5 Best Road Trips in Australia

Are you thinking about renting a campervan in Australia? Well, you could not find a better place to start a road trip than on this piece of paradise.

Thousands of miles of coastal roads, untouched natural beauty, thick rainforests, plenty of national parks, stunning rock formations, vast desserts, long lines of coral reefs, and a variety of outdoor activities… Whichever route you pick, you won’t get bored, that’s for sure. And here is our list of 5 best routes for a scenic campervan road trip in Australia: 

The Coral Coast Drive, Western Australia

Moore River

800 miles long, the Coral Coast Drive runs between Perth and Exmouth. You can go from north to south or from south to north, it doesn’t really matter. In any case, you will find plenty of magnificent views of untouched nature on your way. The trip usually takes 7 to 10 days to complete.

The main points of the trip are the Moore River, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Carnarvon, Ningaloo, and, of course, Exmouth. Every point is interesting in its own way. The Moore River definitely looks like something from another planet. Its orange-brown waters pour into the clear ocean bath, creating a truly magical effect. Geraldton is the crayfish capital of the area. Therefore, unless you are extremely allergic to shellfish, this place is a must-visit! 

The Kalbarri National Park offers a variety of outdoor activities and some amazing gorge walks. Kalbarri itself is home to Space and Technology Museum. Don’t miss it if you are interested to know Australia’s role in the history of Nasa. Ningaloo is known for the longest fringing reef, which bustles with colorful fish of all kinds. Swim in Ningaloo Reef and head straight to Exmouth, a cozy little town, known for its wonderful drives and whale-watching activities!

The Tassie Loop, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay

Tasmania is often forgotten, when it comes to road trips. It’s a shame, we must say. This small island has a lot to offer! You can take a ferry from Melbourne or enjoy a campervan rental in Hobart―it is totally up to you. From Hobart, the roads wind around the island, so you can take anyone you like and enjoy Tasmania in your own way. 

Cataract Gorge Reserve, Nut Chairlift, Cradle Mountain, Strahan, Hobart, Port Arthur, Wineglass Bay, Table Mountain, and Glacier Rock are just a few of the spots you can’t miss in Tasmania. The total length of the loop is around 750 miles. Untouched wildlife, marvelous beaches, and magnificent hikes―it usually takes 8 to 15 days to explore everything. Sure, you can do it in 3-5 days if you are in a hurry. You won’t see everything, but you will still have a great time. We guarantee!

The Red Centre Way, Northern Territory

Red Centre Way

Taking around 4-5 days to complete, this 700-mile drive starts at Alice Springs, runs through Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, the West MacDonnell Ranges, and comes back to Alice Springs. Deep into sacred lands of mulga forests, valleys, spinifex, and red desserts. 

If you are into hiking, stop at Kings Canyon. The views of Watarrka National Park are simply exquisite. Or walk through the Finke Gorge National Park. It’s the only place in the world, where you can see the red cabbage palm. And of course, you cannot miss Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the heart of Australia. 

Cairns to Cape Tribulation Drive, Queensland

Cape Tribulation Drive

Another coastal drive, Cairns to Cape Tribulation is possibly one of the most beautiful roads in Queensland. We recommend you don’t waste a lot of time in Cairns, but instead, pay your undivided attention to the small towns, which mark the way. 

This 100-mile-long route won’t take more than 3 days to complete. On the other hand, the tropical area of Northern Queensland is one of the most fascinating regions of the country. It is home to two of the most fascinating natural wonders: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. The landscapes along the way are simply fabulous, with marvelous white beaches at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, lined by thick rainforests. However, don’t forget about stingers and crocs, when going into the water. 

Go to Daintree and try to spot Cassowary. Visit Mossman Gorge to learn about Indigenous culture and history. And if you’ve got a 4WD, deep even further into the wild: ride along the coast to Cape York, the northernmost spot of the Australian mainland. 

The Pacific Coast Drive, New South Wales

Pacific Coast Drive

The 500-mile-long Pacific Coast Drive runs between two largest Australian cities: Sydney and Brisbane. It’s the most traveled route of the country and a real gem for those, who appreciate city vibes over rural areas. It doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t see any natural beauty on your way. If you rent a campervan in Brisbane, head south and drive from one magically beautiful beach to another. You will come across green rolling hills, pretty seaside towns, charming riverside towns, fine wineries, plenty of wildlife watching opportunities, and every kind of water sport you can just imagine.

The whole trip usually takes from 4 to 6 days, although you can make it shorter or longer if you like. Head to the Bouddi National Park for a cozy campsite, marvelous rock formations, and great swimming opportunities. If you are into surfing, stop at Lennox Head, or Byron Bay, or both. For a quieter rest, book a whale-watching trip. Or head towards the Hunter Valley, which offers some of the best wineries in Australia, for a nice glass of Chardonnay. The region is also known for fabulous restaurants, great cheese, tasty olives, and fine chocolate. 

Not really into all of this? Then just get off the main road and explore the hidden treasures of the East Coast: all the inlets and coves, which dot the sharp coastline. It won’t take you long to find an empty beach or a secluded cove. Leave your tension there and continue your way to the bustling city of Sydney. Come back to civilization, with its cold beer, tasty wine, and vivid nightlife. 

That’s just a few of the road trip routes available in Australia. Really, you need to come for, at least, a year, to explore everything the continent has to offer. Nevertheless, if you are just here for a short vacation, pick a route to your liking, hire a campervan, and head towards the adventure. It starts right here!

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