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Camperman Australia is based on the east coast of Australia and have depots in all the major cities, including a branch in Airlie Beach and Townsville (both in Queensland), making them 1 of just 5 in Airlie Beach and the only one in Townsville. Their aggressive expansion has been facilitated by an well-oiled marketing machine that seems to have gotten their name in all the right places. They have come a long way in a short time.

What Camperman Australia Tells Us

As websites go for campervan hire companies, theirs is quite full of information about the company, the campers, the prices and lots more. If you like to thoroughly research your stuff, you’ll love their page. But MAKE SURE you read the terms and conditions. It has lots of specific $ figures for pretty much everything you can think of going wrong or different from plan. I’m sure they are just trying to be crystal clear, but it comes across as though they are lining up to be able to point at a clause and then charge you for something. However, other companies just say things like “you are responsible for damage” – very ariy-fariy compared to Camperman’s detailed charge list. So, if you are after certainty then the Camperman Terms and Conditions are very comforting. 

Camperman Australia also offers rental to 19 yo. Whilst this is not 18 yo like of campervan hire companies like Wicked Campers, it is better than the 21 yo minimum age of some of the others.  This makes sense as they cater the younger market who are willing to pool 5 peeps into the campervan and use the tent option to save money.


Camperman campervans aren’t brand new, but at least they are upfront about it even when booking. It clearly states whilst browsing on their web page or going through the booking process on this site what year range the vehicle is. The age of their oldest and cheapest campervan can be over 10 years but is not a real problem as the vehicles are based on the reliable Toyota Hiace. The newer the campervan, the higher the price will be. As you would expect, the older campers will have fewer mod-cons as well as having more wear and tear on the interior. Whilst all campervan hire companies try and maintain their vehicles to the best of their abilities, many years of people opening the cupboards and sitting on the cushions will inevitably take their toll. If you are looking for the absolute latest and freshest in all things, Camperman may not be the company you are looking for.

Their vehicle range has been expanding over the last few years and they now even offer a deluxe model with a shower and a toilet called the Paradise. This vehicle and a number of others advertise as sleeps-5. They achieve this by supplying a tent. The way this works is that there will be 5 seat belts in the campervan so that it can legally seat that many people, but the beds will stack up to be a maximum of 4 inside the campervan. The 5th person is going to have to sleep in a tent that is provided. This will suit many people, but not others, so if you are the type that want everyone INSIDE the camper, then you are going to have to look somewhere else. The same applies to some of the other campers like the Juliette and the Jade campervans. They are offered as both 3 and 5 person models. It is the same campervan in both situations, but you will just get supplied a tent for the extra bodies.


Jade 3 Hightop Campervan

Older but cheaper. The Jade Hightop campervan is a perfect pick for smaller families in tight budget. The manual transmission may be an issue for some but this compact campervan already features a fridge, gas stove, oven, and plenty of space. On top of that, there are lots of storage under the dinette convertible into a double bed. It also comes with one child restraint so that you can travel with your child. 

Juliette 3 Hightop Campervan

The second 3-berth model on fleet is the Juliette Hightop campervan, which is run by a newer base. It accents a more modern design with some certain improvements like a CD player instead of a cassette and 2.7L unleaded petrol instead of 2.4L. But just like the Jade, extras like tea towels, bathing towels, linen, sleeping bags, sheets, maps, cutlery and crockery, are supplied with no additional cost!

Juliette 5 Hightop Campervan

Take your family or friends to the open roads with this campervan that sleeps up to 5 people. The Juliette 5-berth Hightop campervan is exactly the same with the Juliette 3-berth— the vehicle dimension and specification. It provides a double bed from the convertible dinette and a single bed located on the hightop. The only difference is the additional 2-man tent with camp mattresses to cater the extra 2 passengers. 

Family 5 Hightop Campervan

The Family 5 Hightop campervan is the cheapest selection for the 5-berth unit. Whilst you can save a couple of dollars for this one, it comes with a lower fuel capacity and a bigger fuel consumption. Hence, you may need think twice before choosing this campervan. 

Paradise Family 5 Hightop Campervan

Featuring 4 seatbelts and ultra-long wheelbase, the Paradise is recommended for those wanting some added space and upgraded amenities. It provides 2 optional child seats, which means you can bring your kids during your road trip. With a larger fridge, there's more storage for your leftover and beverages. However, just make sure that there are 5 people travelling so that the tent will be free of charge. If you're with less than 5 people and would like a tent, you will be charge $70!

Paradise 5 Shower & Toilet Hightop Campervan

All vehicles take at least 3 people, some up to 5, but this one is the most coveted among all vehicles on fleet. Though the priciest, it is very spacious and compact with hot & cold shower and cassette toilet! The sleeping quarters include one double bed, one double rooftop bed, and tent suitable for one or two adults. 


The security bond is only $500. Britz, for example, is as much as $7,500 and with that old phrase “you are responsible for damage” and the list continues. If you are not wanting to pay out a large deposit from your credit card (hence making it unavailable to you whilst you travel) then Camperman will suit you. But do take note that they do not offer insurance options to further reduce the bond or excess and overhead, undercarriage, and tyre damage are at the cost of the renter. 


Camperman Australia is a budget-wise and family-friendly campervan hire in Australia. The fleet is quite appealing for smaller families and even bigger groups, though not completely stoked with frills and extras. One feature that sets them apart from other rental companies is the minimal security bond and comprehensive insurance, along with several branches all over the east coast. This is pretty nice considering the number of rental entities with whopping bonds and excess. Their vehicles are a little bit older that keeps the price down, but not so old as to be clapped out. The limited travel to the east coast may bother some people, but is a targeted decision by the company to capture the majority of the campervan hire market in Australia.


Camperman Australia is nicely competing with the major companies. Their low-security deposit is a boon and should be looked as a good option if you have limited cash resources whilst on your travels. Overall, a good company at decent prices.

From the Agency

No word from this agency yet. Come back and see if they checked in soon.


  • Mix of newer and older campers (mostly affordable)
  • 19 yo and up rentals
  • Can sleep 5 where others only offer 3
  • Plenty of depots on the east coast


  • If sleeping 5 there'll be 1 or 2 in a tent
  • Can only travel the east coast of Australia
  • Depots not always central to town


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, Australia
1 Review

"Loved our trip"

  • Reviewed 2 weeks ago

The van was perfect and also the pillows the sheets and kitchen tools. We enjoyed and drive easily and without any issue. The staff were very friendly on both ends. Thanks to Camperman !!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review


  • Reviewed 1 month ago

*******DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!******This company doesn't even deserve 1 star, rude members of staff. Lost a day of our trip because the van had faulty equipment and we had to take it in for repairs- no apology was given. On return of the van we arrived on time to find the depot was closed so we had to leave the van unattended at the side of the road over night before any member of staff could do the review of the vehicles condition. The van was old and covered in scratches and dents and Camperman refused to give us our $500 bond back claiming there was a new dent- there wasn't and the condition report was not not fully or efficiently completed. DONT USE THIS COMPANY- THEY WILL CON YOU FOR EVERY PENNY. Ruined our entire trip.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review

"Worst company EVER"

  • Reviewed 1 month ago

We hired a van for a 14 day drive from Brisbane to Townsville. When we picked up the van it was mouldy throughout the interior, but we figured it was cheap so what could we expect? The fridge barely kept our milk cold, and we had to store our meat in the freezer compartment to keep it at a safe temperature. Again, what were we going to do? We had a tight timeline to stick to and we couldn't afford to be stuck somewhere getting it repaired. One of the external vents flew off during our drive from Brisbane to Bundaberg, we superglued it back on after we called camperman and were accused of hitting it with something (we hadn't). All of this would have been forgivable as just a glitch in an otherwise enjoyable holiday, had we not broken down in townsville. The van overheated, and we called camperman for advice. it was 2pm on a 35 degree day. We were told to wait with the van for 90 minutes for RACQ to arrive. We had two small children with us, who were left sitting in the sun because the inside of the van was unbearable. We waited. Eventually RACQ arrived and said that the van needed to be towed. We called again to see what happened next, and were told camperman were wiping their hands with us. incredibly, we were left there, on the side of the road with all of our holiday belongings, in the sun, with no transport and no help. Not even a taxi to a hire car place. We were forced to hire a replacement car at our own cost - leaving us more than $500 out of pocket because we had to pay a rental bond on the new rental. Camperman refused to take our calls after they took possession of the van. They didn't even call us the next day to make sure that we were ok. Now they are refusing to refund the days we missed out on having the van because of the break down. they're also refusing to cover the $117 we paid for the hire car. Despite our best efforts to resolve this, they have resorted to snide emails and childish behaviour rather than dealing with the matter professionally. I will recommend to everyone that they are not worth the heartbreak. Our holiday was soured by these fools, and four weeks later we are no closer to a resolution.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, United States
1 Review

"Best Value for Money"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

The first thing I liked about this company was the upfront and all0inclusive cost. Once I made comparisons I realized that the 'cheaper' quotes did not include full insurance and would freeze large amounts of money (upwards of $3,000) on my credit card if I did not take full insurance. By the time you add on insurance and other things like an extra driver (needed for long trips) and an automatic road toll token, Camperman ended up being the best value for money. We hired a Jade 3 person hightop, which is one of their older models but it was super cheap. You could see on the inside it had some wear, but we expected this, and everything worked and was clean. We experienced no mechanical problems, the staff were helpful, as was the travel section on their website. All in all, we have no regrets or complaints and would recommend them to others.

5Service 5Mechanical 4Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review

"All Inclusive!"

  • Reviewed 3 months ago

There were four of us and the Paradise Family 5 hightop was roomy enough to fit us comfortably. The table converted to a double bed and the loft bed fit two people. It was the cheapest way for us to travel and Camperman’s pricing really was all-inclusive. We compared the cost of most campervan hire companies in Australia and some started off as low as $49/day but by the time you added on necessities like insurance (so you don't have to have a $3000 bond frozen on your credit card), additional drivers (so one person isn't doing it all) and cooking/bedding equipment Camperman turned out to be the best value for money. They had the most honest pricing. We had no problems and loved our two weeks of vanlife!

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, United States
1 Review

"Great Value"

  • Reviewed 4 months ago

We traveled as a couple and picked up a Juliette Hightop from Cairns for the drive down to Sydney. The staff at Cairns were great. They have a lot of useful road trip information on their website, which we used. Price-wise, everything is covered. You don’t pay extra to reduce your insurance excess. Everyone gets a low excess of AU$500. Some of the others we compared had an excess of AU$3000 and you had to pay an additional $30 a day to reduce this. As our daily rental was $89, this would have added quite a bit. All road tolls are covered and there is no one-way fee for dropping the van off at Sydney. (some places had a $200 drop off fee). It was savings like this that made Camperman the best deal when we did the comparisons. The van ran well and everything worked. We had no problems at all.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Switzerland
1 Review

"Nightmare on Wheels"

  • Reviewed 10 months ago

First of all, i don´t need to stay anonymous, thats why i wrote in my name. To sleep in the Van you need to insert the wood plates between the sitting areas in the back. Of course the wood plates didn´t fit into the space. Moreover, several buttons on the drawer fell out. The refrigarator functionend whenever he wanted. Also received a speed limit fine 2 months after vacation in Australia, had to pay additional 70 Dollars administration charge to camperman. What a Cheek!!!!..........No way i will ever make a deal with this company.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, United Kingdom
1 Review

"Our worst nightmare - avoid Camperman Company (Australia) at all costs - especially van reg 332 SGG."

  • Reviewed 10 months ago

After booking a 7 weeks retirement cruise from Southampton to Sydney for our first visit to Australia we decided to hire a campervan or similar to see some of the country. Despite contacting the Sydney tourist agency for any recommendations on camper van hire companies with a good reputation (bearing in mind theindustry cowboys whom Camperman are surely number one) they were unable to assist so we booked on-line with Paris - a sales lady at Camperman - Cairns for collection at their depot in Sydney.
Paris assured me the vehicle would be "about" 4 years old and we would receive full tuition from their "team" in Caringbah, a suburb of Sydney, before embarking on a week long trip along the south east coats to Melbourne.
We duly arrived at the appointed time of 11.00 to find the van was not "quite ready". In fact the site was a car rental company who acted as an agency for Camperman. Frankly the staff were worse than useless, the tutorial was non existent and certain items for which we had boked and paid for such as outdoor tables and chairs were not available. The key fob which contained the chip was broken so we were advised to, and I quote "tape it to the unchipped key and hope it makes a connection". We objected to this piece of nonsense and so someone headed off to have a new key made. He returned just over an hour later and moaned to us that it had cost "120$" as it was our fault...
After inspecting the interior of the vehicle which was downright filthy and spotting the van had done 505,000 kilometres I immediately complained to the site manager who was a right clown. "We have no other vehicles" he whined despite the yard being full of vans and so we were stuck in a strange country confronted by hostile staff and with no other option we drove away.
We had numerous issues which is summarised in this email (please see below) I sent to their jerk of a manager named Alistair in Cairns and who bottled out (yellow faced coward) of meeting me, a 64 year old pensioner, in Sydney to sort the matter out "face to face" before we flew home on March 3rd. I would add at this stage that the vehicle was 9 years old - not 4 as promised and the Camperman owner, some bozo named Christian, was simply a liar when I spoke to him about this.
Herewith the email sent from my iPhone during our trip............................

FAO Christian
Ref MIchael Upton - Bedford UK
We collected the van from Sydney on Monday on hire until 28th Feb - to be returned to Melbourne.

We will be returning the van tomorrow - Saturday - as we have been bitterly disappointed with the standard of the van you hired out and the worry of breaking down.
This has completely ruined the final part of our retirement holiday. Thanks for that.

Having consulted with the ACCC we have been advised to list our issues with Camper Man and send them a copy.

These are as follows - in no particular order.

1. When I initially hired the van from the UK with Paris I was assured the van would be "around 4 years old". This proved to be totally incorrect as the kilometre reading is 506,000. This van is at least 12 years old by my reckoning - and it shows.
2. On Tuesday a yellow warning light appeared when we were on the Princes Highway. I pulled over and contacted Camper Van and spoke to - from memory Chloe then a chappie called Mark. He advised me to check the oil and coolant and if these were ok to ignore the dashboard light and drive on. I tried to explain that oil and coolant had separate warning lights so I took the van to a local garage for safety reasons. After a diagnostic check the qualified mechanic informed me that the issue was nothing to do with oil and coolant but an engine management problem and whoever advised me to ignore it was stupid - his words not mine. The issue was code P0418 - secondary air injection system. Code B2799 also appeared which is the engine immobiliser system. The mechanic said the air injection malfunction would not impede driving but I was right to take it in.
3. The light appeared again 24 hours later and I spoke to you Christian. You told me to drive on which I found incredible as the owner of the company. We had no choice but to drive on but with the warning light still on the fear of breaking down has ruined our holiday without a doubt. Simply not good enough.
4. When we collected the van the "chip key" was broken. We were told to tape the non chip key to the stub of the chip key and hope the coding transferred so the van would start.
Naturally we refused so the staff at Sydney reluctantly had another key cut which delayed us by another hour. When we received the new key the staff member grumbled that the new key cost 120 $ as if it was our fault.
5. No carbon monoxide detector - absolutely vital when gas is in use.
6. Cap missing from outer electrical connector.
7. No drainage pipe for the sink water this empties straight into the ground.
8. Could not locate part of the bed so we stopped at a timber yard in Ulladulla and purchased the missing piece in order to make up the bed. On the first not we slept on the floor.
9. Window latch broken.
10. Dirty pillows
11. Marks on sheets
12. One pillow case only
13. Fridge dirty - we did our best to clean it out.
14. Microwave dirty and smelly - not used
15. Toilet unclean - not used by us.
16. When opening shower cubicle the track fell down. This was also unfit for use and we have not used it.
17. Drivers seat ripped.
18. Ceiling upholstery filthy.
19. The floor was dirty especially around the fridge base.
20. Some of the curtain tracks broken and held together by a clothes peg.
21. Insect nets ripped - especially on the door.
20. The internal upholstery needs a good clean as the van reeks of a sweaty, musty smell.
21. Internal woodwork and surrounds needs a good clean with coffee and cooking stains still evident.
No we are not "whinging poms" Christian but expect certain standards.
In summary I have been advised you obviously buy these vans when other hire companies dispose of them and charge extortionate rates to unsuspecting mugs like me.
We are not 20 year old backpackers or druggies but retired adults in our 60's who now expect far better standards.
This is the sort of van whom you rent out to those who don't care a damm. However we would be horrified if our children had a wreck like this to drive around in.
One of the staff at Sydney with a sick sense of humour wrote "RIP Drivers" on the damage sheet.
We have photographic evidence of these issues.
After inspecting the van at Sydney we asked for an alternative van. We were informed that "no other van was available" despite a number parked around the yard. With no hotel booked and in a strange country faced with a degree of hostility when we raised some valid points we had no real option but to drive away and hope for the best.
In my opinion Christian this van is nothing short of a death trap and you would not put your family inside it for a holiday trip. Of that I am convinced.

Finally I have far better things to do on our holiday here in Australia than having to sit and write this email and as a consequence of all these issues and incorrect advice we would expect a full refund of the cost of this van and I await your confirmation.
Michael Upton
Sent from my iPhone

So to all you people thinking of hiring a camper van - avoid Camperman at all costs unless you are a back packer or a druggie, want a wreck of a van, deal with rude and distinctly unpleasant staff, speak to all sorts of liars and clowns at Cairns and want a holiday ruined. If you are happy to do this - use Camperman. I urge you not to part with any cash until you have inspected the vehicle - we made this mistake.

A new saying is now evident in the English language to describe having been conned or ripped off - you have been Campermanned!!! An absolute snakes belly of a company who buy old and decrepit vehicles and rent them out for extortionate charges.

Hopefully I will make another trip to Australia, as the countryside we saw was simply stunning, and include a trip to Cairns and see these "people" face to face.

Finally I am not a "whinging Pom" by any stretch of the imagination, just expect certain standards for the cost of hiring the van.

Michael Upton - Bedford UK

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Sweden
1 Review

"Terrible staff"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

We just started our trip but I am so dissatisfied with the customer service that I feel I have to leave a review. We picked up our camper van in Brisbane and went to top up the fuel when my parents saw the engine light was on. They called the head office in cairns who said it's not safe to drive and we should return it immediately. We went back and my uncle came with us to help my parents with the English. She told my uncle nothing is wrong with the car and when he tried to reason with her and tell her my parents are worried and tell her what the other staff in cairns said about not driving the van she got really upset. She yelled at us to leave her office and told my uncle he was treating my mum (his sister??) bad when they were having a conversation in Swedish, a language she doesn't know. I stayed back and tried to explain to her what the staff in cairns had said about the car and that we shouldn't drive it and that my uncle was trying to solve this for us because he is fluent in English and my parents are not. She yelled at me that my uncle was a bad man and that she felt sorry for me and my family for being related to him. She refused to talk to us further and I almost started to cry. So rude and mean and I can't believe she said those things about my family, very unprofessional. Of course we should be able to express our worry about the state of the vehicle when something seems wrong without her attacking us like that. I have never in my 1,5 years in Australia been treated like that. We are now starting our trip and the engine light is still on and we just hope that we won't have any problem with the van.

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, New Zealand
1 Review

"Terrible experiance"

  • Reviewed 1 year ago

Beware of camperman, we were called one day before pickup and told the camper was no longer available as they had extended the previous customers rental by a week. as we had already booked our flights and campsites from NZ (departing the next morning) were were left over $2000 australian dollars out of pocket and having to book extra unplanned accomidation as no other rental vehicles were available due to it being the christmas period

No compensation was offered and we are now in the process of lodging a claim with the small claims tribunal for damages

1Service 1Mechanical 1Interior 1Value
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 5 years ago

I’ve cobbled together the posts I made on tripadvisor during and after our trip from December 2012.
Camperman Jesse 01-02 model- rented from Sydney December 2012

Part 1.
Reading some of the previous reports on here (TA), I’ve been very worried about our camperman rental !!! So we prepared ourselves for a rent-a -wreck rust bucket. We turned up at Caringbah this morning and were looked after very well by their agents. We had a thorough inspection of the van. Every dent and scratch has been noted. OK so its a bit worn, but everything works. It drives well and we’ve just had a comfortable journey up to Hawks Nest, where we are going to spend the next 2 nights acclimatizing.
Part 2.
Cooker rings, microwave and fridge all work well !!! Bed comfortable, you do need to be organised re storage. Though having the 3 berth for 2 does give you an extra shelf.
Have found it very easy to rustle of good meals- the utensils supplied are very comprehensive.
We have paid the extra $100 for Tyre and windscreen cover- which we will be testing in a few mins when I phone them to report that we’ve woken to find a flat tyre.- not a problem for us time wise as we are enjoying Hawks Nest so much we are staying a third night !!
Part 3.
So phoned the freephone number explained the problem, Campervan have emailed me with 2 tyre centres we can use, have just had to let them know which one so they can forewarn them. So all still good. Very impressed so far.
Part 4.
I was going to update after we returned the camper, but thought I’d wait til I got home and could check the credit card statement- to make sure everything was in order.- It was.
The flat tyre was sorted at Taree branch of Beaurepaires. Excellent service from them.
The trip: We continued up to Scotts Head- also a gorgeous place to stop for a few days. Originally we were going to head further north, but we’d heard of a couple of good stops south, so decided to turn around. We ended up in Forsters and within minutes of parking up and the good fortune to see a pod of dolphins down near the bridge.
Instead of heading inland ( originally we had considered visiting Blue Mountains) we decided to stay near the coast, so then headed down to Toowoon. For our final night we stayed south of Sydney at Shell harbour ( we wanted a simple run back to Caringbah).
When returning a Camperman van, you do have to have the outside cleaned- this cost $35.00.
The only gripe I have with Camperman is that, unless you take out the tyre/windscreen cover you are liable for all costs, which seems fair until you discover that your vans windscreen probably (as ours did) already had several chips that have not been repaired!! If it’s already got a chip, then it could shatter, leaving you open to costs for something you didn’t cause!!!

We definitely would use Camperman again
Jan & Mick

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 7 years ago

Been meaning to post this for a while, Had a camper from Cairns to Brisbane with them, it ran well – no mechanical problems, the campers aren’t new – but it was quite clean and comfortable, Chairs & a table would be a nice addition, but overall I was quite happy with the value for money the camper offered and I would rent from them again.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 7 years ago

Camperman Australia and the east coast were Amazing

On the 17th December we picked up a campervan from Sydney at Caringbah, I must say a big thank you to guy and the staff for there friendly service and their patience with us:) firstly we headed of up north to nelsons bay where we stayed at fingal bay caravan park, a must if your in the area, white sand and crystal clear water, we where suppose to spend one night and stayed 3, due to the good fishing of the beach I must say.. We caught 12 flathead and 9 bream in this day which made for a great feed and full freezer. We then packed up the campervan and travelled north to Coffs harbor where we pulled into the banana coast caravan park where we had a quiet night before we headed to Yamba. Arriving in yamba we pulled into the seafood store where we got some of the famous Yamba prawns (now we know they’re famous, and why) and made our way down the beach for a swim and lunch… now that’s a good lunch : ) we made our way to Yamba waters caravan park where we camper for the night. Before moving onto to Nimbin and Byron bay, we eventually arrived at Nimbin after a long drive. WOW is all I can say. What a great little town full of pot heads, I walked down the street and got attacked by people trying to sell us pot lol we made our way to the museum and its a marijuana museum, how interesting, it has everything you want to know on weed lol well enough of Nimbin and of to Byron Bay : ) we arrived at Byron bay and booked into belongil fields caravan park which was neat and tidy and close to town. We spent 3 days here and rotated from the beach to the top pub every day… what a life… love Byron x. we sadly left and made our way to the gold coast where we stayed with friends at broadbeach on the water… thanks heath. With only 2 days left on our trip we decided to take our Camperman up the coast to rainbow beach and chill for a few days and have a look around and returning to Brisbane. A big thank you to Camperman Australia for their service and great Campervan, our Juliette – which was really comfortable and reliable, also we would like to thank Roy for dropping us at the airport as we where running late ? Aaron and Nikki x

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 7 years ago

Just got back from our first campervan trip as a family from Sydney to Airlie Beach in The Whitsundays, and I was pleasantly surprised by my first domestic holiday in Australia in years.

We started from Sydney in late September for a 2 week jaunt up the coast with my wife and 3 year old son.

We hired a 3 berth “Juliette” campervan from a company called Camperman Australia, based at Caringbah in Sydney.
I found them searching on the web, and ended up booking with them as the price was right and they had a depot in Airlie Beach which was our final destination.

I had read a few mixed reviews about Camperman on the web – I took out of the mix the overly positive reviews, as well as culling at the other end of the spectrum one overly negative review (avoiding disgruntled ex employees opinions etc) and decided to take a punt on them for my 2 weeks up the coast.

Well I wasn’t disappointed! What better way to see Australia up close, and make up for misspent time elsewhere, than to take to the coast road in “Julie” (yes, my son named the camper Jooleeey).

Having the baby seat between myself and my wife initially had me slightly concerned, but it turned out to be a great way to travel with your child, as they aren’t in the back missing everything – he was between Mum and Dad seeing everything going on.

The camper didn’t miss a beat all the way up the Coast, and was quite comfortable for two adults and a child.

Highlights of the trip were Diving with sharks at Julian Rocks off Byron Bay (yes my wife gave me leave for half a day), Australia Zoo and the awesome team they have there (my son loves you), Noosa and the canoeing the beautiful everglades behind Noosa and of course a day trip around The Whitsunday Islands National Park.

A big thank you to Brad in reservations at Camperman, for sorting out the booking for me at the last minute on the email (as well as putting up with me changing the drop-off date twice)

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
1 Review
  • Reviewed 7 years ago

Just returned the Jesse hightop, Was awesome and cheap,A hightop for the price of a panel van, really easy to book with everything included,Excess only $500 : )
Chris and renne

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
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  • Reviewed 6 years ago

My husband and I hired a Campervan from Camperman Australia on 2nd August from Brisbane and dropped it off in Sydney. In the 16 days we travelled 2300kms from Brisbane, to Rainbow Beach then down to Sydney. The van was old, but we were aware of this when we hired it. For all the people that moan about this company, you chose the van from their site and they list the age of their vans with their prices. So just remember that if you hirer an older van at a lower cost, you should be prepared for some minor problems, if they arise. We had a switch that broke, but one phone call to Camperman sorted it, we replaced the switch ourselves and we have since been reimbursed for this small amount of $13.00 back to our credit card. Also we checked before we left for our holiday on the net, where the tolls roads are. When we collected our Campervan, all we had to do was ring a toll number and give them our credit card. This took the worry from us regarding whether we were going to go on a toll road or not. When we got to Sydney we did drive on a couple of toll roads and we hadn’t prepaid, but there is notices all along the route giving out phone numbers and signs to say you have 48 hours to pay. So there really isn’t any excuse if you don’t pay. You can hardly blame the Company as they end up paying a hefty fine if you don’t. So yes they should pass this back on to the client.
The campervan was old but drove extremely well and we certainly couldn’t fault it. We had no problem driving to the speed limits. This is the second time we have hired from this company. The first time we took a van from Brisbane to Cooktown and returned it to Cairns. Both times the vans were old but extremely reliable. I had to change our bookings this time twice because of our circumstances changing and they couldn’t have been more pleasant and didn’t even charge us for the changes.
I would throughly recommend this company to anyone who wants an older, reliable campervan at a reasonable cost.

5Service 4Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
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Uups, would not have thought there could ever be a problem with a camperman car. Ours ran perfectly from Brisbane to Melbourne.



5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, United Kingdom
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Hired a 3 person camper from Sydney to Brisbane off Camperman – had all the same features as the other more expensive campers, at nearly half the price – would definitely rent from them again if I come back for another trip in Oz.

5Service 5Mechanical 5Interior 5Value
, Australia
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Recently hired a Camperman camper from Cairns depot. Staff were helpful and friendly on the way out, but less so when we returnwd thwe van. The van was about 8 years old, with almost 300,000 km on the clock. You could certainly see the wear on the vehicle, but it seemed to have been well maintained mechanically and we did not experience any engine problems over the 1,500km trip. It was lousy to drive and hitting 100km on the open road was the absolute limit.

What was disappointing was the things that came with it, clapped out, threadbare sleeping bags, op shop quality crockery and cutlery, and an awning that was ripped and barely servicable (we managed to coax it through our trip as it was essential).

Most annoying was to pay $80 extra for 4 chairs and a table. The table was a 1950s battered old card table and the chairs (at $10 a pop) either threadbare or damaged (and we saw the same in Big W for $6.95 each).

Camperman is a bit cheaper that Britz and the others andf you can certainly see why.

Worth giving them a try, but suggest you buy your own chairs etc and donate them to the salvos on the way back.

3Service 4Mechanical 3Interior 3Value
, Australia
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I ve hired a camperman for 3 (referred to as Berth hi-top) from Camperman Australia from during XMas holiday season from peak season rate of 115 dollars per day.
The campervan was quite old, more than 12 years old, and manual – it is not very pleasant to drive that kind of a heavy vehicle. We were making 60-80 kms per day and that was it.
In terms of price hiring a campa was not cheap when you add the average 50 dollar (for 3 people) camping site and the petrol you have to feed to keep these cars going! it actually comes to 200 per day on average, if you are making 60-80 km s per day.
Some other things I found below average
Sheets and pillows (we brough our own pillows)
Cutlery, bowls and pan (we had to bring our own) – plates and cups were ok
Crappy table they provide (within the campa), which does not fit on the feet perfectly and keeps shaking every time you have lunch dinner
They charge extra for outdoor chairs – and they are chunky – there is not much space to fit them in the campa. We brought our own little Kathmandu seats
They charge extra for an outdoor table if you want one – and what they provide is ridiculous – i chose not to take it
It was raining for 3 days and one day upper window had a leakage and my sheets were wet all night – the next day i called them to fix it and they found me a repair centre 40 km away. I preferred to fix the window leakage with blue tac :) They said they were not happy with my resolution…but i did not wanna spend half day driving back and forth to a repair centre
The gas for the stove – i had to refill the tank my self – probably they do this for safety reasons – but that s extra time and effort on my side.
One night there was gas leakage – we could smell something nasty but could not tell what it was – it was the gas leaking all night – not pretty huh? We figured out that we had to turn off the safety valve inside the cabinet after every time we used the stove – again not very convenient is it?
Making up the 3rd bed at the top is a bit of a hassle, it s old fashioned and chunky, it takes at least 45 minutes to make beds ready every night. I m sure IKEA would have a better solution for that
The water hose does not fit on all taps, you need and extra gadget, and the hose itself leaks water of course
There is no CD player on the car
The fridge sometimes opens (and the food spills on the floor) if you take sharp turns – although it s got a lock you need to make sure and test it 3 times before you move. Even with the lock it did open in sharp turns. I learned to drive the Campa very slowly over time.

My summary is: they could do a lot better. There is a lot of competition in this area, and they should increase their standards.
I would not hire from Camperman Australia again and I dont recommend it. Pay a bit more and have a piece of mind

2Service 2Mechanical 2Interior 2Value