5 Top tips for leaving work behind when you hit the road

Firstly if you are not a cardiothoracic surgeon then chances are no one is going to die while you take a little holiday from work

Some people just can’t seem to switch off from work when they holiday. In a world where so many of us do an extra hour (or 20) from home each week is it even possible to leave the work world (and Netflix, eek!) behind?

Here are my five top tips for leaving work behind when you go on your next campervan road trip:

1. Preparation

Firstly if you are not a cardiothoracic surgeon then chances are no one is going to die while you take a little holiday from work. Prep and prep some more, think ahead, what is likely to come up while you are away from work? Leave instructions and notes on anything that that will potentially require some handling and make sure your notes are super easy to follow so even that colleague of yours that you secretly really don’t think much of can follow them. 

2. Give plenty of notice to EVERYONE

Let people know a month in advance, clients, colleagues, your barista, anyone who you interact with on daily/weekly basis that you will be away and uncontactable. Remind them each week so there a no last minute urgent requirements and if there are? Guess what, they will just have to wait till your return. 

3. Auto Responders are your friend

For those that take no notice of your, well, notice of holidays make sure you remember to put on your email auto reply with details of who people can contact while you are away or just the details of when you return. If you have a separate work phone, leave it at the office.Your boss/colleagues can contact you for something dire if necessary. If your work and personal phone are one and the same which certainly sucks a little just change your answer message to say you are unavailable until x date and don’t answer any calls from numbers you don’t recognize especially when they are coming from Bolivia, I can guarantee you unless you have family in Bolivia those are calls you really don’t need to take!

4. Turn it off

OMG! How can you live without your emails? Facebook, Instagram, memes about hump day??? If you are in a campervan you are likely to visit spots that have little or no reception, it’s a great excuse to not have your phone on you all day. You use for phone for pictures? No problem,switch off your data so you can’t connect to your emails and social. As for that laptop, LEAVE IT BEHIND. But what will we do at night? Try a book, a conversation, better yet strike up a conversation with some fellow travellers you might just learn a few secret spots you must check out.

5. Just say No!

I have always been a team player to the detriment of myself and family and could never say no to anything. “Sure, I’ll just hang onto that one project while I am away and make sure it keeps ticking over, or yes I can take part in that conference call while I am away.” Stop being a MARTYR and just say NO. If you are lucky people will realise how much you do at work and stop taking you for granted. Worst case you lose your job, but meh that just means more time for campervanning!!!