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Whilst the numerous branch locations made Cruise America RV a standout from other RV companies, there are certain factors that relatively pull the company down in the US rental market, and some of those were negative reviews concerning poor customer service and maintenance issues. Many bad feedback overshadowed the positive ones, even though few RVs serve its purpose to some renters. 

Delving deeper into the fleet, Cruise America RV offers 4 different RV categories— Compact, Standard, Large and Truck Camper. For 2 to 3 persons, you can either choose the Compact RV or Truck Camper. Claimed as self-contained vehicle, the Compact RV accentuates its fascinating rear kitchen layout with all cooking and dining amenities. The Truck Camper, on the other hand, exudes a rather unique design, but is the only vehicle on fleet without an electric generator and can be rented out in limited branches only like Henderson in Las Vegas, Newark in San Francisco, and Delta in Vancouver. The 5-berth Standard RV and the 7-berth Large RV are somehow similar to each other, from the vehicle facilities to camping essentials. They largely differ in the layout, with the latter offering more space. 

Going back to the skeptical reputation of this company, it is best to comprehensively check the vehicle prior to jumping to your road trip as there numerous issues about breakdown during the trip. Further, it would be difficult to reach them for roadside support based on previous renters who waited for a couple of hours for assistance. Aside from the RV check-up, make sure to verify your booking, including your insurance coverage, to avoid problems after trip. And above all, renters considering Cruise America RV might need a dose of patience and understanding for a more convenient US vacation. 

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"Review of my cruise-america hire"

  • Reviewed 5 months ago

Everything went well. It was a great rental. Brand new tires, pots , pans. Sheets pillows and doonas were nice. Plenty of hot water. Lots of miles on the clock but the RV didn't really seem to show badly for it. Recommended

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value