’ll definitely be ready for a hearty breakfast before you set off on the day’s adventure. Saint Michel is a nature lover’s paradise. Whether you like hiking, kayaking, bicycling, fishing, whatever it is, you’ll find so many great places to do it here. For people like for an adrenaline rush, the area is world famous for its ATV and motorcycle enduro trails. There’s no better way to really explore the area then hit some of these incredible backcountry trails. To end the day, head Auberge de la Pourvoirie, a beautiful lodge and an amazing place to enjoy dinner. 

Day 7: Saint Michel des Saints - Ottawa

Time to start working your way back towards New York City on your RV rental adventure. This time you’ll pass through the Canadian capital of Ottawa. Ottawa sits near the US border and is truly a gem. It shares many of the great natural features of nearby Lake Taureau with a great mixture of city activities. You can discover the National Gallery of Canada or enjoy a boat ride through the Rideau Canal. 

Day 8: Ottawa- Syracuse 

Sunset along the Bay

Time to head back into upstate New York. Once again make sure your passports are ready! You have some options here. Many people enjoy the city of Syracuse, but if you’re looking for one last taste of nature then you may want to stay outside the city in Three Mile Bay Wildlife Management Area located along Oneida Lake. The lake has long been a summer favorite for New Yorkers looking to beat the summer heat and is a great place for recreational boating, fishing, and a little BBQ alongside your RV rental.  

Day 9: Syracuse - New York City 

New York City Sunset

Time to wrap up your amazing Upstate New York and Montreal RV rental road trip. The drive back into the big city is just over four hours making it a nice easy cruise. If you have some extra time, you can head out towards Niagara Falls for a few extra days or enjoy a little camping in the Ferris Lake Wild Forest. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Upstate New York! 

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