Campervan Hire Townsville

Looking for Campervans in Townsville? We review 2 local campervan hire agencies.

Townsville is a large regional town on the coast of far north Queensland. It is a great spot to stop off and re-supply the campervan and you can spend a day checking out the sights that are there, however it is not a tourist destination in its own right. Townsville has a population of about 160,000 making it the 13th largest city in Australia and the 4th largest in Queensland. The town has a significant sized military bas as well as an active port. There is a nice beachside boardwalk however swim at your own risk as a 4.7m crocodile was caught there in February of 2016 - yes, you are in the land of crocs and stingers when you are this far north.

At the time of writing there was only 1 campervan hire company with a branch in Townsville, so if you are not wanting to complete the long haul drive further north to Cairns from here, it is suggested you hire from them.

Basic Facts: 

Distances & Speed: km/h 
Toll Roads: No 
Drive on which side of road: Left

Distance to: 
Cairns: 350km 
Brisbane: 1340km 
Sydney:  2300km

List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Townsville...

Camperman Australia 8 locations

3.3  OK  42

Awesome Campers 7 locations

2.3  OK  17

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