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Last Updated: 11/3/19

A conglomerate company for smaller rental businesses in Australia, Campervan Village offers lots of selections from different entities on their fleet. With the extensive rental range, they accommodate independent travellers, couples, and small families.

About Campervan Village 

This conglomerate campervan hire for smaller rental businesses in Australia offers diverse vehicles great for smaller groups on a tight budget. As a booking specialist for companies like Aventus Rentals, Bondi Vans, Mystery Machines, Rouge Rentals, Grip 4WD Rental, and Armadillo 4WD Rental, they relatively takes into account your budget and other details for you to choose the right unit. And since Campervan Village has 8 branches all over Australia, it provides one-way road trips for independent travellers and smaller families, but no free airport pick-ups and drop-offs. On the brighter side, renting a vehicle from Campervan Village may save you money because they beat competitors of the same vehicle and same travel duration by 10%. 


Having 5 different rental companies in one cluster gives lots of options for renters, from compact 2-berth to reliable 4WD's. Though most vehicles on set are newer models, some are not fully-equipped so you need to pay an extra amount for optional extras to make your vacation a little more comfy and convenient. Still, bring your own pillows and blanket as these are not included in the extras. 


Mystery Machines 2 & 3-Seater Campervans

A definite standout from the conventional, white campervans on the road, these Mystery Machines painted in bright hues and colorful patterns make your holiday a bit more memorable. There are two variations—the 2-seater and the 3-seater—the prior having a Suzuki APV 4-Door Van as a base and the latter using a Toyota Regius Van. The 2-seater is a pretty new model with 5-speed manual transmission and comes with 46 litres unleaded petrol. The 3-seater, on the other hand, is a 4-speed automatic with bigger fuel capacity and an additional charging socket at the rear. Both economical campervans are equipped with cooking equipment, along with ice cooler, mattress, camping table, and stools. 

Bondi 3-Seater Compact Campervan

From the Bondi Vans, here's the first on the list—the 3-seater Bondi Compact Camper. This campervan is suitable if you're travelling with your child as it provides anchor points for a baby capsule. These compact models are affordable and fuel-efficient for a nice holiday on the road. Navigate around the open roads or urban areas with this compact in size campervan that is also supplied with essentials like gas cooker, ice cooler, mattress, and rooftop tent. Campervans may vary but all are modern hatchbacks models.

Bondi 5-Sleeper 4WD

Another from the Bondi company is the AWD camper that seats and sleeps up to 5 passengers. This vehicle is made for off the road adventures as you can access some of the most remote areas with the help of this campervan specialist. These are modern units, ranging from 2011 to 2014 models, and you can even choose either automatic or manual transmission. The campervan comes with Aux input, power steering, and air conditioning, as well as an easy rooftop tent, gas cooker, ice cooler, and more. 

Rouge Rentals 2-Seater Campervan 

Built on a 2016 Suzuki APV, this 2-seater campervan from Rouge Rentals is another head-turner on the fleet because of its bright red exterior. There's a nice kitchen with a tiny sink at the rear that is equipped with plates, cups, bowls, and other cooking and dining essentials. The living room features a small table good for playing cards or watching your favorite movies. And at night, the living area converts into a bedroom with a double bed. 

Aventus 2-Seater Campervan

Another cheap choice for newer models are the 2-seater Aventus campervans. There are two options on offer—the manual Suzuki APV 4-door van and the automatic Toyota Estima 4-Door Van. Both campervans are fitted out with a spacious interior with a lot of storage space. The kitchens at the rear are also filled with cooking facilities and a list of thoughtful extras for your cooking sessions. These campervans are pretty much the same with the 2 berth unit from Rouge Rentals but in a different color. 

Grip 5-Sleeper 4WD Hire

Also part of the rental range is the Grip 4WD campervan that caters up to 5 people. This is another option if you're off for an exciting Aussie adventure. With a 2016-2018 Nissan Navara unit, it is presumed to be easy to maneuver and can tack the outback roads with its high and low 4WD features. The vehicle also comes with a rooftop tent, including a foam mattress inside. 

FJ Cruiser 4WD Hire 2-Sleeper

To complete the Campervan Village fleet is the FJ Cruiser 4WD Hire 2-Sleeper, which is from Armadillo 4WD Rental. This new addition makes Campervan Village more interesting even if it's a third-party campervan rental company. Now, there are lots of 4WD's to choose from. In particular, this automatic campervan caters to drivers over 21 yrs. old. At the back of this unit is a kitchen area with a fridge, pull-out drawers, twin burner stove, and cookware. 


Campervan Village considers the liability reduction option as a mandatory additional fee. By paying an additional of $32/day for 2WD and $50/day for 4WD/AWD, you reduce the liability to $3,500 for 2WD and $5,500 for 4WD/AWD and credit card imprint for all models. Aside from that, these already include coverage for 4 tyres and front windscreen and no additional fee for extra drivers. 


Campervan Village gives you different options to choose from, not just with one company, but at least 5 different entities. Though not that popular because renters still prefer to book directly to the owners, this campervan hire is a notable choice for those looking for more affordable rates. They are suitable for budget backpackers and small families in need of an affordable road trip. Since the company isn't the real owners of the campervans, maintenance and servicing could be an issue. However, wear and tear is just a slight concern because most of the units are new models.


If you run out of a campervan booking from a renowned company, then Campervan Village may be a good option. They have a lot of selections from smaller companies that focus more on competitive rates and compact vehicles. 

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  • Multiple branches in Australia
  • Diverse vehicles from different companies on fleet
  • Affordable rates
  • Campervan and 4WD options


  • Some vehicles are not fully-equipped
  • Additional budget for optional extras
  • No airport pick-up and drop-off services
  • Not ideal for bigger groups


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