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Last Updated: 8/3/19

Maxie 3 Person Campervan

Maxie is a 3 berth camper built on a much older Toyota unit. These are 5-speed manual vehicles, ranging from 2009-2010 models. Unfortunately, these are not designed for those bringing with kids because there aren't fitted child restraint/ anchor point. The beds inside the camper include the convertible dinette and the overhead single bed in the roof area. There's an extendable countertop so you have two dining options―at the rear dining lounge or alfresco dining. 

Camperman Australia is based on the east coast of Australia and has depots in all the major cities, including a branch in Airlie Beach and Townsville (both in Queensland), making them 1 of just 5 in Airlie Beach and the only one in Townsville. Their aggressive expansion has been facilitated by a well-oiled marketing machine that seems to have gotten their name in all the right places. They have come a long way in a short time.

About Camperman Australia 

As websites go for campervan hire companies, theirs is quite full of information about the company, the campers, the prices and lots more. If you like to thoroughly research your stuff, you’ll love their page. But MAKE SURE you read the terms and conditions. It has lots of specific $ figures for pretty much everything you can think of going wrong or different from the plan. I’m sure they are just trying to be crystal clear, but it comes across as though they are lining up to be able to point at a clause and then charge you for something. However, other companies just say things like “you are responsible for damage”―very airy-fairy compared to Camperman’s detailed charge list. So, if you are after certainty then the Camperman Terms and Conditions are very comforting. 

Camperman Australia also offers rental to 19 yo. Whilst this is not 18 yo like of campervan hire companies like Wicked Campers, it is better than the 21 yo minimum age of some of the others.  This makes sense as they cater to the younger market who are willing to pool 5 peeps into the campervan and use the tent option to save money.


Camperman campervans aren’t brand new, but at least they are upfront about it even when booking. It clearly states whilst browsing on their web page or going through the booking process on this site what year range the vehicle is. The age of their oldest and cheapest campervan can be over 10 years but is not a real problem as the vehicles are based on the reliable Toyota Hiace. The newer the campervan, the higher the price will be. As you would expect, the older campers will have fewer mod-cons as well as having more wear and tear on the interior. Whilst all campervan hire companies to try and maintain their vehicles to the best of their abilities, many years of people opening the cupboards and sitting on the cushions will inevitably take their toll. If you are looking for the absolute latest and freshest in all things, Camperman may not be the company you are looking for.

Their vehicle range has been expanding over the last few years and they now even offer a deluxe model with a shower and a toilet called the Paradise. This vehicle and a number of others advertise as sleeps-5. They achieve this by supplying a tent. The way this works is that there will be 5 seat belts in the campervan so that it can legally seat that many people, but the beds will stack up to be a maximum of 4 inside the campervan. The 5th person is going to have to sleep in a tent that is provided. This will suit many people, but not others, so if you are the type that wants everyone INSIDE the camper, then you are going to have to look somewhere else. The same applies to some of the other campers like the Juliette and the Jade campervans. They are offered as both 3 and 5 person models. It is the same campervan in both situations, but you will just get supplied a tent for the extra bodies.


Jade 3 Hightop Campervan

Older but cheaper. The Jade Hightop campervan is a perfect pick for smaller families in tight budget. The manual transmission may be an issue for some but this compact campervan already features a fridge, gas stove, oven, and plenty of space. On top of that, there are lots of storage under the dinette convertible into a double bed. It also comes with one child restraint so that you can travel with your child. 

Juliette 3 Hightop Campervan

The second 3-berth model on the fleet is the Juliette Hightop campervan, which is run by a newer base. It accents a more modern design with some certain improvements like a CD player instead of a cassette and 2.7L unleaded petrol instead of 2.4L. But just like the Jade, extras like tea towels, bathing towels, linen, sleeping bags, sheets, maps, cutlery, and crockery, are supplied at no additional cost!

Juliette 5 Hightop Campervan

Take your family or friends to the open roads with this campervan that sleeps up to 5 people. The Juliette 5-berth Hightop campervan is exactly the same as the Juliette 3-berth— the vehicle dimension and specification. It provides a double bed from the convertible dinette and a single bed located on the hightop. The only difference is the additional 2-man tent with camp mattresses to cater the extra 2 passengers. 

Family 5 Hightop Campervan

The Family 5 Hightop campervan is the cheapest selection for the 5-berth unit. Whilst you can save a couple of dollars for this one, it comes with a lower fuel capacity and bigger fuel consumption. Hence, you may need to think twice before choosing this campervan. 

Paradise Family 5 Hightop Campervan

Featuring 4 seatbelts and ultra-long wheelbase, the Paradise is recommended for those wanting some added space and upgraded amenities. It provides 2 optional child seats, which means you can bring your kids during your road trip. With a larger fridge, there's more storage for your leftover and beverages. However, just make sure that there are 5 people travelling so that the tent will be free of charge. If you're with less than 5 people and would like a tent, you will be charged $70!

Paradise 5 Shower & Toilet Hightop Campervan

All vehicles take at least 3 people, some up to 5, but this one is the most coveted among all vehicles on fleet. Though the priciest, it is very spacious and compact with hot & cold shower and cassette toilet! The sleeping quarters include one double bed, one double rooftop bed, and tent suitable for one or two adults. 


The security bond is only $500. Britz, for example, is as much as $7,500 and with that old phrase “you are responsible for damage” and the list continues. If you are not wanting to pay out a large deposit from your credit card (hence making it unavailable to you whilst you travel), then Camperman will suit you. But do take note that they do not offer insurance options to further reduce the bond or excess and overhead, undercarriage, and tyre damage are at the cost of the renter. 


Camperman Australia is a budget-wise and family-friendly campervan hire in Australia. The fleet is quite appealing for smaller families and even bigger groups, though not completely stoked with frills and extras. One feature that sets them apart from other rental companies is the minimal security bond and comprehensive insurance, along with several branches all over the east coast. This is pretty nice considering the number of rental entities with whopping bonds and excess. Their vehicles are a little bit older that keeps the price down, but not so old as to be clapped out. The limited travel to the east coast may bother some people, but is a targeted decision by the company to capture the majority of the campervan hire market in Australia.


Camperman Australia is nicely competing with the major companies. Their low-security deposit is a boon and should be looked as a good option if you have limited cash resources whilst on your travels. Overall, a good company at decent prices.

From the Agency

No word from this agency yet. Come back and see if they checked in soon.


  • Mix of newer and older campers (mostly affordable)
  • 19 yo and up rentals
  • Can sleep 5 where others only offer 3
  • Plenty of depots on the east coast


  • If sleeping 5 there'll be 1 or 2 in a tent
  • Can only travel the east coast of Australia
  • Depots not always central to town


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S. Tedstone - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Review of my Camperman-Australia hire"

  • Reviewed 2 months ago

Van drove well, a bit tired and scruffy, smelt of cigarettes, customer service not great- no orientation to the van and had long wait to pick up

2Service 5Mechanical 3Interior 3Value
A. Nathaniel - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Absolutely deplorable service"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

The people that work at this company are extremely rude and should probably not work in customer service. They intentionally mislead us with the booking of a van and then we're extremely difficult to deal with when we wanted to cancel. On top of that they seem to be the only rental company that charges on a per day basis, rather than 24 hrs, therefore if you pick a car up at 2pm and return it at 10am the next day, this is counted as 2 days.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
Anonym - avatar not loaded
, Germany
1 Review

"Ones and never again"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

Hired a hitop van for 5 for 4 weeks. The problems already started on the first day. Our tyre popped after one hour. We didn't have a jack, so couldn't change it by ourself. So they sent us a RACQ and told us, they would pay for it. Now we have to pay for it. On the second day the oil lamp lighted up, 24 hour hotline couldn't tell us what oil number we need. We went to a garage, to get a new tyre and a oil. Camperman told us they will pay for it. Our aircondition didn't work from the delivery on. After more then a week, they organsied a garage to fix it, but we lost 5 hours.
Also it was raining into the camper (we know of two other people with the same problem), the lower bed didn't work, it's not possible to build it up, the camper already had 550.000km, we needed 4 litres of oil, for 4000km,...
Camperman told us they will pay for the tyre and oil and will give us a compensation for the lost hours. Now, 4 weeks after returning it, we still didn't get all of our money. They don't answer to any emails. Our german agency contacted them 1,5 weeks ago and don't get any response aswell.
Will never hire a camper of Camperman again!!!

2Service 1Mechanical 3Interior 1Value
D. Smith - avatar not loaded
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Camperman great family budget option"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

Booking enquires seemed automated, repeated emails from them, didn’t listen when trying to change the hire dates, multiple emails for a simple change.
Other than above the vehicle was great, suited our needs, it was an older van with a few very minor problems which was all over come. Rang the company once with what I thought was an issue ( it wasn’t ) but instance service to resolve my issue.
I would use these guys again

2Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 5Value
S. T - avatar not loaded
, Australia
2 Review


  • Reviewed 5 months ago


5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
G. Dye - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Review Of My Rental With Camperman-Australia"

  • Reviewed 8 months ago

We thought we were getting a 2014 camper we got what felt and looked like a 20 year old camper . We had to go buy a mattress topper for the bed sept on it the one night it stunk and was uncomfortable we got no sleep.

5Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
 - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"make sure you get a second set of keys..."

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

The customer service was great, the price was good and the engine was in superb shape!

Two things to note: Interior battery (ie fridge) was not up to scratch and if it was fully charged it was flat by morning. Fair enough battery quality is a tough thing to check for both staff and customer. Even if the battery reads ~13volts you'll only know the longevity of the charge a day or two later when you're out on the road with no chance of getting it replaced. My only ideas would be a) for the customer (or staff) to switch in/out their own pre-tested battery before/after the trip? b) stay a night before leaving and try your best to discharge the battery? These ideas may not work for everyone.

My other advice is to make sure you have another set of keys!!! If the staff don't or can't provide a duplicate set then you should probably get the car key duplicated before you go. The cost of a locksmith in an outback area could easily be in the thousands of dollars. We did snap the key in Alice Springs so the cost of locksmith was only $200. Not covered by terms of rental.

All around camperman were good to us, but think carefully, as the hirer you have a lot to consider.

5Service 5Mechanical 3Interior 4Value
T. Marguet - avatar not loaded
, France
1 Review

"Very bad trip!"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We hired one of their HiTop (reg#: 636KAX) from them for 2 weeks in March 2018

- MOUSE living for delivery: noise at night, had to empty the cupboard every night to hang the food as it was digging into it, smell, bed board was impregneted with mousse urine... We manage to capture the beast after 5 days.
- 3 TYRES with SLOW LEAKS we only had a doubt from day#2 but only got confirmation on the day before last since we did not move the van much once at destination.
- FRIDGE NOT FUNCTIONAL until we traced the problem down to a fuse not being correctly fitted in it slot
- Cigarette 12V SOCKET NOT FUNCTIONAL until we found the fuse was blown... no spare 15A fuse available... not possible to charge our phones... finally used the 10A fuse but not ideal
- Gaz stove had one of the 2 burners that did not hold fire when not pushing the button, making it not operational...

These issues are only due to poor maintenance and checks...

Their helpline has been useless, appart from telling us that
- we had to go back to the Sydney depot to get the fridge issue fixed... we were in the Warrumbungle NP and would have meant
- to fumigate the van to kill the mouse... that mean having a dead and rotting mouse below your bed and kitchen...
- to look for a repairer to get the burner fixed... sure! when we asked them to give an address where this could be fix we got no anwser.

We did ask the customer service for a partial refund of the rental fee... but Camperman does not even reply to our emails!


1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
Donald Robertson - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Camping on Our Retirement"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

Thank you for such Perfect Camping Holliday as the Van was set up PERFECT for aTrouble Free Run,very comfortable and easy to Drive. Very Nice People to Deal with inTownsville . I wll reckamend Camperman to all my Friends.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
J. Lenore - avatar not loaded
, Austria
1 Review

"Great Staff"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We hired a Jade-3 campervan from Adelaide to Melbourne to explore the Great Ocean Road. The staff were really helpful giving us loads of tips on the campervan as well as places to see on our trip, and their website has suggestions on where to stay in campervan friendly campgrounds along the way. We went for their cheapest model (it was the cheapest deal we found in Australia) and everything functioned well. We had no problems on the way. The beds were comfortable and our daughter slept in the upstairs bed. The campervan is stocked with everything you need like towels, pillows, dish washing supplies at no extra cost.
We would recommend Camperman!

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 5Value
M. Allan - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Awesome trip and great fun"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

we Hired the camper for 12 days and had great fun doing a winery tour from Melbourne to Adelaide. It was well maintained and drove well . Service from pick up to drop off was fantastic . Especially when I got a call from the head office first thing the next morning that I had left my wallet in the Van .. We will certainly be hiring one of their vans again

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
D. Grainger - avatar not loaded
, Canada
1 Review

"Terrible experience and poor customer service"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

My family of 3 rented a 5 berth campervan from Camperman for a week in January 2018 and were extremely dissapointed with both the vehicle and how they addressed (or didn't) our issues.

Keep this in mind when looking at reviews, there may be less poor ones because the renters are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Shower/toilet and ladder to upper berth both broken on delivery. Check engine light and fuel light on when delivered. Van smelled like garbage due to rotting waterfowl in front grill on delivery. Blown head lights.
When van died (fuel pump) they sent tow truck with 2 passenger seats (family of 3 and van for 5). Did not replace van for 2 days, and sent a car instead. Promised to reimburse for accommodations and vehicle down time and did not. Asked to sign release and confidentiality agreement.

We tried to book a standard 3 berth Camperman camper on-line and were told they only had one option left which was a significantly more expensive 5 berth camper with shower and toilet. Since we only had one choice we accepted the premium van. We picked the van up from Gypsy travel in Airlie Beach, Rich was great and provided us with advice on what to see along our travels. He walked us through the vehicle where we pointed out that the vehicle had 500,000KMs, the check engine light was on and the fuel light was on. He logged the check engine light and said "hopefully you have enough gas to get the gas station". We did the walk through in the side ally and assumed the garbage smell and flies was from the ally, not the van and thought nothing of it. Our first stop was a beach in Bowen for lunch and a hike. While sitting outside the van eating lunch we were overrun with flies and a terrible rotten/garbage smell. We were starting to think Australia smelled and was full of flies. We overnight and while setting up we discover the door to the toilet/shower does not work which basically makes this expensive upgrade non-functional. When it's time for bed we pull out the ladder for my son to climb up to bed and discover the rungs on the ladder are broken. So we need to help him up and down. The next morning we stopped in Townsville to swim in the public pool. Once again we are overrun with flies and the continuous garbage smell. After a closer investigation we discovered a large, dead waterfowl rotting in the front grill! After some work we were able to remove the bird and dispose of it. Smell and flies solved. We continue on with the non-functioning shower/toilet and ladder but we are able to make due by paying for campgrounds that have shower facilities, an added cost we didn't plan on but we manage. The next night in Babinda is uneventful. The following night we stop in Yungaburra make camp and then drive into town for dinner. When we return to camp in the dark and had difficulty seeing the road but drove slow. When spotting the van into the campsite we notice that one of the headlights is out. At this point there are too many issues and I contacted Camperman via email and outline the problems we discovered. We did not expect perfection (especially from a vehicle with half million kms) but we did wan the premium features we were forced to pay for at least work, and all safety equipment (lights) be functioning. For our troubles they offered us a refund for one days rental on the condition we sign an extensive release and confidentiality agreement. With no printer in the van I waited to sign the release. Two nights later we stay in Cape Tribulation (no cell service) and when we wake up the van won't start! We call Camperman and they say they will send roadside to investigate, I ask how they will handle the down time. They immediately respond with "don;t worry you will be compensated from any down time." to which I respond "good thing I didn't sign the release." We left on a tour in the morning and when we returned roadside had been and gone but did not update Camperman. We called Camperman and they had no update or plan to get us moving. Eventually they sent a flatbed tow truck which arrived late afternoon. It was getting dark and the driver wanted to get on the road but there was an issue. The tow truck only had 3 seats and there were 4 including the driver. We were faced with splitting up the family or one of us driving unbelted in the cab. Why send a tow for a camper that holds up to 5 and you know was rented by a family and not think about how to transport them safely? The two was instructed to tow us to Wonga but after explaining we needed to be in Port Douglas for another tour they arranged to have the van towed to a campground there. When I asked what was the plan for the following day, would we get a replacement, or a rental car they said they would be repairing the van in the campground. I wasn't confident that would happen and didn't want to spend another day waiting around for a tow and asked what the back up plan was. I was very specific that I didn't want to waste another day waiting around in a campground for them to come up with a plan. I was told by a hostile manager that I had no input and to trust that they had it all under control. So we camp in Port Douglas but have to eat out because our food spoiled in the non-functioning fridge and had to pay for cabs around town. "Don't worry, we will reimburse you". We called Camperman the following morning during our tour to get an update. They inform us that the van has been towed (with all our belongings) to a service center and to wait for an update. When our tour ended we called again to see if we should walk to the service center (near where we were) or go back to the campground and wait. The hostile manager told us that they couldn't fix it, they would send a car and to "wait by the van". After several clarifying questions he finally told us it was not at a service center but at the campground. Turns out they lied and never took it to be serviced and instead wasted the morning. The tow truck with the loaner car arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon, and as suspected we burned another day. Now that we have no campervan we needed a place to stay for our last night, they offered accommodations up to $100, despite paying $385/day for the van. We had a night booked at a hotel that was $109/night in two days and felt it would make sense to stay there and not waste more time moving between hotels. Camperman promised to reimburse us if we paid for it because it was over their $100 limit. "Don't worry your will be compensated". When we returned the loaner car, which turned out to be the managers my son left some pictures from a Koala experience in the back of the car. They informed us we could pick them up from their Cairnes office. We asked them to forward them by mail to our final hotel in Sydney instead, they did not. After another follow up they promised to send them to our home address in Canada, to date (March 23rd) we have not received them and assume we never will. Since we returned on a Saturday there was no manager on staff to address our promised compensation and we were assured that we would get a proposal on Monday. We did not. The following Thursday I proposed two days rental refund plus the $100 for hotel. Which I thought was reasonable, 1 day for the broken toilet/shower etc, one day for the two days of breakdown, and $100 for the hotel as promised. They flat out refused and only offered 1 day refund, no more than previous despite the additional problems and commitments.

To date this is not resolved and since I have not signed the release I am free to share. Our experience was awful and to cap it off when they sent the final inspection of the vehicle none of the issues we identified were logged. This means as soon as they got it running again it was put back in service as-is for someone else to deal with! I'd rather tell everyone my story and forgo the $385. Keep this in mind when looking at reviews, there may be less poor ones because they are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Good luck if you decide to rent with these guys, you will be on your own.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
L. G - avatar not loaded
, Malta
1 Review

"Bad customer service"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We rented our camperman campervan for two whole weeks last December 2017. We where given a van with a broken shower glass and after I demanded that this was fixed they fixed it temporarily. The kitchen was very small and only had open shelves where to put the pans. We were driving on a highway and a pan fell from the open shelves on top of the cooker, breaking the glass cover of the cooker. Apart from this we had water entering in the storage areas under the seats where we had our luggages. We told them about the glass and they charged us $250 for it. We tried to communicate with them since this was not our fault as the open shelves are not safe enough to keep things from falling. They ignored all our emails and messages and did not reply back. Apart from this the glass does not cost more than $100 this means we where charged more than double the price.

Bad customer service would not book again with this company!

1Service 3Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
S. T - avatar not loaded
, Australia
2 Review

"Loved our trip"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

The van was perfect and also the pillows the sheets and kitchen tools. We enjoyed and drive easily and without any issue. The staff were very friendly on both ends. Thanks to Camperman !!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
Holly - avatar not loaded
, United Kingdom
1 Review


  • Reviewed 1 year ago

*******DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!******This company doesn't even deserve 1 star, rude members of staff. Lost a day of our trip because the van had faulty equipment and we had to take it in for repairs- no apology was given. On return of the van we arrived on time to find the depot was closed so we had to leave the van unattended at the side of the road over night before any member of staff could do the review of the vehicles condition. The van was old and covered in scratches and dents and Camperman refused to give us our $500 bond back claiming there was a new dent- there wasn't and the condition report was not not fully or efficiently completed. DONT USE THIS COMPANY- THEY WILL CON YOU FOR EVERY PENNY. Ruined our entire trip.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
T. Clark - avatar not loaded
, Australia
1 Review

"Worst company EVER"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We hired a van for a 14 day drive from Brisbane to Townsville. When we picked up the van it was mouldy throughout the interior, but we figured it was cheap so what could we expect? The fridge barely kept our milk cold, and we had to store our meat in the freezer compartment to keep it at a safe temperature. Again, what were we going to do? We had a tight timeline to stick to and we couldn't afford to be stuck somewhere getting it repaired. One of the external vents flew off during our drive from Brisbane to Bundaberg, we superglued it back on after we called camperman and were accused of hitting it with something (we hadn't). All of this would have been forgivable as just a glitch in an otherwise enjoyable holiday, had we not broken down in townsville. The van overheated, and we called camperman for advice. it was 2pm on a 35 degree day. We were told to wait with the van for 90 minutes for RACQ to arrive. We had two small children with us, who were left sitting in the sun because the inside of the van was unbearable. We waited. Eventually RACQ arrived and said that the van needed to be towed. We called again to see what happened next, and were told camperman were wiping their hands with us. incredibly, we were left there, on the side of the road with all of our holiday belongings, in the sun, with no transport and no help. Not even a taxi to a hire car place. We were forced to hire a replacement car at our own cost - leaving us more than $500 out of pocket because we had to pay a rental bond on the new rental. Camperman refused to take our calls after they took possession of the van. They didn't even call us the next day to make sure that we were ok. Now they are refusing to refund the days we missed out on having the van because of the break down. they're also refusing to cover the $117 we paid for the hire car. Despite our best efforts to resolve this, they have resorted to snide emails and childish behaviour rather than dealing with the matter professionally. I will recommend to everyone that they are not worth the heartbreak. Our holiday was soured by these fools, and four weeks later we are no closer to a resolution.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
J. Engleken avatar
, United States
1 Review

"Best Value for Money"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

The first thing I liked about this company was the upfront and all0inclusive cost. Once I made comparisons I realized that the 'cheaper' quotes did not include full insurance and would freeze large amounts of money (upwards of $3,000) on my credit card if I did not take full insurance. By the time you add on insurance and other things like an extra driver (needed for long trips) and an automatic road toll token, Camperman ended up being the best value for money. We hired a Jade 3 person hightop, which is one of their older models but it was super cheap. You could see on the inside it had some wear, but we expected this, and everything worked and was clean. We experienced no mechanical problems, the staff were helpful, as was the travel section on their website. All in all, we have no regrets or complaints and would recommend them to others.

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 5Value
J. Jones avatar
, Australia
1 Review

"All Inclusive!"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

There were four of us and the Paradise Family 5 hightop was roomy enough to fit us comfortably. The table converted to a double bed and the loft bed fit two people. It was the cheapest way for us to travel and Camperman’s pricing really was all-inclusive. We compared the cost of most campervan hire companies in Australia and some started off as low as $49/day but by the time you added on necessities like insurance (so you don't have to have a $3000 bond frozen on your credit card), additional drivers (so one person isn't doing it all) and cooking/bedding equipment Camperman turned out to be the best value for money. They had the most honest pricing. We had no problems and loved our two weeks of vanlife!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
J. Brownlee - avatar not loaded
, United States
1 Review

"Great Value"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

We traveled as a couple and picked up a Juliette Hightop from Cairns for the drive down to Sydney. The staff at Cairns were great. They have a lot of useful road trip information on their website, which we used. Price-wise, everything is covered. You don’t pay extra to reduce your insurance excess. Everyone gets a low excess of AU$500. Some of the others we compared had an excess of AU$3000 and you had to pay an additional $30 a day to reduce this. As our daily rental was $89, this would have added quite a bit. All road tolls are covered and there is no one-way fee for dropping the van off at Sydney. (some places had a $200 drop off fee). It was savings like this that made Camperman the best deal when we did the comparisons. The van ran well and everything worked. We had no problems at all.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
F. Wenk - avatar not loaded
, Switzerland
1 Review

"Nightmare on Wheels"

  • Reviewed 2 years ago

First of all, i don´t need to stay anonymous, thats why i wrote in my name. To sleep in the Van you need to insert the wood plates between the sitting areas in the back. Of course the wood plates didn´t fit into the space. Moreover, several buttons on the drawer fell out. The refrigarator functionend whenever he wanted. Also received a speed limit fine 2 months after vacation in Australia, had to pay additional 70 Dollars administration charge to camperman. What a Cheek!!!!..........No way i will ever make a deal with this company.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value