5 Great Sydney Campervan Hire Companies You've Probably Never Heard Of

Anyone looking to hire a campervan in Sydney will come across the big players like Apollo, Britz and more, but there are a handful of independents out there that are making their mark when it comes to Sydney campervan hire.

Anyone looking to hire a campervan in Sydney will easily come across all the big players: Apollo, Britz, Mighty, Travellers Autobarn, Jucy and more, but there are a handful of independents out there that are making their mark when it comes to Sydney campervan hire. We had a look through the 39 campervan hire companies that are situated in Sydney and plucked out these jewel companies that do everything they can to make your campervan road-trip adventure as good as it can get, but aren't blowing their budgets on marketing and making you pay more for the rental.


Camperman came a long way in a short time to become one of the major independents operating in Sydney and the east coast. Mainly catering for budget to mid range this is the company that forever seems to be improving and expanding. Campervans only, no motorhomes, they stick to the Toyota Hiace based vans and have varying ages from quite old (and cheap) to quite new. One of the few companies to have a depot in the major Queensland town of Rockhampton. Keeps going from strength to strength.

Kangaroo Campers

A family run campervan hire company since 1995 during the summer it can be hard to get hold of one as they are such a popular company. From tiny little campers that are smaller than most to full size 6 berth motorhomes, this company has a range that will mean you can probably find something for you. Not wanting to look the same as other companies, they mix their models and designs up and you will find some layouts and sizes here that you don't find at a lot of agencies.


Quietly, quietly has been the way of Autosleepers until recently. They have 5 styles of campervan on offer to suit all kinds of budget and family sizes. They also carry a mini camper and a 6 berth like Kangaroo but have a slightly different range in between. They have depots all up the east coast of Australia and as far across as Adelaide to cater for most routes taken in Australia. Autosleepers can also be found listed under Big Sky Campervans in some places giving them further reach so you need to get in quick to be able to secure a campervan from these guys.

Travel Wheels

Tavel Wheels is a Sydney based company but has depots all up the east coast like any respectable campervan hire company should (oh, and Adelaide). Similar to Camperman it specialises in the traditional hiace-van style of campervan. They still run some older models to satisfy the budget range of vehicles but also run newer, hi-top models with less wear and tear for the mid range budget traveller. In particular they are still running the older style low-roof model for true budget travellers like the kind you will find at Wicked Campers - but in MUCH better condition and no grafitti artwork.

Cruisin' Motorhomes

Cruisin' began their days as a "Tasmania Only" campervan hire agency, but have grown to now also service the east coast of Australia as far north as Brisbane. They cater to a slightly higher budget category than the rest in this list as their fleet is generally bigger motorhomes and they tend to run newer vehicles - hence the upper price bracket. Family run, 2-6 berth options available and built on the back of european technology cars like VW or Fiat. Cruisin' as another quiet company that just keeps improving but is not shouting the house down about it.

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Tim Ahern