Campervans in Adelaide

Looking for Campervan hire in Adelaide? We review 21 providers

Looking for campervan and motorhome hire in Adelaide? Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and known for being the 'city of churches' and the capital city closest to Australia's best wine regions. With a population of 1.3M it is the 5th largest city in the country. It has a decent amount of campervan companies with branches here and is best known as a gateway city to the outback. It is common for people to do one ways journeys from here to Darwin or vice-versa to see the sites of the outback like Coober Pedy, the Oodnadatta Track, Willian Creek Hotel and then on to the Northern Territory.

Motorhome and campervan rental company depots are spread out over a large area and some can take quite some time to get to so plan ahead.

Basic Facts: 

Distances & Speed: km/h 
Toll Roads: Yes 
Drive on which side of road: Left

Distance to: 
Perth: 2770km 
Melbourne: 741km 
Darwin: 2947km

Kangaroo Campervans 5 locations

4.5  Superb  4

Real Value Campervans Australia 6 locations

4.5  Superb  5

Britz Campervans 10 locations

4.2  Excellent  26

Awesome Campers 5 locations

4.1  Excellent  20

Autosleepers 6 locations

4.0  Excellent

Rouge Rentals 7 locations

4.0  Excellent

Maui 10 locations

3.9  Good  23

Travel Wheels 7 locations

3.8  Good

Big Sky Campers 5 locations

3.8  Good

Camperman Australia 8 locations

3.7  Good  15

Travel Car Centre 7 locations

3.5  Good

Campervan Village 8 locations

3.5  Good

Lets Go Motorhomes 8 locations

3.4  OK  15

Cheapa Campa 9 locations

3.4  OK  24

Jucy 8 locations

3.4  OK  14

Apollo Campervans 10 locations

3.3  OK  52

Viva Campers 7 locations

3.1  OK  4

Totally Campers 4 locations

3.0  OK  2

Mighty Campers 10 locations

2.9  OK  9

Calypso Campervans 6 locations

2.9  OK  2

Wicked Campers 13 locations

2.5  OK  27