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Looking for Campervans in Broome? We review 12 local campervan hire agencies.

Looking for motorhome or campervan hire in tropical Broome? HitTheRoad has you covered! Broome is an oasis along the beautiful but rugged north western coast. History, outdoor activities and access to the Kimberley make it a great starting point for any West Australian road trip. Compare prices and book now.

Broome is the largest city in the north west of Australia. It lies on the coast of Western Australia, the Nations largest state. With a population of just 15,000 it is nothing more than a regional town, but it's location to The Kimberley region and it's position along the coast make it an important stopping point for tourists. In fact, in the high tourist season, the population can triple to 45,000 people. There are a surprising amount of campervan and motorhome rental companies with branches is Broome considering it' size but most will charge a hefty one way fee if you choose to commence or end your adventure there. The most popular routes for campervan and motorhome travel out of Broome is west along the coast to Perth or east and on to Darwin.

Basic Facts: 

Distances & Speed: km/h 
Toll Roads: No 
Drive on which side of road: Left

Distance to: 
Perth: 2350km 
Exmouth: 1370km 
Darwin:  1870km

List Of All Campervan Hire Companies In Broome...

Go Kombi 3 locations

5.0  Superb  2

Go Camper 3 locations

4.9  Superb  17

Crikey Camper Hire 3 locations

4.8  Superb

RedSands Campers 4 locations

4.2  Excellent

Broome & Beyond 1 locations

4.0  Excellent

Britz Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.8  Good  45

Campabout Oz 3 locations

3.8  Good  10

Maui Australia 10 locations

3.7  Good  27

Cheapa Campa Australia 9 locations

3.3  OK  30

Apollo Campervans Australia 10 locations

3.0  OK  104

Campervan Village 12 locations

1.6  Poor  10

Wicked Campers Australia 14 locations

1.5  Poor  30

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