9 Warm Places in the Winter to Visit on your next US RV Tour Adventure

Whether summer or winter season, the US happens to be a great place to take your next RV adventure tour. However, many RVers tend to stay home when it gets cold and not venture out on the road. Still, there are others like me, who are more adventurous and will brave the cold to go touring in an RV.

Most people in the world tend to believe that the US is usually a cold country during winter; however, there are some major states and areas that remain the same all throughout the year. I have found these warm places to be a haven for RV savvy adventurers who want to escape the cold and remain warm during their tour of the country. You too can take advantage of these warm places during your RV adventure tour. 

West Palm Beach in Florida 

West Palm Beach

During the winter, many people flock to West Palm Beach because of the sunshine and warm weather there. For beach lovers, there is absolutely nothing compared to getting on the beach, playing, lying lazily in the pristine sand, or enjoying the thrill of letting down your hair and getting your feet wet in the warm relaxing water. West Palm Beach caters to pleasure seekers as well as those persons who just want to get away from it all and enjoy a pleasant but quiet time away from home. Additionally, while you are roaming around in your RV in the West Palm area, you may want to visit the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts where you will find an array of performers lining up to showcase their talent. 

Another interesting place to visit is the Norton Museum of Art. Furthermore, to keep you from feeling dehydrated, visit some of the bars and nightclubs when it gets dark, where you will always find the right drinks to quench your thirst. 

Palm Springs in California 

Palm Springs

Make sure to include in your bucket list tour adventure the lovely and warm Palm Springs, which is situated in California. Here you will find a host of famous architectural buildings, attractive desert landscapes, and exquisitely kept golf courses. While you are in the region, make sure to also visit the well-attended Villagefest, where you will meet up on many finely done homemade crafts and unique artistry to keep you guessing. If you should feel hungry at any time while you are at the Palm, not to worry because restaurant owners employ some of the best-known chefs in the region who make sure your meals are tasty. Therefore, park your RV, turn off the engine, get out there, and start having some fun while you are in the warm area of Palm Springs, California. 

Key West in Florida 

Key West

Another great place for your RV hire is to enjoy warmth and sunshine at Key West in Florida. The place is filled with plenty of tropical air to go around for everyone. The turquoise refreshing water is a pulling attraction you will never want to miss out on. Unlike other places in the US where the harsh winter is blowing, Key West affords you enough sunshine and a warm temperature where you can always pick up a suntan any time of the year - yes, even in winter as well. The temperature is usually in the mid-70s, which means that anyone from the young to the old can stay there and never complain about cold weather affecting them. In addition, the region is just big enough for you to get around on your bike or scooter so you can save your RV fuel. If you like also, you can rent a golf cart from one of the clubs in the area to get you around the place. Key West is the perfect warm setting for your next RV hire.

Scottsdale in Arizona 


Although Scottsdale is a region situated in the desert, still it has some of the most urban scenery that will blow your breath away. One place to visit and hike to when you park your RV is Camelback Mountain where you can get one of the most outstanding views of the surrounding area. The temperature in winter is usually in the low 70s, which means you will be able to do plenty of activities in the lush sunshine. Apart from hiking and spending time on the golf course, you can find other wonderful activities to do in Scottsdale. Make sure to visit interesting museums such as Heard Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and Arizona Museum of Natural History; shop around for unique items to buy in the craft shops or to satisfy your craving for food you can go shopping in the food markets. 

San Diego in California 

San Diego

San Diego is a warm place to be during the harsh winter season that sweeps across most parts of the US. Some places of interest present there are the world-class zoo, lovely beaches, and even bright multicolored old town where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While in San Diego, you can practice your golf shots at Torrey Pines, spend the day at Balboa Park and have some fun in the sun, or just walk around in any of the lush gardens as you enjoy the splendor of exotic flowers. Neighborhood places to visit are Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and Ocean Beach, which are all suitable locations waiting for visitors to venture into them. 

Corpus Christy in Texas

Corpus Christy

Corpus Christy found in the state of Texas is the most welcoming travel destination for people who are trying to escape the harsh cold weather. The blowing breeze is cool in winter but not cold as some might think. In fact, the temperature usually registers in the 70s during very cold winter climates. Some outdoor activities I usually pursue in Corpus Christy whenever I am there are kite flying, golfing, and horseback riding. In addition, I sometimes stroll shirtless along the beach in the warm heat of the sun or enjoy surfing with friends. Shops line the streets where you can buy anything you see that catches your eyes. 

Yuma in Arizona 


To escape the cold winter, turn your RV in the direction of Yuma in the Arizona desert and enjoy a pleasant stay with warm sunshine all around. With such plentiful sunshine beaming down every day, you can take advantage of the warmth to enjoy many outdoor activities such as trail hiking on Telegraph Pass and Laguna Mountain Ridge, perfecting your golf moves, or just rent an off-highway vehicle (OHV) and zoom around in the Imperial Sand Dunes. For history, you can visit the Yuma Territorial State Park and the Yuma Quartermaster Depot Historical Park. Therefore, spend relaxing and entertaining times at sunny Yuma where you will get plenty of sunshine to keep you warm. If just in case you do not believe that Yuma has plenty of sunshine to go around, just check the Guinness World Record book where you will see Yuma listed as the sunniest place in the world and that’s a fact. 

Fort Myers Beach in Florida 

Fort Myers Beach

As a travel destination for sunbathers, Fort Myers Beach in Florida comes up as a top-notch must-visit place and there are adequate parking spots to park your RV when you get there. This beach town found in Florida is a haven for travelers who want to keep warm during the winter season. The beach itself is perched on a little island stretch that measures around seven miles long. You can enjoy a number of water sports such as kayaking and parasailing. For beach sports, you can enjoy volleyball and running or just spend your time lying lazily around in the warm pristine sand. Additionally, you can take an exploration trip to the 100 nearby coastal islands that surround the beach. There are so many fun things to do at Fort Myers Beach and you can do all or many of them while escaping the brutish US winter. 

Tucson in Arizona 


Winter temperatures can lower to the mid-60s in Tucson, Arizona. This makes it a perfect RV hire destination for those persons who want some sunshine. When in Tucson, you can go mountain climbing or visit the Saguaro National Park as an additional outdoor activity. Other outdoor activities that are favorites of visitors to the area are hiking, biking, taking a tram ride into Sabino Canyon, or learning history at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum―just in case you might want to have some stories to tell to the folks back home. Further exploration will get you at the Tucson Mountain Park and the Catalina State Park where you can spend a day at each venue picnicking in the warm radiant sunshine. 

The above places are only a few areas where you can drive your RV to enjoy plenty of sunshine during the winter. Put these travel destinations on your list of places where you can spend winter without feeling any biting cold.

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