The Perfect Autumn: Discover Majestic Foliage on this RV Adventure

Fall is upon us and it’s one of the most wonderful times of year to take a mini-vacation and enjoy the symphony of colors found in the great forests and mountains of America.

On this seven day trip, you’ll start from the metropolis of Chicago and wind through the rolling hills of West Virginia and North Carolina across the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains to wrap up your adventure in the exciting city of Atlanta. If you are looking for a deep dive in the spectacular colors of fall with a taste of two excellent cities on both sides of the trip then this is the perfect RV rental itinerary for you. 

Day 1: Chicago - Columbus 

Fall Road Trip

If you have time, explore some of the incredible sights and sounds of Chicago before hitting the road in your RV. Chicago is a great city to grab an RV rental with at least 8 different RV rental companies to choose from. Be sure to skip the interstate and the check out scenic farm country of Indiana. You won’t get much fall foliage yet, but you’ll have plenty of golden fields of grain to enjoy as you cruise through charming country roads. Within a few hours, you’ll arrive in the charming city of Columbus. While Colombus is an excellent place full of great things to explore, this is a tour to enjoy the spectacle of fall. So instead, wrap up your day at one of the great RV campgrounds in Wayne National Forest where you’ll be able to soak up the crispness of autumn and get a first real taste of fall foliage. 

Day 2: Colombus - George Washington and Jefferson Forest Image: 

Fall colors in Virginia

Today you’re headed into foliage country as you cross into the Appalachians. You’ll savor the backcountry roads, the almost complete absence of traffic and stunning mountain views. You're headed into the George Washington and Jefferson Forest which is one of the largest national parks in the East comprising over 1.8 million acres of land. Be sure to enjoy the amazing waterfall trails you can find scattered throughout the park then set up the RV for cozy nights sleep under a starry sky.

Day 3: George Washington and Jefferson Forest - Roanoke

Roanoke Virginia

This trip is all about savoring the pleasures of RV travel. Today, you’re not traveling far. Instead, you’re soaking up the beautiful countryside of Virginia. As you make your way out of the great forest, you won’t really be saying goodbye to any trees as this part of the country is one of the most heavily forested regions in the world. Your destination today is the eclectic city of Roanoke. The fun little college town is the perfect mixture of outdoor adventure, artsy eateries, and southern charm. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Natural Bridge is great to place to spend the night with full hookups and a swimming pool you can use if it’s still warm enough. If not, there are plenty of places to build a fire and cook up a little bbq by your RV. 

Day 4-5: Roanoke - Blue Ridge Parkway 

Fall foliage Blue Ridge Parkway

Today, you’ll be driving along one of the most enchanting roads in the United States—the Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway is America’s stretches nearly 500 miles through Virginia and North Carolina connecting to the best places to enjoy fall foliage: Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains. You’ll want to take two days to enjoy all the amazing places along the parkway. Here you can find some of the best hiking, fishing, climbing, ATV riding, and all kinds of outdoor activities. Best of all, after an exciting today of savoring the truly spectacular colors and weather, you’ll have a comfy RV for a perfect night’s rest. Be sure to check out incredible places like Blowing Rock and Boone along the way. 

Day 6: Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville

North Carolina Fall

Asheville is the perfect mountain city to celebrate the peak of your fall foliage tour. Nestled in the Appalachian mountains at the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway (or start depending on where you’re coming from), it’s the perfect place to discover the best of fall. Asheville is the kind of city where you can be exploring its exciting downtown and famous cities such as the classic Biltmore House then make a couple turns and be deep in the mountains once again. If you’re looking for something a little more outdoorsy, you can also camp in Pisgah National Forest which is just outside the city. 

Day 7: Asheville - Atlanta 

Chattahoochee Fall

It’s time to start wrapping up your fall foliage tour. To make the most out of your last day, head out towards Highway 23 which wraps through the Appalachians making its way into Georgia. Today’s drive will be full of spectacular views that will take you through the Chattahoochee National Forest across rural Georgia before you arrive in the marvelous city of Atlanta. There’s no better place to wrap up a fall foliage tour here as you enjoy the lovely weather and sights and sounds of the bustling city. Best of all, Atlanta has one of the largest airports in the country so you can easily fly home. It’s also a great place to continue your RV journey where you can continue south to Miami to get one last touch of summer or dive into more of the stunning beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. 

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