The Great Northeast Road Trip: From NYC to Maine

If you're really looking to make the most out of your vacation, there are few places better to explore than the American Northeast.

Over half of all US historic landmarks are located at the northeast side of the country. What's more, few places compare to the incredible natural beauty of the region, particularly during the late summer and autumn months. Winding through the rolling Appalachian Mountains, charming towns and villages, and amazing cities like New York and Boston, this RV road trip adventure gives you an amazing opportunity to really savor your RV rental.  So grab your camera and get ready to hit the road. 

Day 1: New York City 

New York City

There’s no better way to begin a vacation than by exploring one of America’s greatest cities. New York is famous for so many things from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square and the amazing eats of places like Little Italy and Chinatown. It’s also famous for traffic. You’re better off leaving your RV at one of the great campgrounds located just outside downtown and grabbing the subway into the city. Then you can have the best of both worlds enjoying a relaxing night on the edge of town while still being close enough to the action. 

Day 2: New York - New Haven 

New Haven Lighthouse

Time to head out of the big city out into New England. You have many different options for how you get there. If you want a quick drive, you can simply zip up I-95 and get there in a little under two hours. However, many people prefer to take the gorgeous roads that are much more relaxing and beautiful than the interstate. They also wind through charming towns like White Plains and Trumbull. Arriving in New Haven, you’ll find it to be the perfect balance of city and countryside. You choose to stay close to town or in one of the nearby nature reserves like Lake Saltonstall Recreation Area—which also happens to be a great fishing spot!  

Day 3: New Haven - Boston 

Boston Skyline

Leaving New Haven, you’ll once again have the option to take I-95 or continue along some of the backroads and highways that lead to Boston. You’ll enjoy similar scenery of forests and small towns before hitting Providence. Rhode Island’s capital, Providence, is an excellent place to stop for lunch to try one of the local specialties like clams casino, squid, and Italian tomato pie. After lunch, you’ll be only a short distance from Boston. Like New York, you’re better off choosing one of the many great RV parks located just outside of the city and taking transit or a taxi from there. Winter Park in Salem and Boston Minuteman in Littletown are both fantastic options with easy access to downtown. 

Day 4: Boston - Portland, Maine 

Portland, Maine Sunset

Time to trade the last big city for a while and head into the majestic countryside of Maine. You’ll cruise along the Atlantic Coast and have plenty of opportunities to explore the beachside communities and fishing villages of the region. Before long, you’ll reach Portland, Maine. The town is perched on a peninsula surrounded by Casco Bay. You can discover the Old Port waterfront district with fishing wharves and great shops and restaurants. There are so many great RV parks around Portland. You can camp on the beach at Saco/Old Orchard Beach or get a taste of the forest at Wild Duck Campground—and yes, there are many cute ducks there!  

Day 5-6: Portland - White Mountain National Forest 

White Mountain National Forest

After really diving into the Atlantic Coast, it’s time to wind inwards towards the Appalachian Mountains. Today’s truly an amazing driving day as you head down Highway 302 into the beautiful countryside and rolling foothills of the Northeast. White Mountain National Forest is massive and packed with all kinds of outdoor activities including kayaking, fishing, ATV riding, and so much more. Many people choose to park near Mt. Washington—the highest peak in the US and a favorite for hiking enthusiasts. There are many great campgrounds inside the park and near it so you can enjoy all these fun adventures and then head back to relax in your comfy RV for the night

Day 7: White Mountain - Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

More scenic driving today through the great Appalachian Mountains and the surrounding forests and countryside. As you cruise into Vermont, you’ll have many opportunities for great detours to some of its amazing fishing rivers and lakes or beautiful towns like Montpelier. Burlington is the perfect blend of rustic Vermont with a charming downtown featuring delicious cafes and restaurants. The North Beach Campground offers full amenities and is an incredible place to enjoy the sunset on Lake Champlain. 

Day 8: Burlington - Albany 

Welcome to Albany

Time to start winding back towards New York City where your fantastic RV rental road trip began. Today’s drive to New York’s capital is filled with even more of what makes New England great—gorgeous landscapes and great towns and villages to explore. Albany is a fun city with a beautiful capitol building dating from the 1800s along with the New York State Museum which has an incredible array of exhibits on the region’s natural and cultural history. Downtown, you can enjoy some of the great local restaurants and famous microbrewed beer. If you want more night in nature, you can head just outside of town to Thompson's Lake State Park Campground. 

Day 9: Albany - New York City

 New York City Sunset

New York City is just a short drive away. Take your time getting up and be sure to explore some of Albany before heading back to the Big Apple where your RV rental vacation all started! 

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