23 Picturesque Reasons Why A Road Trip Adventure in Australia Is Calling You

Hire a campervan and hit the road - we'll show you how and where

Photo Essay: A quirky and picturesque way a local can explain all the things you need to do on a campervan road trip adventure in Australia.

There are so many ways to envisage a campervan road trip in Australia. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so we prefer to let the pictures do the story telling today.

Welcome to "23 Picturesque Reasons Why A Road Trip Adventure in Australia Is Calling You" - A Photo Essay. 

Have a look and imagine that it is you hiring a campervan and hitting the road....

This is how a perfect campervan road trip looks in Australia...

1. Arrive

Sydney is one of the most common places to hire a campervan from. It has 37 campervan hire companies.

Campervan hire in Sydney is probably the most competitive in the country

2. Sleep off the flight

The life of a Koala is pretty sweet, generally sleeping about 16-18 hours a day. You can see them in all the zoos, but it's much more exciting when you see them in the wild, which is easy to do when your off the beaten track in your campervan.

You'll need some rest before picking up the campervan

3. See the sights

Wandering around Sydney at night is a pleasure. There are so many sights that look better at night and the bridge is probably the most spectacular.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - get the campervan and drive over it

4.Check out the beach

Bondi Beach is probably the most famous beach in Australia. It's just a stones throw from the city with some of the best bars and eateries in the city. Oh, and the beach is pretty good too.

Bondi Beach is a great place to get to with your campervan

5. Go for a sail

Not every sail in Sydney is on a yacht - Sydney Opera House. Of course a harbour cruise or catching a ferry past the sails of the Opera House is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some, but you can always go and have a meal and a drink right underneath them at the Opera Bar.

Not every sail in Sydney is on a yacht - Sydney Opera House

6. Pick up the campervan

Now that you've seen some sights in Sydney it's time to hit the road for the campervan road-trip of a lifetime. Pick up the campervan and hit the highway.

Hire a campervan in Sydney and get out of town

7. Hit the road

Australia is a big place with roads of every type in every direction. This one is near The Grampians in central Victoria.

Take the campervan to the Grampians in Victoria if you like

8. Don't hit anyone else

The sign kind of speaks for itself. Vehicles drive on the left in Australia, but in the heavily touristed area of the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne, there are plenty of reminders.

Keep the campervan on the left in Australia

8. Get lost

Fraser Island is one of the largest sand islands in the world. Take your own vehicle or leave the campervan back on the mainland take a tour, but its a lot of fun to sling a car around purely on sand for a day or two.

Get lost on Fraser Island

9. Hit the road again

The Sea Bridge just south of Sydney is one of the most picturesque roads in New South Wales. The whole ocean road along this stretch is beautiful and you often find film crews shooting car ads here.

Take the campervan south of Sydney to the sea bridge

10. Do what the locals do

On the worlds biggest island, there are plenty of beaches. Most people who live near one love an sunrise walk along it. If you've parked the campervan near a beach overnight, then get up with the sun and have a morning stroll. You'll feel better all day.

Park the campervan at the beach and go for a morning walk

11. Play a guitar

It looks a bit like a guitar but its the ocean pool at Bronte Beach in the heart of Sydney. If the waters too rough for a day, take a dip in the ocean pool and get refreshment of ocean water with the peacefulness of a pool.

Take the campervan to Bronte ocean pool for a swim

12. Rock out

The biggest rock in Australia - Uluru. This monolith sits almost on the dead centre of the country and is a tremendous sacred site to the indigenous people. Given its location and its importance one wonders if this is the heart of the country.

Hire a 4wd campervan from Alice Springs and check out Uluru

13. See some art

The street art of Melbourne has grown from just some alleyways with graffiti to world renowned art. There are a number of these alleys hidden around the streets of the Melbourne's CBD and hours can we wiled away finding them and stopping in for some of the best coffee in the world.

14. Imbibe the local culture

Australians love a drink, so they're pretty good and making a drop of wine. The Barossa Valley in South Australia is one of the oldest and most famous wine districts in Australia. If you fancy a big bold red, then this is the place. But don't just go for the wine, the food is top notch is chefs coming from all over the world to work here. And the coffee is pretty good too.

Take the campervan to the Barossa region in South Australia for some wine

15. Take an overdue shower

Probably one of the most popular spots in the country to visit with a campervan is Byron Bay. Sitting on the eastern most point of the mainland, it has geographical significance and is considered a tourist (and hippie) hot spot.

Byron Bay Australia, hire the campervan from here if you wish

16. Get some exercise

Australians love a surf. There are surf schools all over the nation, stop the campervan in a town for a couple of days, take some lessons and learn an Australian obsession.

Most hired campervans have room for the surfboard

17. Work out where to go next

A confused Quokka. With so many places to go, you'll maybe get a bit confused on where to go next too.

A confused looking quokka

18. Sleep out under the stars

The stars from Bombo Australia, but you can just look up anywhere out of the city and see the kind of stars you just don't get at home.

19. Work out where you are

The best thing about hiring a campervan and hitting the road is that you just don't need to know exactly where you are. The clothes, bed, food and kitchen are all in the back. Pull over, cook, sleep and work out where you are tomorrow.

Campervan hire at sunrise: work out where you later

20. Meet some locals

A road trip around Australia isn't the same if you don't meet some locals. Chances are if you pull up somewhere off a highway somewhere for a night or settle in a national park, you'll probably get up close and personal with some of Australia's unique wild life.

with a campervan you have a better chance of getting to see Aussie wildlife in the wild

21. Get away from it all

I think the best part of a road trip is just being able to get away from, well, everyone. As a traveller from overseas, it can be maddening to always just be around tourists and other travellers. Some times you just need to chill out and experience things slowly.

With a campervan at your disposal, you can get to more places

22. Then hit the city again

Maybe Perth is the final destination for your road-trip. This beautiful remote city has some of the best weather in the country. And some of the best food. And some of the best beaches. And some of the best fishing.....

Drop the campervan off at a city of choice - maybe Perth

23. And wonder where the time went

It doesn't matter how long your road trip is, once you hand back the campervan you'll be missing it shortly after. Not to worry, watch one last sunset, have one last coffee and get back to the rat race tomorrow.

Watch the sunset. What else would you do on a road trip

By Tim Ahern

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