Not Your Usual Honeymoon

Forget Europe or the Caribbean – make your first trip as a married couple an RV tour of the USA! File this one under great and unusual honeymoon ideas.

After the busy excitement of a wedding, there’s likely nothing you’re looking forward to more than finally spending some quality alone time with your new spouse. What could be better than doing it in the comfort of a hotel-on-wheels while you cruise around the USA, visiting some romantic and beautiful destinations?

While this might not be what typically comes to mind when planning your dream honeymoon, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider taking off for an RV tour of the USA to celebrate your recent nuptials.

It’s Unique

RV on a honeymoon

Maybe other couples are willing to settle for a clichéd honeymoon vacation at crowded, boring resorts – but you’d rather pursue interesting opportunities to build lasting memories with your new spouse by doing something a little different. Not only will you come back with fantastic stories and pictures to share with your family and friends, you’ll be experiencing something totally new with your partner – the perfect way to jumpstart your happy future.

Your love story is unique and deserves to be celebrated with a honeymoon that is just as individual. Don’t spend it surrounded by tourists and other couples at an overpriced resort when you could be exploring the US aboard your very own private RV.

It’s Intimate

You’re newlyweds – you certainly don’t want to spend this romantic time fighting through a crowd at a packed beach or resort bar. This is the time to be focused on each other and on your new life together. Since you’ll be sitting side-by-side as you travel throughout the USA, you’ll be able to connect on a much deeper level – talking, sharing laughs, singing along to your favorite songs, and even stopping whenever you feel like it to get out and enjoy the scenery.  

Build a stronger bond by solidifying your new commitment with some uninterrupted alone time as you journey across the USA in your RV. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a foundation for a love that will last a lifetime.

It’s Adventurous 

There’s a lot to do in the USA – from camping at beautiful, natural parks to enjoying fun outdoor activities like biking, kayaking, or hiking. If you’re an active couple who is constantly looking for the next big adventure, an RV tour of the USA is the perfect opportunity to spend your honeymoon challenging yourselves and achieving things you might have only dreamed were possible – together.  

When you’re exhausted after a day of exploring, you can come back to your comfortable RV and spend the evening relaxing with your favorite person – you won’t have to deal with trying to find taxis or take public transportation to an unfamiliar hotel, or worry about wait times at a restaurant or lounge. You’ll have everything you need there with you, including your best friend.

It’s Creative

The best thing about an RV tour of the USA is that you can make it whatever you want it to be. No matter which direction you’re headed, you’re bound to find something interesting along the way. This kind of honeymoon gives you the freedom to personalize it however you like and make it your own, instead of choosing a basic, all-inclusive package at a cookie-cutter resort.

Make your honeymoon reflect who you are as a couple. Venture all the way up and down the coast, or just spend an entire week exploring your favorite park. Take the entire summer to trek across the country. Spend some time discussing your options with your new spouse and come up with the ideal trip for you, and make it happen!

It’s Inexpensive

Weddings cost a lot of money – and so does married life. Rather than racking up a huge debt with a pricey vacation abroad, save your money and travel around the USA. Chances are, you haven’t even seen all that this country has to offer, so take advantage of the attractions a little closer to home and stay in your own cozy bed on wheels instead of booking overpriced hotel rooms.

Another bonus: you won’t need to worry about airport lines, checking into your hotel, or boring travel time on uncomfortable airplanes or trains. Instead, you’ll be cruising in the comfort of your own RV, side-by-side with your best friend – and saving money while you do it. What could be better than that?

Rather than venturing to the usual tourist traps, consider kicking off your married life with a honeymoon that is exactly what you want it to be – uniquely you. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money and fly around the world to enjoy a romantic trip with your partner and celebrate your happy future. All you need is a comfortable RV, the open road, and the one you love to create the honeymoon of a lifetime.

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