Campervans in Alice Springs

Looking for Campervan hire in Alice Springs? We review 8 providers

Alice Springs is the largest town in central Australia and lies near the southern end of the Northern Territory. With a population of only 24,000 it is quite small but its location makes it important to both the Nation and to campervan rental companies. It is the jumping off point to all things in the area including Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon and the McDonnell ranges. Basically if you are going to have a Central Australian adventure you are going to be coming here. The most popular routes for campervan and motorhome travel out of Alice Springs is north to Darwin and Kakadu, south west to Uluru - which is the most common reason for coming here - or south to Adelaide and beyond.

Motorhome and campervan rental company depots are spread out over a large area and some can take quite some time to get to so plan ahead.

Basic Facts: 

Distances & Speed: km/h 
Toll Roads: No 
Drive on which side of road: Left

Distance to: 
Uluru: 463km 
Adelaide: 1530km 
Darwin:  1500km

Real Value Campervans Australia 9 locations

4.3  Excellent  6

Britz Campervans 10 locations

4.1  Excellent  27

Maui 10 locations

3.9  Good  23

Australian 4WD Hire 10 locations

3.8  Good  1

Cheapa Campa 9 locations

3.4  OK  26

Apollo Campervans 10 locations

3.3  OK  56

Mighty Campers 10 locations

2.9  OK  9

Wicked Campers 13 locations

2.5  OK  27