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Looking for Campervans in Adelaide? We review 17 local campervan hire agencies.

Go Anywhere, Anytime with Adelaide Campervan Hire

Looking for campervan and motorhome hire in Adelaide? HitTheRoad knows them all! We’re the easiest way to find affordable campervans throughout the country (and the world) – no matter where you want to go! Offering hundreds of options from companies all over Australia, you can find the perfect van for your needs in just minutes!

So, pack your things, pick a campervan and jump in – you won’t want to see the world in any other way once you’ve discovered travelling by van.

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Travelling through Adelaide with a campervan rental

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, known for being the 'city of churches' and the capital city closest to Australia's best wine regions. With a population of 1.3 million, it provides the best of both worlds; an opportunity to explore the fifth largest city in the country while also being the ‘gateway to the outback’.

With many different campervan hire companies offering pick up and drop off points in Adelaide, it can easily be the beginning or the end of your journey. It is common for people to do one ways trips from here to Darwin or vice-versa to see the sites of the outback like Coober Pedy, the Oodnadatta Track, Willian Creek Hotel and then on to the Northern Territory.

Before you drive off into the sunset…

Motorhome and campervan rental company depots are spread out over a large area of Adelaide and some can take quite some time to get to so plan ahead on pick up day. It’s always best to leave yourself more time to get back to the depot by your drop off date. This way, if things take a bit longer than you anticipated, you won’t have to worry about rushing to get the van back.

Via our website, you can view a host of Adelaide campervan rental company reviews to help you in choosing the best option. HitTheRoad prides itself on connecting people with reliable, budget-friendly companies, so you can always feel confident that you’re in for an incredible time – no matter what you choose.

Book your van today!

Planning a trip around Australia? There’s no better way to do it than by van! View the huge range of campervan hire options available throughout Adelaide to find one that is the perfect fit for you.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page.

List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Adelaide...

Rouge Rentals 8 locations

4.5  Superb  1

RedSands Campers 4 locations

4.2  Excellent

Let's Go Motorhomes 11 locations

4.0  Excellent  22

Britz Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.8  Good  45

Ozzie Travellers 1 locations

3.8  Good

Maui Australia 10 locations

3.7  Good  27

Cheapa Campa Australia 9 locations

3.3  OK  30

Camperman Australia 8 locations

3.3  OK  42

Hippie Campers Australia 6 locations

3.2  OK  34

Mighty Campers Australia 9 locations

3.1  OK  14

Apollo Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.0  OK  104

Jucy Australia 7 locations

2.9  OK  33

Calypso Campervans 6 locations

2.7  OK  3

Travel Car Centre 7 locations

2.5  OK  1

Awesome Campers 7 locations

2.3  OK  17

Campervan Village 12 locations

1.6  Poor  10

Wicked Campers Australia 14 locations

1.5  Poor  30

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