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HitTheRoad – RV Rental & Reviews

When you’re preparing for an adventure on the road, HitTheRoad should be your very first stop. With extensive and ever growing listings of US and Canada RV rental companies and full listings of every campervan hire company in Australia and New Zealand, we provide RV rental company reviews, road trip tales, travel advice and comparisons of campervan, motorhome and RV rental prices.

Wide Open Spaces of the USA

If you're looking for adventure in wide open spaces and the land of opportunity, then an RV rental holiday in the USA is just the ticket. With the 'golden triangle' of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco giving you access to some of the most famous national parks in the world as well as some of the most famous cities, you can't go wrong by loading aboard a US sized RV for a US sized RV road trip adventure.

With some of the most luxurious RV models in the world available here, America is built to just get in the front cab and coast. Roll on over to parks with amazing and unique beauty like Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, Zion NP, Arches NP or head on up the Rocky Mountains.

In the east there are the famous cities of New York, Washington DC and then glorious beaches and weather of Florida. No matter where you go across this vast country there are people to meet and adventures to experience so jump in the drivers seat and head on off for road trip of a lifetime.

The Wilds of Canada

If untamed wild open spaces is what you like then an RV rental road trip in Canada is calling you. Vast stretches of wilderness and wild animals await in the 2nd largest country in the world. With metropolitan chic contrasting the wilderness, cities like Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto offer a bright contrast the see of trees, forests, mountains and lakes that you can see when you hit the road.

In the east you can visit Montreal and get a taste of European life in North America with the French influence still strong in this region. You can even try practicing your French whilst you are there.

Any way you look at it, Canada offers some of the most exciting views and locations you can think of for a rented RV road trip.