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In Australia, Britz is everywhere, both in terms of depots and the vehicles that you will see on the road. 

They have a full range of campervans and motorhomes in terms of size and budget from cosy 2 person campervans to luxury 6 berth motorhomes and the largest fleet in the country for any single campervan hire company.

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Added to the list are some of the best 4wd's in the country, making them the most popular campervan hire company in Australia (and New Zealand).

About Britz Campervans Australia

Britz campervans are probably the most well known brand in Australia, they are certainly the largest.

The Covid shut downs seriously damaged them, and all campervan hire companies in Australia, but thankfully they have pulled through. They really are a great company and it would be sad to see them go.

They generally run their campervans and motorhomes from brand new to up to 3 years old before they pass them off sister company Mighty Campers

Did I mention Britz was big? 

They also own Maui and Mighty Campers in both Australia and New Zealand as well as Road Bear RV and El Monte in the USA

Hence, if you decide to rent from them, you are getting a lot of perks from, including local pick-up, branch parking, supported travel, flexible booking, and  much more. 

Because of their popularity, Britz is constantly inventing and re-inventing their collection so it is always fun to watch what is coming next. 

The Britz Fleet At A Glance

2 berth simple models, 2 berth full feature models, 4 berth, 6 berth and 4wds, Britz does it all.

Campervans and Motorhomes running under the Britz brand in Australia are a maximum of 3 years old

After that, or at 150,000km, they sell them or pass them on to their cheaper family of campers under the brand of Mighty Campers. 

Like pretty much all the campervan hire companies, you are charged by calendar days used, not the time of day picked up like car rental. 

So, it pays to pick up early and drop off late as you are paying for the whole day regardless. This is common practice across nearly all campervan and motorhome rental companies in Australia.

If you rent a motorhome with a toilet, you will have to get used to the idea of emptying the cassette as if you return it full, you will be paying an extra fee.

Which Campervan Brand Is Best For You?

Just so you know which of the Britz brands is best for you, here is how they stack up: 

MAUI is the brand used for campervans and motorhomes that are brand new to approx. $60,000km (about 1 year). 

BRITZ campervans are run from 60,000km to 150,000km (1 year old to approx. 3), but some models also start their life here so can be under 1 year old.

 MIGHTY campervans then run the camper from 150,000km to end of life, which might be about 5 years. 

4wd Campervan Hire To Seal The Deal:

If you are looking for true outback adventure in Australia, then Britz is the way to go. 

Whether you want to do the "top end" of Australia, the "red centre" or maybe the wild Kimberley or Pilbara regions, then a 4WD is a must. 

The Britz 4WDs have simply been one of the best in the market for a long time. 

Over the last couple of years, they have changed their strategy a bit so they can source vehicles that are less expensive and have fewer conversion costs. 

I think this has lead to their title for “best 4wd campers” being challenged by Apollo

Gone are the sleep-inside hi-top Landcruiser Troop Carrier models (breaks my heart to see them go) and in comes the new breed.

We'll deal with these a little further down.

The Britz Campervans In Detail

2 Berth Action Pod

Britz campervan hire Action Pod Rear kitchen

(More images in the GALLERY below)

This model comes and goes seasonally.

It is the simplest model in the fleet, offering a comfortable but bare bones campervan hire experience. 

Catering to the youth and budget market you get all the essentials but not much else.

Its a typical budget layout with the kitchen facilities at the back, so you've go to open the rear door for access to the fridge and everything else. The benefit to this of course is there is more room inside.  No conversion to the factory roof means no standing upright inside.

This is a great little addition for people on a budget but don't want the skanky old brands like Wicked Campers.

2 Berth HiTop

(More images in the GALLERY below)

This is a pretty stock standard hi-top campervan. 

The same type of model can be found in many of the Britz competitors: the Camperman Juliette, Cheapa Campa Hi-Top, Viva Campers Deluxe 3 person Hi-Top, Mighty Highball to name a few. 

The thing to note about the Britz version will be the age. 

As mentioned earlier, Britz tends to run their campervans only for a few of years before they pass them down to Mighty or simply just sell them. 

The others I have just mentioned have waaay older models.

The price of competitors and your desire for crisp and clean will be the only factors to consider with this model.


  • Base model but good inclusions as per Britz standards
  • 2 burner stove
  • 57 ltr fridge
  • Pillows, sheets, doona (douvet), towel included
  • Microwave
  • Electric water pump
  • water tank 39ltr
  • Auto and manual transmission


  • Stand fully upright
  • 0-3 years old
  • Good storage


  • No kids under 4yo
  • Not the cheapest and could get a 3-year-old camper
  • Hi-tops have poorer fuel efficiency

2 Berth Venturer

(More images in the GALLERY below)

You’re getting into the luxury end of town when you get this particular campervan. 

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter this unit is pretty much longer and wider than the Toyota Hiace based models that come before. 

It includes a toilet, shower, microwave and TV, making it fully contained. Additionally, there is a lot more room to move around in. Being in one of these gives one the sense of being in a “home” rather than just a campervan. So, if you want a home on wheels setup for two, this serves its purpose well. 

There’s a lot more storage with extra cupboards up along the roof corners to store groceries and other tidbits so if you are the kind of person who doesn’t travel light, then this is the campervan for you. There’s plenty of bench space for preparing meals and putting empty wine bottles on at the end of the night as well as a freezer, not just a fridge, for keeping the fish you caught.


  • Shower
  • toilet
  • TV/DVD
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/freezer 110ltr
  • Hot water
  • 1 double or 2 single beds
  • Freshwater tank 70-100ltr
  • Auto transmission


  • Everything you could need is on board
  • Plenty of room
  • Luxurious
  • Whopping beds


  • This is a long vehicle - city parking issues
  • Priciest among all 2 berths
  • A lot to learn to make all the inclusions work 

2+1 Berth Venturer Plus

(More images in the GALLERY below)

A step-up is the Ventura 2+1 motorhome that adds a sleeping capacity for a child passenger. 

So, aside from the options of two rear single beds or one rear double, you can put a single bed in just behind where the driver cabin is to accommodate your kid. 

The extra single bed is strategically located so that your kid can sit behind the driver while travelling. 

Overall, this unit is just the same as the 2 Berth Ventura, which is a nicely designed with its own bathroom, kitchen, and entertainment system. 

So, if you are looking for a nicer living space than the other 2-person campers, whether or not you're bringing a child, this is sort of a bridging-camper that is bigger and better than a standard campervan.

4 Berth Voyager

(More images in the GALLERY below)

There are so many ways you can fit 4 people into a small campervan, but you’ve gotta be pretty happy with this layout. 

Daytime sees 2 peeps in the front seats and 2 people right at the back. Now, over the road noise when travelling, it will be a little hard to hear the peeps in the back row from the front, so if you have bickering kids, this will be perfect for you. 

In addition, there’s a hi-top roof on this Toyota Hiace campervan that allows for 2 peeps to sleep “upstairs”, so night time sees 2 upstairs near the front and 2 downstairs at the back. 

Personally, I love this design as it provides full standing height, interior cooking, and enough room to sit around a table. I highly recommend this camper for any group of 4 that are travelling buddies or family.


  • Microwave
  • Electric water pump
  • 2 burner stove
  • 80ltr fridge/freezer
  • 2 double beds
  • 39ltr water tank
  • 2 booster seats available
  • Auto transmission
  • Sheets, doona, pillows, towels


  • New design
  • Good storage
  • 1-2 years old


  • New design is unique but UGLY.
  • 4 Adults will be close quarters
  • Fridge and water a little small for 4 peeps

4 Berth Discovery

(More images in the GALLERY below)

Woohoo - bunk beds! If you’ve got kids, then the sleeping setup of this campervan is going to get them excited. 

In this unique design, the 2 double beds stack above one another and the top bunk is housed up in the roof the rest the of the day. 

Now I know this has been around for ages in Europe, but for the Australian campervan hire industry, this is quite exciting! 

Apart from that, there is a neat little toilet/bathroom design, a skylight for when you want the privacy curtains shut, quality cooking and fridge installations. 

Basically, this camper is SCHMICK! It's perfect for a family with kids who want to climb ladders. Plenty of storage, easy driving with automatic transmission and even a range-hood for when you are cooking up a storm. 

Recommended - however, is only a summer high-season vehicle that may not be around all year.


  • Auto transmission
  • Diesel
  • Fridge
  • Shower/Toilet
  • Sheets, doona (douvet), pillows, and towels
  • child and booster seats available
  • 2 double beds


  • Modern design
  • 0-1 years old


  • Limited availability
  • Leased into fleet so Britz staff won't know it that well.

4 Berth Explorer

(More images in the GALLERY below)

For 4 people looking for the traditional Motorhome experience, there is the Explorer. 

This is the first type in the Britz range that has that bubble looking bit above the driver's cabin. Someone will be sleeping up there. If you have kids, give it to them. They will love the "bunk bed" feel of having to climb up and down, but I find the ground floor bed better for adults. As with all, there is the toilet and shower.

Now, with four people (as with 6), don't plan on all having your showers one after the other because the hot water won't last that long. It's an issue with all motorhomes, but the shower systems just can't keep up with that many people, plan on some people having showers at different times and you won't be disappointed. 

The Explorer is a very comfy design with plenty of storage, although you should be prepared to spread things out around the cupboards rather than keeping everything in your luggage. 

From a uniqueness POV, there isn’t much to point out about the Explorer. There are a number of other companies offering similar, so shop around and compare prices. 

Remember Britz operates in the 1-3 years age motorhome space. Hence, you can look at alternatives like the Apollo Euro Star, Lets Go 4 Berth Conquest or the Cruisin’ Motorhomes 4 berth Seeker, if you want. 


  • Both double beds permanently set up
  • stove top burners
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/Freezer 136ltr
  • Toilet/shower
  • Pillows, sheets, doona, towels
  • 2-5 years old


  • Spacious for 4 people
  • Permanent double beds easy to flop onto at end of day
  • Plenty of storage 


  • A bit noisy when driving 100km/hr
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Long vehicle, hard city parking

6 Berth Frontier

(More images in the GALLERY below)

The Frontier is one of the largest Britz motorhomes, accommodating 6 people. 

Air con and heating in both the driver's cabin and the rear cabin, TV, plenty of sitting space, tables and everything you could want from a house on wheels. 

This is the largest you can get before you move into the kind of motorhome models that are based on buses. If you have a big group or want to live in the lap of luxury, this the model for you―but you WILL be paying for it. This is not a cheap vehicle to begin with. 

Another thing to keep in mind with this model, and all models that have toilets is that if you hire for long enough, you are going to have to clean out the toilet waste. If you are on short hire, Britz offers a toilet cleaning service on return. But if you are on long hire, then you are going to have empty the cassette yourself. They'll show you how to do it when you pick the motorhome up, but anyway you cut it, it can be a bit off-putting if you have to do it yourself. Just make sure there is someone in your group who is going to be up to the task. Will be 1-5 years of age.


  • 2 of 3 beds pack away during the day
  • stove top burners
  • Microwave
  • Fridge/Freezer 90-140ltr
  • Pillows, sheets, doona, towels
  • Toilet/shower


  • Plenty of space and storage
  • Back cabin A/C when on mains power
  • Very comfortable driver's seat
  • Cruise control


  • Access door to undercarriage storage a little small
  • Noisy when at high speed

4WD Campervans

5 Berth Outback 4WD

(More images in the GALLERY below)

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Based on the Toyota Hilux SR, this is the cheapest 4wd campervan hire available from Britz.

Caters to up 2 peeps in the front and up to 3 in the back with the ability to take 2 child seats. 

Sleeping is done in the supplied 5 person tent. Yep, if you are going to rough the roads, you can rough the sleeping too it seems. 

There are limited resources inside the vehicle for what is in a traditional "campervan". 

There's a 40ltr fridge (small) and a gas burner that comes with 4 butane gas bottle for that burner, but you are most likely going to need more than 4, so stock up somewhere in the city because they can be hard to find on the road. 

Other than that, there are pots, pans, and cutlery. 

But where do you put the luggage? 

The rear boot/trunk is all filled up with kitchen and foodstuff. 

The rear seats are filled up with the kids and the roof is filled with the tent―umm luggage for 4 people goes...where? 

Look, you'll eventually be able to jam things in here and there and on the roof, which means you just have to travel light.

RELATED ARTICLE: Outback Tent Setup Guide

Everything you need to go across Australia’s harsh outback regions is in this camper, including recovery gear from being bogged and an emergency beacon you can set off if you are in real trouble. 

The Hilux SR may be tough-as-nails but it doesn’t come with a snorkel that allows the engine to breathe in deep water river crossings. 

And I doubt Britz want you doing that anyway! (Damage from "submerged" is not covered at any insurance level)

This camper will get you everywhere you need to go, it just might be a bit cramped with 5 on board.


  • Can take a whole family 4wd'ing (5 people)
  • Sleep in a tent
  • Air con - essential
  • Child seats allowed
  • Safety and recovery gear included
  • 40L fridge
  • Auto transmission


  • Go anywhere
  • Vehicle has grunt
  • 2nd battery for fridge


  • Very little luggage space
  • Sleep in a tent not inside
  • No snorkel for river crossings
  • Not really a 'campervan'

5 Berth Safari Landcruiser 4WD

(More images in the GALLERY below)

RELATED ARTICLE: 4WD Camper Adventure in the Northern Territory

The Toyota Landcruiser has “owned” the Aussie outback for many years. Anyone who lives out there drives one of these. 

They are almost unstoppable. But when they do break, they are very fixable. 

Basically, if it's physically possible to drive a car somewhere, this car is the one that will get there. 

Sleeping is via roof-tent for 2 peeps and 3 more on the ground through the annex attached to the tent. 

Like Hilux, no toilet or shower facilities, and the rear of the camper is just kitted out to have the fridge, kitchen stuff, and storage. 

If you are looking to compare apples to apples for this campervan, it is most like the Overlander Campervan offered by Apollo.

Both these campervans can handle a lot more battering than you might think.

If you aren't that experienced with 4WD vehicles, then you can pretty much guarantee these campervans will be able to cope with anything you throw at it, opening up a lot more roads and places to visit than you could have imagined. 

Britz has some restrictions in place to a few tracks that you can't go on. 

This is mainly for your own safety as they are kind of tracks only REALLY experienced 4wd'ers should go on. 

Other roads and tracks require you to phone in 24-48 hours before you go on them. 

Again this is for your safety and just to check the road is even open. 

Often in heavy rain, the roads are closed to protect both drivers and the road.  

A 4WD is recommended if you want to go off the road and get to some of the most remote places in Oz.


  • Can take 5 people
  • Sleep in roof tent and/or annex
  • Air con - essential
  • Child seats allowed
  • Safety and recovery gear included
  • 40L fridge
  • Auto transmission


  • Most powerful and robust 4wd campervan in the fleet
  • 2nd battery for fridge
  • Will go anywhere - FUN!


  • Very little luggage space
  • Sleep in a tent not inside
  • Camp stove on a table
  • Not really a 'campervan'

5 Berth Safari Auto 4WD

(More images in the GALLERY below)

Same car as the aforementioned Outback 4wd, this one has a roof tent for 2 and annexe ground sleeping for 3. Like the earilier vehicle it will be squahsy with 5 people but doable.

The Safari Auto 4WD is available from Perth, Broome, Darwin, Alice Springs, Cairns and Brisbane

Travel available from: 15 April 2022 – 30 November 2022 due to weather

Pet Friendly Campervan Hire

Traveling with a pet? 

Britz now caters your furry friends into their units. It was only introduced in 2020 as a trial but, thankfully, seems to be sticking. 

Now for the harsh news. 

The fee for taking pets is AU$299 - yikes! 

This is to facilitate the deep clean the vehicle will have to go through after rental. 

You're expected to bring all the requirements you have for the pets and I am sure the next renters would also appreciate if you took an old sheet or blanket to put on the seats to help protect them. 

Up to 2 cats and dogs are allowed. It seems that the fee is per rental not per pet per rental. Phew.

You can get the latest rules and fees from Britz campervan hire Australia right here


The standard liability for Britz campervans and motorhomes range from $5000 to $7000, depending on the rented vehicle. 

But you can reduce such amount by paying an additional fee per day. 

The Liability Reduction Option at $46/day features $0 bond and $0 liability, plus coverage for windscreen, tyre, overhead, and underbody. 

Another option is the Inclusive Pack at $58/day with same liability coverage as the first option but with inclusions like single vehicle rollover cover, tables, child booster seat, and a lot more. 

If you're renting one of their 4WDs, then the standard liability is $8000. 

The Liability Reduction Option for 4WDs is $49/day, with $500 bond and $500 liability. 

For the Inclusive Pack, it's $64/day―same insurance coverage along with some extras. 

Insurance is always the trickiest part of campervan hire after after deciding what style you want.

ESSENTIAL RELATED ARTICLE:  How Campervan Hire Insurance REALLY works

 Best alternative to taking out insurance directly with the rental company


You know you are going to get a well-oiled machine when you go through a company as big as Britz. But of course, you are also going to be paying for it. 

They are hardly the cheapest kid on the block as they are targetting those that value quality over price. 

Their campervans, motorhomes, 4WDs are normally meticulously maintained and they spend a lot of time putting thoughts into the design of their customizations. 

They have depots in all major cities as well as a few smaller ones that are popular with tourists, making them a truly national company. 

That being said, you will only ever be dealing with "staff" and never the owner. 

Many campervan hire companies are running these kind unit models now so you can shop around a bit before settling. 


With such a huge fleet, Britz has always been a benchmark company that you simply must get a price comparison with as you look for quotes. 

It's best suited to those who are mid to high budget or travelling in a group and require a little more quality.

From the Agency

No word from this agency yet. Come back and see if they checked in soon.


  • A 5-star camper company with big company support.
  • Lots of vehicles to choose from and availability most the time.
  • Definitely, have a model to suit middle to upper budget.


  • Can book out in peak periods due to popularity
  • Not the cheapest
  • People complain about how long it takes to get their deposit back


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S.M24 - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Average Experience & Terrible 24 Hour Service When In Trouble...."

  • Reviewed 3 years ago

We booked a Britz Frontier from 27th June until 3rd July, 2020. Probably the best part of the whole experience with Britz was the check-in process. We were shown a very brief demonstration on the use of the van, and then told if we need anything else or experience any troubles go to the thl app, and that should assist with our queries. The van quality definately wasn't what we expected, very tied and worn. Within 2 days of our 6 days trip the power went out and the waste tank wouldn't work. We had a powered site, and yes we were plugged in correctly. We decided to calll the 24 hour hot line, which offered absolutely no asistance whatsoever. They could not offer any solutions, let alone walk us through a process of elimination to the cause. The end result was this, "It is probably best you call back in the morning". The call was logged and thats the best we got from the 24 hour hotline...We called back in the morning and were super impressed with the level of service we received from what seemed a new 24 hour hotline. The gentleman walked us through a process of elimination until we found the problem. This would of never been resolved through the thl app. The case of the waste not working was due to a blockage in the line, which wasn't obvioulsy checked prior to us picking up the van. We eneded empting the contents of the previous campers waste once we unblocked the line. Super impressed Britz...Upon dropping off the van we disussed our issues and were informed we would receive a phone call from the branch manager about our experience. Guess what,,,, NO CALL....Once again, thankyou Britz for caring about your customers.

3Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
B. Klausing - avatar not loaded
, United States
1 Review

"Over priced"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

The fan itself was ok but not fun to drive if your taller than 6’. Mainly upset that that couldn’t cut any break for an early drop off even though we purchased premium insurance and extra fees. Not only was there no credit but they also added $45o charge. Basically the minimum model was $3500 for 10 days. Just doesn’t add up. Wish the employees had more agency to be “cool”
Or use judgement

1Service 2Mechanical 2Interior 1Value

  • Brand Manager

    Thank you for your feedback, we have followed up on your booking and can see that during your hire you were wanting to change the drop off location to a separate island. This fee has to be charged as the vehicle you had was needed in Auckland. As a result of the change, we had to relocate this vehicle from Christchurch to Auckland to ensure other customers received the vehicle they had booked. I am sorry that in this instance we could not be flexible with this. Thanks, your Britz team

W. Bryce-Dexter - avatar not loaded
, Afghanistan
1 Review

"Review of my Britz-Campervans-Australia hire"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

good camper and a professional company

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
J. Smith - avatar not loaded
, Germany
1 Review

"What a rip-off!"

  • Reviewed 4 years ago

We arranged to take a Relocation Campervan from Darwin to Alice Springs. The Employee on the phone assured us that we could drive unlimited kilometer as long as we bring the car back to Alice Springs 5 days later. Even after I asked several times, because I couldn't believe it she said it was unlimited. That would have suited our plans to drive to Uluru and Kings Canyon during these 5 days before returning. Also she recommended a relocation insurance for the rental time, 20$ per day. Which covers everything - her words. This was an amazing deal for us and we took it, even if that meant we had to return our rental campervan (from a different company) earlier. So we got into the Office in Darwin the next day to pick up the van and the room was completely full of customers with only one girl in the room minding her own business. All the other employees rushed past every now and then and dissappear again. We waited for about half an hour before we got an information sheet to our Relocation Rental. On this the kilometers were limited to the actual distance to Alice Springs +550 km. Of course this wasn't enough for our planned trip! So they said if I don't know who I talked to about the unlimited kilometers on the phone, they couldn't help me. They never had the idea to just have a look in their system, who put in the booking. After me telling them to just have a look, the manager went off and made a phone call. Ages later she told me that it was false information I got and she can't do nothing about that, either I take it or leave it. She gave us 'some' time to think about it. 1h later she came back!! We had a few questions especially to the insurance that didn't cover windscreen, tire, underbody and top of car + accidents with animals and rollovers - so basically nothing! So while we asked her the questions she just walked away while I was talking. Long story short: We didn't take the campervan. If you want to be ripped off then go ahead an book at britz! Can't recommend it at all. What a waste of time and money. I even had to pay the 50$ Cancellation Fee after I had to call at the Hotline to discuss it myself! No service, no understanding, not friendly, not worth the money, waste of time.. Thanks Britz for this amazing experience!

1Service 3Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
P. Maitrepierre - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Britz-Campervans-Australia hire"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Campervan use quite a lot of petrol. Be aware of that in the cost.
Otherwise really confortable and clean.
A light blanket would have been good. Doona can be too warm. Very easy to set up. Great fun!

4Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
Geraldine - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Britz campervan - beware very poor customer service when something goes wrong with the vehicle"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We hired a 4 berth camper for a 3 week trip in Western Australia. The booking and pick-up all went fine and the trip was going well until the pull-out awning completely broke when pulling it out. The camper could not be driven because long, metal support struts were hanging at right angles off the side of the van. We were in a National Park with little mobile phone reception. When we managed to get another very kind camper to give us a lift into town, we called Britz On-Road Assistance and they were truly dreadful. All of their staff seemed to be French and had a poor understanding of English. They certainly did not know what an awning was and told us to drive the vehicle 50km to the nearest mechanic! They had no understanding of why it could not be driven and were determined to tell us we had crashed the vehicle and that was why the awning broke!
Eventually got a towing company to come and remove the awning, at $700 personal cost. When we retuned the campervan to the Perth office their dreadful customer service continued. In short, under a thinly veiled attempt at "helping the customer" we were fairly and squarely blamed for breaking the awning (despite us having numerous photos of how it broke). This included out right lies from the front desk staff. The manager was more professional in dealing with the issue but still just said what we wanted to hear, without actually taking any responsibility for the vehicle having a mechanical fault with the awning before we hired it. Amidst all of this our $7000 deposit was being withheld. After one week, the Britz head office conceded that we could have the deposit back and reimbursed the towing fee we had incurred, so it all ended OK financially. But it was unnecessarily stressful being blamed for a mechanical fault with the awning (it had metal fatigue), and the one time we needed support from the customer service team it was glaringly lacking. I would never use Britz again nor recommend them.

2Service 1Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
E. Johannesson - avatar not loaded
, Sweden
1 Review

"Review of my Britz-Campervans-Australia hire"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Everything went very smooth. The service was excellent. It was good value for the money. I could have wished for a bit more cozy interiour in the van and a bit more cool look on the outside but I knew what I paid for and it was great

5Service 5Mechanical 3Interior 5Value
D. Castleton - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Review of my Britz-Campervans-Australia hire"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We found the rental experience very positive. The camper wasn't cheap to rent, but we thought that we were provided with a good quality vehicle which met our needs. It was almost new and as such was in very good condition.
The staff at the collection and drop off points were very helpful and provided all the information we needed. They offered additional items but were not pushy.
We couldn't fault the experience we had

4Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 3Value
Ballamboy - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Poor Experience"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

A very poor experience! We rented a Britz Venturer motorhome from their Brisbane depot a few weeks ago for an 11-day hire. Not a great start when an awning that we’d booked and paid for months previously was not available. ‘We’ve had a run on them recently, lots of people wanted them at the last minute’. Having asked to see the manager I was told that he was unavailable but had agreed that we could buy one ourselves and he would reimburse us!

The vehicle was disappointing. We were aware that Britz vehicles have generally done 2 years with Maui and are ‘up to 4 years old’. This one definitely showed it’s age with a battered front number plate and at least a dozen minor bumps and scratches. The mileage was 183, 000 km.

When being shown the van, the rep was unable to remove the toilet cassette from it’s locker. A technician was called and had to pull out the cassette using some force; he then pushed it back in (again with some force). ‘Working perfectly’ I was told!

Within a day or two I noticed an unpleasant smell coming from the toilet/shower cubicle. I removed the cassette from it’s outside locker and noticed liquid pooled beneath it, and in the open trap beneath it. I hosed it out, emptied the cassette and replaced it back in the locker. We used the toilet for the next few days but the smell continued. I removed and emptied the cassette several times. We eventually stopped using the toilet (we were on sites with good facilities). On Day 9 I emailed Britz for advice. I was told to check that the toilet was properly seated and that that the ‘exit’ area lined up with the ‘entry’ area in the cassette. I checked and it was lined up perfectly. I have had a caravan for 10 years and am familiar with Thetford toilets. My suspicion was that it had been damaged being so tightly fitted and that the technician having to force it in, and then force it out had probably damaged the seal. As we were managing without it (and returning it 2 days later) I was unwilling to spend holiday time taking it to a dealer or awaiting a technician.

On return I flagged up the toilet issue, and some other issues that needed sorting - a waste bucket with a large hole in it, frayed towels, kitchen trim that needed re-fixing, a broken windscreen wiper. Also the condition of a picnic table that we had paid 25AUD to hire - it had a hole in it and was so grubby that we were embarrassed to use it (we were camping with Australian friends). Duvet and sheets were ridiculous - 2 double duvets and a sheets that were around 2mx2m were useless when sleeping on 2 single beds (Britz maintain that 2 singles isn’t an advertised configuration on the Venturer - they should check their website!)

I made a written complaint. The Britz response has been to remind me that in the circumstances they would waive the 125AUD for returning the toilet not fully emptied! Apparently nobody else has had the same problem - unsurprising as it was probably caused by them as were were being shown over the vehicle - and may have been righted by my removing and refitting several times. Additionally they reminded me that ‘ when a camper-van is returned without being reasonably clean, we reserve the right to charge an additional AUD250 to cover the cost of providing a deep clean.’ Words almost fail me…..the van was spotless, surfaces clean, washing put away, everything left tidy. An astonishing response.

They have not offered to recompense us for the picnic table hire or for our unpleasant experience. Apologies for the long post but our experience was very poor, and Britz’s response astonishing.

1Service 4Mechanical 1Interior 2Value
Oz Traveller - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Not a 5 star company . Especially if you are going remote check car and gear first"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

If you are in a hurry picking up the car and starting your trip you may miss some important things like we did:

The car had 3 standard tyres and only one proper offroad tyre.
The gear was in bad condition except for the fridge which was great. Eg: the cheap portable stoves will not be good in any breezy conditions. One did not even work properly. If you get the prepaid gas refill ($18) for the end of your trip you'll feel ripped off because you could hardly use the stoves and also the refill is a few butane canisters, exact type for 3 was $4.95 at Bunnings.
A part of the internal tent pole was so worn that we had to jam a nailfile in the top bit to stop it collapsing each night.
The sleeping mats were old and really uncomfortable so in the end we decided that sleeping in the Toyota was better ie; put the seats back, this was preferable to sleeping on old mats with an ancient tent that also nearly flooded on the first night we camped. One of the sleeping 'bags' was not a bag at all so my partner had to wrap the velcro material thing (not sure what it was) around him in stead of promised sleeping bag.
We ended up buying our own mugs as the mugs provided were covered in some unidentifiable yellow substance ( I have photos of this).
Hiring the car and gear was a big deal for us, ie alot of money for us. The car was good except for the tyres, good that we weren't doing any full on 4 wd driving. You should be able to though for this money. Using crappy gear was not a great start to the holiday.
It was very difficult to find out what was included in the camping gear, which is tricky when you are planning your gear especially from interstate or overseas and you have little time. We were glad we borrowed a friend's stove. I emailed Britz but was fobbed off. You can only find generalities on the website. The website is also confusing in offering all sorts of inclusions (pay extra) and it's hard to work out what you are already getting or not getting.
I guess the cars must have a very quick turn around, something is obviously wrong with the process. The staff member didn't really show us any of the gear in the car. We were in a hurry so we didn't care at the time but in retrospect she probably didn't really want to.
As pointed out in another review on this website the tent is on the roof, not easy to get down if you are under 6ft. The cover of the tent was quite dirty as well. I could go on.
What choice is there though I guess they have monopoly

3Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 2Value
S. Cordell - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review of my Britz-Campervans-Australia hire"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We were thrilled with the car - strong and solid - in excellent condition, and we traveled safely over some tough roads. Fuel consumption a pleasant surprise - very efficient. The roof top camper was well equipped with basics for cooking, bedding etc - a grater would be a good addition - stove was fine for our needs.. The erection of the camper was a little problematic - even with the instructions. The tyre step is inadequate and made it very difficult to reach the top - without climbing on the roof - which you are not allowed to do. You would need to be very tall ( and my partner is 6') to manage this function. A small step ladder would be a great help. Had concerns about the pull over access ladder - flimsy and malfunctioned - ( didn't lock in as pins were bent) and we didn't feel totally confident - climbing into the tent. The tent itself was perfectly adequate - good sheets ( terrible pillows - bring your own) and great to feel safe - especially in the NT. Excellent fridge and Tom Tom a great help - small humane gas bottles should be in a small box maybe. Overall once we got the set up right - we were very happy with our experience - had an extraordinary time and dealings with Britz. .

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
Hans V. - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"5 Berth Outback 4WD: Good car, but broken camping equipement"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

We rented a 5 Berth Outback 4WD for 4 weeks with camping equipment and fridge. Staff in both Brisbane and Cairns were nice, but some were rather inexperienced (mostly interns from abroad). While the car and the fridge were excellent, 3 of the 4 inflatable mats showed leaks, one sleeping bag had a broken zipper and the two tents had central poles that slowly come down during the night, making our first night on Straddie a cold and uncomfortable one. If you expect to see some rain during camping these tents will not keep you dry. After buying two light-weight tents and air-mattrasses we were ok except for the bulk space that the Britz mats take in. Britz did compensate us for the three air-mattrasses but did not offer any other compensation. So buy/bring your own tents and mats and leave the bulky Britz equipment behind (that will also give you more space for your own luggage as space is limited).

2Service 4Mechanical 5Interior 3Value
Laney - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Blitz voyager or Apollo hi-top"

  • Reviewed 5 years ago

Britz review

We hired the voyager 4 berth Britz camper van (the one with the high top that extends over the drivers seat) from Broome to Perth for 5 weeks.

The van is a larger version of the traditional camper. It berths 4 but is very cosy. There is good cupboard space and head space. All the cooking and kitchen benches are inside, so limited space for chefs assistants. No fold out table to prep food outside.

this new larger hi-top had some good features (larger, bigger fridge, more storage space etc.) but some significant cons are that the bed folds up by day blocking out the light and view out the back window which made it dark and stuffy. Most importantly the
bed was incredibly uncomfortable (and I’m not that fussy). It is very short and is formed from two separate pieces that slip apart. The base has terrible plastic springs that the thin mattress (an inch thick) sits on. Awful design. It is also very heavy to lift up and is only on hinges so a bit dangerous if u drop it on you which I did.

The water pump is electric so when it broke one week in we had no water. We ended up having to take it to a pump person for repair and they commented they were cheap simple pumps which frequently break.

The gas bottle they gave us was tiny, only 2kg. It was not a swap and go and we spent 21/2 hours driving around trying to find someone to fill it. Even the place Britt said would fill it did not provide that service. Wasted a chunk of our day. Really need a swap and go or larger bottle.

The sink drains into a greywater collection tank rather than just onto the ground. A good idea but it causes the van to stink. There may be a product called bioactivator that a few squirts daily might kill the odour without chemicals. Worth trying Britz.

We hired fromBroome where the male staff were grumpy, offered no free table or chairs (which Apollo had done the year prior) and had a very strict rule of 12 km on dirt if heading to an official campsite (Apollo were much more relaxed about this). We had booked into Broome bird observatory which was 13km on dirt, Broome staff said no way.

On board they pointed out was a Tom Tom which monitors your every move and makes audible warnings for going on non approved tracks, too fast, driving in the dark, cornering too fast etc etc. we turned it off and buried it in the glove box.

Britz charged $750 for pick up from Broome and a $150 feel for relocation from Perth.

Apollo vans were cheaper, and a well tried out design.

I feel we can compare apples with apples as we hired an Apollo hi-top from Perth last year for 6 weeks and this year a Britz from Broome to Perth for 5 weeks.

Apollo vans were very relaxed about how far you can drive on dirt roads. They provided us with free chairs, table, extra towels etc due to our length of hire. Super friendly staff, they even emailed us to check all was well.

2Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
Chrisalyn - avatar not loaded
, Canada
1 Review

"Terrible Customer service"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

I would not recommend this company to anyone. There was a miscommunication when we rented the van and when we called the manager from Melbourne, he called us liars, and did the bare minimum to help us out because we kept persisting. We thought this would be a great company and spent extra to get the best insurance and the best of everything and they did nothing for us to help us with our issue. Very very disappointed with this company. Will be going with a different company from now on. And will continue to tell people to steer clear from Britz campervans.

1Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
P. Tournier - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review Of My Rental With Britz-Campervans-Australia"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

Véhicule fiable et sûr
La couchette pour la troisième personne n'est pas très confortable mais reste convenable.

4Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
B. Cameron - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Britz 3 berth campervan hired from Hobart"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

The campervan was a reasonable size for two people and the shower/toilet although small worked well. At some places the connection did not fit for refilling the water, an adaptor should be provided. Also they do not provide enough chemical for the toilet, that should be explained so you can purchase it before you go on the road.
The campervan was presented in clean condition.
There are no gauges for water and gas which is a bit of a worry when you are free camping for a couple of days. Also we couldnt get the barbeque to work and the staff did not seem very interested when we told them.
We made up the double bed which was a good size and we left it made up. It was reasonably comfortable and the doona was warm but I think they should provide a mattress liner to go between the seat cushions and the sheet, not only for comfort but for hygiene.
I think a booklet or sheet with RV friendly towns should be provided as you can only free camp in certain areas. We were given a campsite book but if you used them every night it would be very expensive.
After the add on for full insurance and gas/ fuel top up charge it actually works out to be an expensive holiday, especially with camp fees on top.
The staff at Hobart were rather offhand and not interested in any comments on our return

3Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 3Value
Neil - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Our Sydney to Brisbane trip"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

We hired a Britz 6 berth traveller and drove from Sydney dropping the van off in Brisbane. The vehicle was great we had a few minor problems but were given a generous refund at end of trip. The customer service was excellent .The Mercedes Benz vehicle was beautiful to drive. The bed was made up felt a bit small due to the fact the shower was beside it. However there is a large double bed over cab as well as centre .overall webwould give vehicle 9/10 shower was great larger than most motorhomes that are older .

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
E. Eskola - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Avoid the Voyager or check the bed arrangement before taking off on your trip"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

The voyager that we hired was a great design and was nice and clean but the double bed down the bottom was absolute torture, because the base was one piece of wood that folded down it had a metal frame to support it. This metal frame was rectangular in shape and had two other bars running across the base, it had plastic squares around it that were supposed to support the mattress but unfortunately all they did was poke into you and the bars were unavoidable too. The mattress was too thin for this arrangement too. I am still getting osteo as a result. My friends cousin hired a voyager and had the same experience . The staff did try to help me by hiring a Doona to add extra cushioning but that's all that they could do for us where we were. I'd say don't hire one in the first place .

4Service 5Mechanical 2Interior 2Value
G.Gorzelak - avatar not loaded
, Poland
1 Review

"overall very positive experience."

  • Reviewed 6 years ago

I have the pleasure to report excellent holidays we have spent in Australia, with only few drawbacks stemming from the Britz negligence – however finally well compensated.

We arrived to Sydney, went to Blue Mountains, then via Canberra and Cooma to the Ocean, along the coast to Adelaide and then up to Darwin with side-jumps to Uluru and Kakadu, with a flight on our way back via Perth. We enjoyed all these places, although the weather in the South was terrible (the rain was “dropping” horizontally at the 12 Apostels), and the heat in the North was too great.

The problems with Britz started in Sydney – I had to return to the depot twice to have the GPS and “check engine” control fixed (it came back in Canberra and was removed in VW service). The driving over 80 km/h was almost impossible due to unbalanced wheels. In the Bridgestone service station in Canberra they found the front tires to be completely worn down and also ovalized. The Britz Vista van had also several other minor faults. After I asked them to whom I should report the fact that we were put on the road with an unsafe vehicle we were proposed to change to a Maui motorhome which we did in Adelaide. We were also refunded one full day fee for the time we spent in the service stations (and a bottle of white wine!).

So overall very positive experience. Australia is great, I regret we were able to see only a small fraction of your country and could not get into true Outback.

5Service 3Mechanical 4Interior 4Value
H. Honing - avatar not loaded
, Netherlands
1 Review

"Review of my britz-campervans hire"

  • Reviewed 6 years ago


4Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 4Value